How to Monetize YouTube Live Streaming Feature

With over half of the world on lockdown, the use and consultation of the internet for various activities seems to be increasing.

One of the things internet users spend their time on is online streaming. Not only are they streaming the live updates of the current global pandemic, but they are also streaming fun-filled content.

Indisputably, the concentration on giant technologies like Facebook, Whatsapp, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram has skyrocketed.

Thanks to boredom. While people seek to entertain themselves by giving maximum attention to Netflix, Hulu and others, you can twist the challenge and kill two birds with a stone; kill boredom and make money through live streaming.

No doubt, this is the period where you are most likely to be given considerable attention. Strive hard to create a distraction and get noticed, sooner than expected a massive flow of internet users would trail your call for attention and end up in your established entertaining or informative space.

YouTube live streaming gives the green light to internet users who are good at what they do and would love to showcase it through live streaming. It doesn’t have to be live though; an active and engaging channel is a go too. Continue this interesting read to know how to stream videos live with tips on how to drive in a wide audience.

Whether you have your skills or content already or you are hoping to build up a niche that would be catchy, entertaining or educative to the Online space, it’s a two-way benefit for you, and we’re ready to put you on the path to getting there.

Getting started for YouTube Live streaming

You have made the decision to kickstart a journey into entertaining people and making money in the long run, here is a list of what you are required to get done before authorization use the YouTube Live streaming feature;

 Encoding software

 The Youtube live stream feature uses an encoding software that enables you to broadcast from your desktop. This is very important to possess advanced YouTube live streaming. Now you may want to start your broadcast niche on a soft level or go all the way in and get serious with it.

Software encoders give the opportunity to capture all kinds of content in real time. It’s best for live streaming sessions that use multiple features like a microphone, audio or visual hardware and other elements that support and facilitate a demonstrative live broadcast.

Creating a YouTube live stream

YouTube requires every user to go through certain steps before it gives authorization to its streaming features. This is due in part to its strict policy and precautionary practices with respect to unethical channels that stream abusive and improper content on the platform. This, however, shouldn’t discourage you as your commitment would pave the way for an easy breakthrough.

Before you create a live stream, you need to be verified and have a clean record, that is, no live stream restrictions or sanctions. This verification permits you to proceed to the next stage where you get to enable YouTube live stream.

Read this guide carefully to set up your software encoder for YouTube Live streaming;

1 Create a YouTube account first

We all know you need an account to be able to do this, but we still have to tell you because we know it’s right! An account is a foundation for this adventure you’re about to begin. Yes!

  • Verify your number and link it to the account before you can assess the YouTube live streaming feature. Head to the verification page and do this.

YouTube Live Streaming

  • Once you’re verified, proceed to the YouTube studio dashboard, and click on the “Create” icon with a red camera at the top right corner of the screen. Clicking that would drop down a “Go Live” option. You’re gradually getting closer to assessing YouTube Live streaming, click it!
  • A screen will come up with a toolbar. Click on “Stream” and fill in the details that are required. These are your stream name, privacy, category and description. YouTube Live stream takes ethics seriously; hence, select an age limit for your content.
  • Click on “Create Stream “after this.

And there you go. You now have a control panel for your YouTube Live Streaming.

Meanwhile, here is the real deal. You are enabling your encoder software to be able to assess YouTube Live Streaming. The control panel has a Settings tab that displays a stream key you need to input in the Open Broadcast Software (OBS) that serves as your encoder.

Click on the eyeball key to reveal this 16 digits key for manual input or click on “Copy” to copy it to your clipboard.

YouTube Live Streaming
Connect OBS for YouTube Live Streaming
  • Get OBS from the official website and install the usual way you install programs. Operate it as an administrator and proceed to the Settings panel for further actions.

  • The next shown screen after clicking “Settings” presents you with the “Video and Output” tab to choose your frame, resolution and bit rates. These determine the quality of your audio.
  • Now go to the “Stream” tab on the left menu and select YouTube/YouTube gaming.
  • Remember the 16-digit key you copied earlier? Now paste or type it into the “Stream Key”  field. That links the OBS to YouTube, and the software flows directly to your channel.
  • Now exit the settings page by clicking “Apply” and then “OK”.
  • You are given some options on how you want your footage captured. Whether a foreground window, a full-screen application or a specific window. Click OK once you’re done.

Now you’re ready to stream Live on YouTube. Click on “Start Streaming” to go live on YouTube Live stream.

Do let us know how it went once you are done. Enjoy!

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