How to Make Phone Calls with New Google Home Feature

Here comes a new feature on the new Google Home that enables you to make phone call. Google home, the Google assistant feature powered speaker is without argument one of the best smart speaker in the market that managed it way to compete with Amazon Echo line-up. With the new feature to make phone call I really think Google Home is getting better now.

While before now you can perform tasks such as controlling your apartment thermostat and lights, Google Home has introduced another amazing feature that even lets you make a phone call on your Google Home. The long awaited calling feature on Google Home that was announced some months ago by Google at Google I/O 2017 is finally here. So, if you are about to ask how to make phone calls with new Google Home feature please ask no further here is how to make phone call with Google Home.

How to Make Phone Calls with New Google Home Feature

Before you can think of how to make phone calls with Google Home you first need to make sure that your Google Home is running on the latest Google Home  firmware version 1.26.93937.

It’s very easy to check your Google Home firmware though. However, if you find it difficult to check your firmware version here is how to check it.

Fire up Google Home app and click on the device settings at the top right if the screen. From there scroll to the Google Home settings you will see your firmware just below the system firmware.

Now if your Google Home’s firmware is not the latest version kindly update it to the latest version. You can now start to make phone call directly with your Google Home new feature. Henceforth you can start to make free by saying the name of the person. For instance, call my love, call home number, call Daddy, and the like. That is really simple and indeed handy.

In the same wise, you can also call specific phone number with Google Home if the number is not stored on your device by dictating the number very loud.

Meanwhile, for those that are new to using Google Home, you might not be able to use this calling feature not until you set up your Google Home.

What we recommend is first download the Google Home app for your device (Android/iOS).

Google Home Calling Feature

The only heartbreak of Google Home calling feature is that the feature is currently available in US and Canada for now.  We expect Google Home call feature to be available in UK, France, Germany, and Australia soon.

How Exactly Does Google Home Works

When you have any number stored on Google contacts you can make phone call easily. While setting up Google Home you will noticed that it requires location activation so that you will be able to call any near by businesses. Take for instance that you want to search for ‘Starbucks’, you can simply say Hey Google, call the nearest Starbucks to get the best coffee deliver to you where ever you are around the location.

So, you may want to try to make phone call with Google Home today to easy the stress of self dialing when you get stuck at a specific location and you need to make a voice call without touching your device.

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