Remove Android Virus : How to Get Rid of Virus on Android Phone

Let take a look at how to get rid of virus on Android phone in this post. Your Android phone can caught up with virus from any source. It may be while transferring files from one device to another, it may caught up worst virus like Trojan while surfing the internet, even if you mistakenly open some script on your Android phone it can corrupt your Android phone and live no option for you that to reset your phone to remove the virus. There are various tools to remove Android virus, some popular Android virus removal are paid so it’s not easy catching up with the requirement.

To remove Android virus you need to put your phone into a safe mode. Device like Samsung easily caught up with viruses and that makes it antivirus more defendant.

So, how do I know if my phone has a virus?

An Android phone with virus has some symptoms. Although these symptoms may be questionable and they are relative. The best way to know if my phone has a virus is its performance. Without having too much apps and files on your Android phone you will discovered that the device performance is very slow. Its takes almost forever to launch an app and it makes it very difficult to multitask on the device.

How to get rid of virus on Android phone is extremely easy but you first need to find out the virus symptoms whether your device truly have virus or not. Also, if you have antivirus installed on your phone already it’s very easy to check your phone for viruses by scanning your phone with the antivirus.

The best Android virus removal tool is antivirus. Although, some internet geek advice you should factory reset your Android phone but may be hard to do if you are files you can’t let go on your device but using hardcore Android virus removal tool you will be able to get rid of virus on your Android phone and at the same time keep your valuables on the device.

Remove Android Virus : How to Get Rid of Virus on Android

To start with the best way to remove Android virus first put your phone into a safe mode. The essence of switching your Android phone into a safe mode to get rid of virus on your device is that it renders all apps and malware or viruses inactive.

The option on how to put phone in safe mode different from device to device. Some devices will pops up safe mode option once you press and hold the power button while some will do just that when you press the combination of power button and button volume up or down. However, the easiest way to put phone in safe mode in an attempt to get rid of virus on Android is to visit Google and search for ‘How to put [your model name] into Safe mode’ and follow the instructions.’

Remove Android Virus : How to Get Rid of Virus on Android Phone

That is: How to put ‘Samsung Galaxy’ into Safe mode’ and follow the instructions. This means that I wanted to put into safe mode this Samsung mobile.

When your device is in safe mode you will see the safe mode notification to the bottom left of the screen. Then you will definitely know you have put your Android phone into a safe mode and it’s time to get rid of virus on your Android phone.

This could be a little tricky or time consuming but it really worth it. To remove Android virus once it’s infected you no longer need to install antivirus as this may not solve the problem. The device is effected already so you should first get rid of the virus or malware before thinking of best virus removal tool you need to install.

Now, navigate to your phone settings and click on apps. Take your time to look through BUT make sure you are in viewing the downloaded apps section.

Their is possibility that you will know when exactly you Android started the virus stunts. And also, if you can check through the entire app and see if there is any apps you have not installed but found in the app section. If there is any go ahead to uninstall it.

On many occasions when you want to get rid of virus on Android via the safe mode you may not really know the app that got infected. So to remove Android virus as this is concern check through the app list and see if their is any funny app icon or doggy like icon or that looks like malware to you then click to remove it from the list.

Note that this app with doggy like icon may not be called ‘Dodgy Android virus’. So, open the app and uninstall it and you will be good.

Remove Android Virus : How to Get Rid of Virus on Android Phone

In some cases you will not be able to get ride of the virus directly from this section as the uninstall tab will turn grey this is because the app has given itself administrative role. So, to remove Android virus that automatically gave itself administrative roles you need to check through your list of app with administrative access and remove it from the list.

Here is way to how to remove apps administrative role:  Go to Settings–> Security–> Device Administrators. The list of apps will be shown in there. Then check through for the virus or malware, say Dodgy Android virus and remove it from administrative role and then navigate to where you want to uninstall it from above, the grey button would have changed and you will be able to uninstall it now.

If you were able to successfully remove Android virus using this procedure then there is one more thing. Restart your Android device and backup important files on your phone to online and then install antivirus to help get rid of virus on your Android phone when next you device is about to caught up with new virus such as malware or Trojan.

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