Nicola Elizabeth Frost Net Worth and Biography

Have you recently heard Nicola Elizabeth Frost name, or have you listened to the no way home actor Tom Holland talk about his mother, and it spiked your curiosity about her? Then read through this article, as we will be giving you all of the available information about Nicola Elizabeth Frost.

Nicola Elizabeth Frost is a British photographer also known as Nikki Holland, although she prefers to go just by the nickname Nikki.

She is married to Dominic Holland, an author, and a comedian, and she is also the mother of the famous spiderman homecoming actor Tom Holland.

Nicola Elizabeth Frost Early Life

Nicola Elizabeth Frost was born on the third of September 1967 in London, England, the united kingdom, to parents Roberts Walter Frost and Christina Winifred Frost.

 She is also allegedly the granddaughter of Walter Frost and Fanny E brown.

She grew up in London with her parents and two siblings, Tammy Frost and Eve Frost.

She grew up attending the local schools in her community before attending the prestigious University of Leeds.

She graduated from the University of Leeds with a Bachelor of art in 1989 at the age of 22.

She then began a career in photography and got married to Dominic Holland in September 1994.

She currently has four children, namely Tom Holland, Sam Holland, Harry Holland, and Paddy Holland.

She describes herself as someone who loves clicking and capturing stuff on her Instagram page.

Nicola Elizabeth Frost’s Age

Nicholas Elizabeth Frost was born on the third of September 1967, so she is currently fifty four years of age and will turn fifty five in September 2022.

Nicola Elizabeth Frost’s Height

While there is no available documentation of her height made available for public consumption, it has been estimated that she is 5 feet 5 inches which is 1.65 meters tall.

From her pictures available on the internet, we can see that she is quite a tall lady.

What does Nicola Elizabeth Frost’s Weigh

We do not have any official reference for her weight, but from the resources available, we have been able to estimate her weight to be about 125.6lbs which is about 58kg.

Who are Nicola Elizabeth Frost’s Parents

Nichola Elizabeth Holmes was born to parents of English ethnicity. Her mother is Christina Winifred Holmes, and her father is Robert Walter Frost.

Nicola Elizabeth Frost Career

Nicola Elizabeth Frost is a renowned and established British career.

She began her career in photography after graduating from the University of Leeds with a bachelor of arts in design.

She has over twenty years of experience as a photographer in the creative industry.

She has covered many events and has been the photographer for a lot of famous actors and actresses, including her son Tom Holland.

Nicola Elizabeth Frost Marriage

Nicola Elizabeth Frost is married to Dominic Holland. The couple met while they were both studying at the University of Leeds.

Nicola was pursuing a degree in design, and Dominic was pursuing a degree in textile.

After dating for a while, they both decided to tie the knots, and they got married in September 1994 in the presence of friends and family.

They have both been married for about 28 years, and together, they have four children, namely, Tom Holland, Sam Holland, Harry Holland, and Paddy Holland.

You can also learn more about Dominic Seagal here.

Who are Nichola Elizabeth Frost’s Children

Nichola Elizabeth Frost has four children, all of which are boys.

The first child Tom Holland was born in June 1996, and she went on to have a set of twins, Sam Holland and Harry Holland, whom she gave birth to in February 1999. Her last child Paddy Holland was born in December 2004.

Nicola's Children

Who is Dominic Holland ( Nicola Elizabeth Frost’s Husband)

Dominic Holland is the husband of Nicola Elizabeth Frost and the father of famous actor Tom Holland.

He was born in 1967 in Brient, London. He is an English comedian, actor, author, and broadcaster. In 1993, he won the Perrier best newcomer award.

 He is Catholic, and he attended the Cardinal Vaughan memorial school before proceeding to the University of Leeds, where he studied textile.

He met his wife Nichola Elizabeth Holmes while studying at the University of Leeds, and they got married in September 1994.

He is the father of four children, Tom Holland, Sam Holland, Harry Holland, and Paddy Holland, whom he birthed with his wife, Nicola Elizabeth Frost.

Apart from his appearance in Radio, film, TV, and stand-up comedy, he is also an accomplished author with two comic novels, only in America and the ripple effect. He also has a novel titled a man’s life.

Dominic Holland

Who are Nichola Elizabeth Frost’s Siblings

Nichola Elizabeth Frost is from a family of Five. She has two siblings, a sister named Eve Frost and a brother named Tammy Frost.

What is Nicola Elizabeth Frost’s Net worth?

There is no official record of Nicola Elizabeth Frost’s net worth. However, she is estimated to be worth about 1.1 million dollars.

The bulk of her net worth comes from her established twenty year photography career, where she has done a lot of well-known work in the photography aspect of the creative industry.

Tom holland

Who is Tom Holland (Nicola Elizabeth Holmes Child)

Tom Holland is the first child of Nicola Elizabeth Holmes and Dominic Holland. He was born on the first of June 1996 in Kingston, in southwest London.

He is a critically acclaimed author that has won a couple of awards for his roles in various movies.

Some of his awards include three Saturn awards, a British academy film award, and a Guinness world record. He has also been featured in Forbes 30 under 30 lists in Europe.

He began acting at a very young age at the Billy Elliot the Musical show in London. He made his first film debut in the movie the impossible, which won him the London film critics circle award for young performer of the year.

He has since featured in major movies such as how I live now, In the heart of the Sea, and Wolf Hall. He is famous primarily for his role as Spiderman in the Marvel superhero films.

Nicolas Elizabeth Frst net worth is currently estimated to be about eighteen million dollars.

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