Luisa Rubino Net Worth

Luisa Rubino is a Mexican Latina Tv Actress, Model, and Social Media Personality. Luisa Rubino was born on 23rd September 1998, in Mexico City, Mexico.

Luisa Rubino’s  breakthrough in her acting career came when she was given a role in Netflix seasonal movie Narcos, where she starred as Andrea Nuñez.

Luisa Rubino is known for her role in the 2018 Netflix movie Fugitiva where she acted as Claudia and starred in 9 episodes of the drama movie.

Luisa Rubino Family Background

Although not much is known about Luisa Rubino and her background, we do know her mother’s name is Lourdes Ramírez, and she even has a tattoo of her mother’s name on her arm, which reads Lourdes.

Lourdes Ramirez is a manager and a producer and she is the owner of Lr talent management. She manages about seven 7 different actors, actresses, and music artists, including her twenty-three 23 years old daughter Luisa Rubino.

From our research, we also know that Luisa Rubino has a brother, named Juan Diego Rubino Ramírez.Luisa Rubino net worth

Luisa Rubino was born on 23rd September 1998, in Mexico City, Mexico. Luisa Rubino is a Latina and she speaks mainly Spanish, She is an actress and has been acting since she was little in her hometown of Mexico City.

She acts mainly in Spanish Latin American movies. Luisa Rubino recently moved to Hollywood, she is based in miami and california. she recently got a role in Narcos, a Latin American movie where she portrayed Andrea Nunez as a journalist.

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Luisa Rubino Age

Luisa Rubino is 23 years old, she was born on 23rd September 1998, in Mexico City, Mexico.

Luisa Rubino Height

The Mexican-born actress Luisa Rubino stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall (1.78 m). At 5 feet 10 inches tall, Luisa she is taller than most ladies in her age range.

Luisa Rubino Relationship, Husband or Boyfriend

After going through Luisa Rubino’s Instagram social media account, I found that she is currently in a relationship with a Mexican Latin music artist who is known as Cachita. Cachita is popularly known as cache and he goes by the Instagram handle cacha.oficial.

Cacha is under contract with Luisa Rubino’s mother Lourdes Ramirez’s Lr Management. Cacha is currently based in Miami, Florida, USA, However, Cacha and Luisa Rubino’s pictures have been seen on Instagram sharing love captions and romantic pictures to prove they are in a relationship.

Although Luisa Rubio is more focused on her acting career, she shares lots of her pictures on the internet. She has been very discreet with her love life and relationship with her current boyfriend and artist Cachita. Luisa Rubino is not married and has never been married to anyone.

Luisa Rubino Movies and TV Shows

Luisa Rubino has acted in lots of movies but her big breakthrough in her career came when she got a role in Narcos in 2021,Luisa Rubino has acted in other television drama series including;
Caer en tentación (TV Series) as Patricia Vargas in 2017-2018, Como dice el dicho (TV Series) as Amalia / Judy / Dulce in 2011-2017, La rosa de Guadalupe (TV Series) as Iris / Belinda / Valeria 2009-2016. Simply María (TV Series)  from 2015-2016, Por ella soy Eva (TV Series) as Ana 2012, The One Who Couldn’t Love (TV Series) as Marcela 2011-2012, Juro que te amo (TV Series) as Alumna 2008, And Popternative (TV Series) as herself Luisa Rubino, Fugiva 2018 as Claudina.

Luisa Rubino Net Worth

Luisa Rubino Net Worth has been estimated between $2 million and $5 million. she has acted in lots of series movies but is all based in Mexico.

Luisa Rubino recently moved to Hollywood and she recently got a role in the Netflix television series movies Narcos in 2021 she also had a role in the 2018 movie Fugitiva. Its been an upgrade to her paycheck compared to the other movies she has acted as Claudina.

Luisa Rubino is also a model and has modeled for Calvin Klein and she really loves wearing Nike shoes. she has a lot of Nike shoe collections that she frequently wears and posts on the internet.

Luisa Rubino Narcos

From the age of 5, Luisa Rubino has dabbled in the game of acting. But recently, she has embarked on her biggest and most ambitious project yet, narrating and acting in the third and final season of the Mexican drug movie Narcos. As a Mexican actress, this is Luisa Rubino’s first role in an American production, but the subject material is something she finds to be very important.

Luisa Rubino, alongside narrating the show, plays the role of Andrea Nuñez, an ambitious, young, and passionate journalist on the search for truth and justice. Working for the Tijuana-based newspaper La Voz, Nuñez is constantly in pursuit of exposing organized crime, drug trafficking, and political corruption.

Luisa Rubino Fugitiva

Luisa Rubino appeared on 9 episodes of 2018 series movie Fugitiva as Claudia. Luisa Rubino appeared in episodes including: La fuerza, El mar, La noche, El plan, La obsesion, El topo, La busqueda, La ilegada, and La salida.

The drama story involves a woman who organized an escape plan camouflaged as a kidnap to protect her children from her husband’s enemies. The movie features other stars like Paz Vega, Julio Bracho, and Arantza Ruiz among others.

Luisa Rubino La rosa de Guadalupe

Luisa Rubino starred in a television series titled La rosa de Guadalope as Iris / Belinda / Valeria from 2009-2016.

La rosa de Guadalupe is a Mexican drama television series created by Carlos Mercado Orduña and produced by Miguel Ángel Herros. It is set in modern times, most often in Mexico City, but the location varies in some episodes.

The series premiered on Las Estrellas on February 5, 2008, and In the United States, the series debuted on Univision on June 26, 2008.

Luisa Rubino Tik Tok

You can follow Luisa Rubino (@luisarubino) on her official TikTok account where she shares a lot of her videos. She has about 1.4 million likes and 273.1 thousand followers on Tik Tok.

Luisa Rubino Insatgram

Luisa Rubino has 93 thousand Followers, she follows 360 people and 441 Posts currently on Instagram as we write. Instagram photos and videos from Luisa. (@luisarubino)

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