Monique James Net Worth, Ex-husband, and Children Biography

Monique James Payton is famous for being the ex-wife of the former Basketball player. She is a housewife that takes care of her home with her three children. This article will provide you with the necessary information about Monique James, her relationship between her ex-husband, Gary Payton, the reason why they got divorced, and more. 

There is scarcely any information about the NBA legend’s ex-wife on the internet. However, we were still able to gather some details about the mother of three who loves to flaunt her children’s pictures on her Instagram page most time.

The name Monique James is common being that different personalities share the exact name as the late former vice president in charge of new talent at Universal who supported the careers of such actors like Warren Beatty and Robert Redford, who died of cancer on January 18, 2001. She was 74.

However, for this article, we are dwelling on the retired basketball player’s ex-wife, Monique James Payton. Don’t get it twisted!

Monique James

Monique James Biography

Her full name is Monique James Payton. Monique Payton’s date of birth and place of birth have not been mentioned anywhere yet on the internet. However, it’s speculated that she should be around 50 years of age. Monique Payton’s schooling and college details have also not been revealed. Her zodiac sign has also been kept discreet.

Monique Payton’s ethnicity is unknown, although she holds American nationality. The non-profit organization’s founder is a mother of three lovely children who she gushes over on the internet, especially on her Instagram page.

Monique James’ parent’s details have not been mentioned either. Monique Payton’s sibling details are also not available.

Monique James Age

Since Monique James’ date of birth is unknown, as well as her place of birth, her exact age is not known. However, judging from the recent pictures she shared on social media, it’s speculated that she is in her early 50s. She still looks as stunning as she looks today.

Monique James Height and Weight

Monique Payton‘s height is about 5 feet and 7 inches, which is about 170cm in centimeters. However, her weight has not been mentioned anywhere as of today.

Monique James Career

After divorcing the NBA star, Gary Dwayne Payton, Monique managed to raise her three children while launching a foundation and establishing a nonprofit organization. 

She continues to mother her four children, including Gary Payton Jr., her stepson from a relationship her husband later had. 

Monique James Net Worth 

Monique James Net worth is not known as of today. Although she was formerly regarded as a full-time housewife, now she is known to be a founder of a nonprofit organization. Monique’s net worth will be on average judging by her current occupation.

However, her ex-husband, Gary Dwayne Payton’s net worth is about $130 Million.

Gary Dwayne Payton’s Net Worth and Biography

Gary Dwayne Payton was born on the 23rd of July 1968 in Oakland, California, USA. He is popularly known as a (former) professional basketball player, who is appraised to be one of the best defenders in the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA), who plays with the Seattle Supersonics team.

Gary Payton is 53 years old as of 2021. The American Basketballer’s zodiac sign is Cancer. He became active in the 1990s and is known to the world by the nickname, The Glove.

According to authentic sources, it is estimated that Payton’s net worth is equal to $130 million, which was earned through his successful professional career. This made him one of the richest basketball players. In addition to this, he has appeared in several advertisements and had roles in several movies, which has also added to his overall net worth.

Another source of his income is coming from his line of clothing named “Glove Wear”. The famous basketball player is wealthy and he takes responsibility for the upkeep of his four children.Monique James

Monique James Family History

Former NBA player, Gary Payton, and Monique James got married on July 26, 1997. After being together for close to 10 years already, they had already given birth to two children, Gary II and Raquel. Later, after they officially tied the knot, they gave birth to their third child named Julian.

The luxurious wedding, which had more than 400 guests in attendance and cost about $200,000, lacked the presence of Payton’s long-time Seattle SuperSonics teammate, Shawn Kemp, due to conflicts Kemp had with the team’s managers at the time.

They lived in Oakland and Las Vegas and have three children: Gary II, Julian, and Raquel.

Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last and both of them went their separate way by mid-2012. Eventually, Gary and Monique got divorced and are living discretely from one another. 

The reason for the separation was due to Gary’s many infidelities, according to reports gathered. Monique thereafter filed for divorce and they finally divorced in 2012. After many years, the 8-times NBA All-Star has shown how much he regrets the things he did that led to their separation.

Afterwards, Gary Payton has been in a relationship with Lisa Raye McCoy. He also had one more son, Gary Jr with another woman.

His first son, Gary II was born in 1992. He began emulating his dad’s example when he was in high school. He went to Spring Valley High School and played basketball for quite a long time before he went further on to play in Salt Lake Community School.

However, Gary’s only daughter, Raquel, has been out of the limelight. But Gary has taken Instagram to share a post of his little girl, to celebrate her birthday.

The Glove’s second son with Monique, Julian, additionally tracked down enthusiasm in what had been the family. He also took up basketball in secondary school.

Finally, Gary Payton Jr. was born to “The Glove” while he had a short relationship with a different lady whose character was scarcely revealed at any point examined.

Monique James Social Life

The NBA legend Gary Payton’s ex-wife, Monique James, usually utilizes Instagram to post photos of her children or herself, and it seems that they are very close to each other, even with her stepson too.

She is a big fan of her son Gary II, who is following in his dad’s footsteps to become a famous basketball player just like his dad.

Most of Monique’s Instagram feed is dedicated to her children’s pictures and videos.

Monique Payton Age

The year 2022 record confirms that Monique Payton’s age is 28. Monique Payton was born on the 1st of December 1992, in Seattle, Washington, United State.

Gary Payton ex-wife

Monique James was Gary Payton’s ex-wife. Gary and Monique were married for 15 years (from 1997 – 2012) and had three kids together before they divorce. Within the 15 years of Gary’s marriage to Monique James, the couple had Gary Payton II, Raquel Payton, and Julian Payton.

Monique James Raquel Payton

Monique James Raquel Payton is the 3rd child of Monique James and Gary Payton. Raquel has two siblings; Julian Payton and Gary Payton II.

Gary Payton II Monique James

Gary Payton II Monique James is the first child of Gray and Monique in their 15 years of marriage. Gary Payton II has two siblings, Julian and Raquel Payton.

Gary Payton Monique James

Gary Payton and Monique James were married for 15 years with 3 children before they divorced. Gary Payton and Monique James got married on the 12th of June 1997 and divorced in 2012.

While they were married, both Gary Payton and Monique James lived together in Oakland and Las Vegas over the course of their relationships with their children.

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