How to remove Watermark from Vivavideo

Here you will learn how to remove made with Vivavideo watermark in your short video projects. If you are using the free Viva video app you will learn the secret to remove the “Vivavideo made with watermark” that is usually added to the video.

This watermark is automatic and it cannot be removed on the free version on all your video projects. But if you are using the Pro version you will discover that the watermark will be missing. However, this watermark makes your video project looks unprofessional.

The made with via video is a sign that you are not using the viva video app premium version. And if you try to cover the Viva video watermark it won’t give your video the professionalism it deserves.

So, if you have learned how to use Vivavideo app to create and edit videos, you also need to learn how to remove the made with Viva video watermark that use to be at the button-right of the video.

Made with Vivavideo

What is Viva Video App?

Viva Video app is a handful app for Android and iOS to create slideshows and edit videos and photos, animations, make movies, etc on your smartphone.

The video creator app comes into two versions. The Viva video lite and Viva video Pro. The lite has some features you cannot access unless you buy the app and upgrade to pro.

One of those features free Viva video app you cannot control is made with Vivavideo watermark. This watermark is only available on the free version.

Other features of the Viva video pro include adding more photos and editing longer videos per project. The length of the video you can edit with the free version is limited compared to the pro version.

However, the viva video app premium does not have the viva video made with watermark. With the premium version, you do not need this trick to “remove viva video made with watermark” as the free version indication will not surface while using the app.

What is the Viva video Watermark used for?

Viva video app isn’t the only app that uses a watermark. The watermark is a means of advertisement and a way to tell people that you are using the free version of the app.

The watermark is different from the Viva video pro watermark. If you are using the pro app, you can watermark your videos but it’s different from the free version watermark.

If you are using Viva video pro, you can customize your own watermark and add it to the video instead of using the made by vivavideo watermark.

However, the free watermark is automatic and it cannot be changed. Viva video app developer made the made by vivavideo watermark to reach out to more people who see videos made with the app to download Vivavideo app.

However, instead of upgrading to remove the watermark here is a step by step procedures to remove the made by vivavideo watermark using these tricks with the Lucky Patcher APK app.

Remove Made with Vivavideo

Here I will take a look at the various approaches you can follow to remove the Vivavideo watermark without upgrading to a pro version.

1. Download Viva Video Pro APK

Vivavideo Pro APK has all the full features unlocked. No watermark, no ads, etc. The APK pro is equivalent to the Viva app full version you paid for when you click on the buy button.

However, before downloading and installing the Viva pro, follow the procedures below to enable install from unknown sources so that you won’t encounter this APK might contain unsafe contents.

Unknown Sources

  • Go to your phone settings
  • Click on the security options
  • Scroll down half-way and click on unknown sources
  • Accept the popup
  • Done

Now, you are free to go ahead to install Vivavideo.APK file app on your Android phone without the unsafe contents error.

Download Viva Video Pro APK

We suggest you visit the popular APK download store to download Viva video Pro APK and install it. The following are the list of popular APK sites we are using to download APK apps.

1. Go to the APK download site and search for Viva Video Pro APK

2. Click on Go to download pageViva video download page

3. Click on download APK file v7.14.0Version 7.1.40

4. Click on “OK” from the download popDownload Vivavideo APK

5. Go to your download folder and click on Viva-Video-Pro.apkMade with Vivavideo

6. Tap on the install button to the bottom rightInstall Vivavideo

Now, it should take a few seconds to finish installing. Meanwhile, if you have already installed the free version kindly uninstall it before you install the pro.

Patch Viva Video App

The approach to patch the viva video app using a 3rd party app removes the app license request and unlocks all the pro features.

What we’ll not do here is how to use a patcher to patch the Vivavideo app and unlock all the app’s premium features. The approach you will learn here works for both rooted and unrooted Android phones.

  1. Download and install the free Viva video app from the play store Or Download and install the Lucky Patcher APK app.
  2. Click on the Lucky Patcher App icon on your phone.
  3. Find the Viva video app and click on it when you see it.Click on Viva Video App
  4. Click on “Open menu of patchesRemove Vivavideo Watermark
  5. Find and click on “APK rebuilt for InApp and LVL emulation
  6. Tick the “Support patch for InApp emulation” box and on the Rebuild The App to make changes.APK patches
  7. The patching process will beginMade with Vivavideo
  8. Click OK when the patching is completed.Patching completed
  9. Exit the lucky patcher app.Exit LuckyPatcher
  10. Launch the Viva video app from your phone menu.
  11. You will see a cross icon of the watermark in your video.
  12. Click on watermark icon to get an option to purchase or buy the app or click on become VIP
  13. Click on 0.88
  14. Lucky Patcher will open automatically and asked whether you want to purchase the app.
  15. Click on YES from the popup.
  16. Repeat the same for 0.78

After the above procedures, the watermark will be removed and the made with vivavideo will be gone.

Note: Do not upgrade the Viva video app if you are using the patching approach else, the watermark will reappear again. To remove the watermark, you have to go through the whole patching process again.

Remove Made by Vivavideo

Made by vivavideo is an inscription you see at the bottom of any video made with the free viva video app. This watermark cannot be removed on the free version. The Viva app premium doesn’t have the made by vivavideo watermark.

So, to remove it, you can use different approaches such as the use of LuckyPatcher as explained above. However, in this regard, we’d make use of the Lulubox app to remove the made with viva video watermark.

  1. Download Lulubox APK app and install it on your smartphone
  2. Click on add and select “Viva video app” from your list of apps
  3. Open the selected viva video app by clicking on the app icon
  4. Open your video gallery and select the video you want to make with viva or click on the camera option to start a new video
  5. The Lulubox app will remove “made by viva video” from the bottom

Lulubox is an app to turn free app version to a premium version without twisting the app settings. The Lulubox app will override the app settings and grant premium access to users.

Note: You cannot download Lulubox app from the Google play store or from the Apple store. Go to a trusted APK site and download the Lulubox app and then follow the procedures above to remove made with viva video.

Made with Viva Video Free Trial

You can remove the “made with viva video” watermark for a while before you either buy the app from the Google play store or remove the watermark from the bottom using the “try for free” feature in the app.

You can also try this approach to remove the made by viva video watermark at the bottom of the app when you are creating your video using the viva app free version.

  1. Click on the viva video app icon to launch it from your app menu
  2. Tap on the settings gear icon to the upper rightClick on settings
  3. Click on become VIP under the viva VIP membershipBecome VIP
  4. Click on “try for free”Made with Vivavideo watermant
  5. Click on “Got it” from the popup message describing your action to try the app for free before you purchase the appRemove Made with Vivavideo watermark
  6. Select the play store from the popup to download viva video free trial versionMade with Viva video watermark
  7. Complete the app download and enjoy the trial version before it expires
  8. Done

During the viva video trial period, you will be able to enjoy the full features of the app. The watermark will not show in your videos. This will only last for a while though. But it is worth trying.

Once the trial period expires, you will be asked to make a payment to continue using the app’s premium features.

Note: You may be asked to add a payment method such as a credit or debit card to make a purchase when your free trial dues.

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