A step by step tutorial Make Google my Homepage

This post will reveal to you how I make Google my homepage on Chrome, Safari, Opera Mini browser, UC browser, Mozilla, and IE both on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone.

There is a simple way to set Google as the homepage of your browsers. You can do that by setting the Google search engine as your default search engine.

Therefore, in this guide, to make Google my Homepage on all my browsers is the same as settings Google.com a default search engine on all my browsers.

Make Google my Homepage

Here is how to make the Google homepage on browsers. To set Google as your homepage on a particular browser just go to the browser’s section in this post and apply the tutorial.

Chrome Browser

  • Open the Chrome browser
  • Tap on the menu option to the upper right
  • Click on settings from the drop menu
  • Scroll down to search engine 
  • Click on manage search engines
  • Click on the 3 dots in front of Google and select make default

Mozilla Firefox

Make Google my Homepage

  • Launch the Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Click on the horizontal lines to the upper right
  • Select options or Press Ctrl + Shift + A
  • Click on Home on the widget
  • Click on the drop menu before Homepage and new windows
  • Select custom URL from the drop menu
  • Enter Google URL: Google.com

Now you can close the tab. Restart Mozilla Firefox to effect changes to the new settings.

Opera Browser

Set Google as Homepage on Opera mini

  • Double click on Opera browser icon on your desktop to open it
  • Click on Opera menu to the upper left
  • Select Settings from the drop-down or Press Ctrl + P
  • Scroll down to Search engines under advanced settings
  • Select Google from the drop menu

Upon selecting Google from the drop menu you can then click on the back button, restart Opera browser, and that is all.

Internet Explorer (IE)

Set Google as an Internet Explorer homepage

MSN.com is an Internet Explorer default homepage. But you can change it to Google homepage.

  • Launch IE browser by clicking on the icon
  • Click on the settings gear icon
  • Tap on the internet option
  • Click on General >> Use new tab 
  • Delete about: NewsFeed
  • Type Google.com
  • Click Apply >> OK

Now, restart the Internet Explorer browser and Google.com will be the new homepage rather than Microsoft homepage.

UC Browser

Make Google my Homepage

  • Launch the UC browser
  • Click on the horizontal line to the upper right
  • Click on General >>Open Homepage
  • Go to My Homepage
  • Type www.google.com in use a specific page

Now, restart the US browser and Google homepage will be set as your default homepage.

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