Mangastream Alternatives: 6 Website that we Use

Mangastream site has been shut down completely for showing unlicensed contents on the platform, for this, we will be sharing with popular and top Mangastream alternatives. The alternatives to Mangastream may not be as great as Mangastream itself, but, they will serve you better and refill your agitation for Mangastream replacements.

In this Mangastream website alternatives, you will find a lot of differences when you compare it with the Manga stream site before it was brought down legally. What is most important is to have access to the same comic and Sci-Fi content on Mangastream before it finally came to an end.Mangastream alternatives

How to Find MangaStream on Facebook

Facebook is a search engine on its own. Apart from searching for friends on Facebook, sending and receiving messages, etc, you can also find and connect with MangaStream fans on Facebook to know which other comic readers they are using. And here is how to go about it.

  • Log in to your Facebook account on mobile or PC.
  • Type “MangaStream” on the “Search Facebook” box.
  • Click on “Search for MangaStream” from the suggestions.
  • Select “All” in the search result.
  • Click on the name of the groups of the Manga fans.
  • Join the group.

Once you are accepted into the group you will be able to know which websites work them at the moment. You can also ask for any comic story from the group members and where to download it with links.

MangaStream Alternatives

We cannot record the count of sites that are alternative to Mangastream on the internet. However, from our research and experience, here are some notable and tested and trusted sites like Mangastream.

1. MangaDex

MangaDex is a lightweight website offering the same content like Mangastream for comic lovers. It is a community which provides access to all Manga of all sort. If there is a Manga or comic you need to watch and download before Mangastream was shutdown you should turn to MangeDex alternative to Mangastream.

For the record and why we consider MangaDex as a site similar to Mangastream, the website supports over 20 different languages with free access globally. All MnadaDex registered members have access to a unique feature to favorite comic or group Manga category of their choice.

2. MangaEden

If you ever want to read manga online on your smartphone and PC you should consider the new MangaEden as a replacement for Mangastream. The official Manga language defaults to English but it can be changed to another language depending on your choice.

Although, MangaEden design looks old most especially for mobile users. However, if you care about what you get from the Manga site, you should consider it a replacement for Mangastream.

3. ComiXology

ComiXology competes with Mangastream long ago. The comic center can boost of more than 100,000 comic stories to choose from. ComiXology develops a mobile app for Android and iOS users to make them access comic stories. With the mobile app, there will be no need to access the official website to read comic stories all the time. All you will need to do will be to launch the mobile app, search for the comic, and start exploring it directly on your mobile phone.

4. MangaReader

There is a striking resemblance between the MangaReader and MangaStream in terms of design and comic stories. However, if you love surprise comic you will enjoy MangaReader a lot as it has a dedicated category called “Surprise Me”.

The only stopping barrier here is the design on mobile. It wacks and you might not love it. But, come to think of the desktop design, it’s blazing and you will love it to the brim.

5. MangaReborn

Do not confuse this with MangaStream. It’s not a replacement or alternative as you might call it but it’s not the new Mangastream. The website name is somehow decoy to many people that it’s not an alternative to Mangastream that it’s actually the new Mangastream site. But, the truth be told, it’s a site similar to Mangastream to read comic stories online.

The manga site has an appealing design and it’s mobile-friendly. If there is a particular comic you are searching for and couldn’t find on the main site or homepage, you can also other comic lovers for suggestions and probably where to get it.

6. MangaHere

With just 10,000 manga stories on MangaHere, you won’t be disappointed with the few you have access to on the platform. Even if there is no site like Mangastream to you, the MangaHere always worth its alternative to search and watch comic stories for free.

The downside of the MangaHere is that the website keeps changing its website URL for sharing unlicensed comic stories because of its popularity.

There are many other Mangastream alternatives to choose from. But, because they keep changing URL for violating DMCA rules and for sharing comics they do not have the right to share we decided to neglect them. 

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