How to Fix My Kindle Won’t Charge but the Orange Light is on

This article will unravel what I did when my Kindle won’t charge but the orange light is on to indicate that the Kindle charger is connected but the Kindle device isn’t receiving the power to charge the device.

I was devasted when I saw this because I won’t be able to charge the Kindle and since it doesn’t support wireless charging this would probably render the device useless. Well, following rigorous research I was able to restore my Kindle to charging once again.

So, take a seat and chill water to learn from my experience handling my Kindle won’t charge even when the orange light is turned on.

Before your Kindle turns into a desktop because it won’t charge you need to fix it beforehand and this article will revolve around your Kindle won’t turn on because it can’t charge once the battery is flat.

In some funny scenarios, your Kindle would charge but will stop charging once it gets to 80%. Or your Kindle charging won’t get to 100%.

When you plugged your Kindle into a power source the green light will indicate that the device is charging. However, if my Kindle won’t charge but the orange light is on it could mean that the battery is bad or is at fault.

Why your Kindle Won’t Charge or Turn On

The reason why your Kindle may not charge. This includes but is not limited to a faulty wall socket or to a faulty charger or an outdated OS which needs to fix some bugs and the like. However, no matter the causes and the reason behind your Kindle not charging this article will list some possible solutions I tried with my Kindle won’t charge but the orange light is on.

My Kindle won’t Charge

Apart from the technical approach to fixing Kindle won’t charge there are some basic attempts you can use to troubleshoot your Kindle device to see if the problem would be gone. Therefore, we will consider some troubleshooting tips as your first aid to fixing Kindle not charging.

My Kindle won't Charge but the Orange Light is on
My Kindle won’t Charge but the Orange Light is on

1. Restart your Kindle

The first step to take when your Kindle start acting up and won’t turn on is to restart it. So, as part of the recipe to fix your Kindle not charging problem you should consider restarting the device.Restart Kindle

  •  Press and hold the power button until you see the Power menu appear.
  • Tap Restart

Once the device restarts completely proceed to charge it and see whether it’ll start charging.

2. Update the Kindle OS

Your Kindle not charging could be because of your device OS. If the OS is outdated bugs can cause the charging problem. So, you should consider checking for an update if one is available and then upgrade the device instantly.

Note: The Kindle update downloads automatically when you are connected to a Wi-Fi but if the reverse is the case then you should consider updating it manually.

Follow the lead below:

  • Download the file for your Kindle from Kindle E-Reader Software Updates using your computer or Laptop.
  • Turn on your Kindle.
  • Connect your Kindle to your computer using the included USB charging cable.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded update file from your computer onto the “Kindle” drive.
  • After the file has transferred successfully, eject the Kindle to safely disconnect your Kindle from your computer.
  • Disconnect the charging cable from your Kindle and your computer.
  • On your Kindle home screen, tap the Menu icon, and then tap Settings.
  • Tap the Menu icon again, and then tap Update Your Kindle.
  • Tap OK to perform the update.
  • Message Your Kindle Is Updating appears.

Once the Kindle device update is completed the device will restart automatically. After that, charge it and let the device rest overnight to allow your book to index on the new OS.

3. Reset the Kindle Device if you can afford it

I know it is easier said than done. But if you can afford to reset the Kindle device to the default settings the error causing the Kindle device not to charge could be gone.Reset Kindle to default

  1. From the home screen, swipe down to open the Quick Actions or select Menu.
  2. Select Settings or All Settings.
  3. Go to Device Options or select Menu.
  4. Select Reset. For older devices, select Reset Device again.
  5. When prompted, select Yes to confirm.

My Kindle won’t Charge but the Orange Light is On

At least one of the following is responsible for your Kindle not charging. Be kind enough to check through and see what is causing your Kindle not to charge.

1. Faulty Charger

The first thing to check when your Kindle won’t charge is to find out whether the charger is working fine or not. No matter what you did you’d be back to checking whether the charger has blown or not. This happens when my iPhone 12 Pro Max stopped charging only for me to find out that the Charge was blown due to a power surge.

Even though I planned to resolve to use a wireless charging option but I had to find out what the problem was first before concluding on what to use before I later discovered that it was my charger that got blown when I tried to charge it using a different charger.

Therefore, if your Kindle stopped charging or won’t charge be kind enough to check the state of your Kindle charger if it’s working fine. You can try it using another Kindle that is charging to confirm if the charger would work on it or not.

If the other charger charges your Kindle then you should consider getting a new Kindler charger for your device. Meanwhile, getting a random charger will also put your Kindle at risk and also stress you to get a new Kindle charger any moment soon.

So, if you are getting a replacement charger we will recommend the Amazon 5W USB Official OEM Charger and Power Adapter for Fire Tablets and Kindle Readers.

2. Change your Charging Cable

If your Kindle adapter is functioning very well then it could be your adapter cable that is at fault. In a similar way, you want to use a working Kindle adapter and cable and change the cable to your Kindle cable to find out whether the cable is bad or not. If the cable isn’t charging your phone then it means that the fault is a result of a faulty adapter cable.

However, if you are getting a new Amazon 5W USB Official OEM Charger and Power Adapter for Fire Tablets and Kindle Readers there is no need to get a new cable as the charger come with an original cable that won’t put your Kindle into a problem but if your adapter is working perfectly then you can just get a new cable instead.

We personally recommend the Basesailor USB Type C Charger Cable 6.6FT 2Pack, Charging Cord for Kindle Fire HD.

3. Switch Wall Socket

If you are found using a particular wall socket or extension port to charge your Kindle then it’s time to switch to another port to see whether the previous socket is faulty. If the socket is faulty your Kindle won’t charge even when your adapter and cable are in good other.

So, switch to another socket and plug in the Kindle charging adapter to confirm whether the Kindle will start charging. If does, then, the problem is fixed and you should either stop using the socket port to charge to Kindle or fix the socket if you want to keep using it.

Note: These are the major external factors that can stop your Kindle from charging. You have to be kind enough to examine all these before you conclude that the Kindle device is at fault or before you start considering checking the device internally for a faulty charging port or related issues.

4. Fix Loosing Charging Port

If your Kindle charging port is loose this may be where the problem is emanating from. So, you need to fix this. A loose port won’t grab the adapter cable and your Kindle device might fail to charge whenever your plug in the charge and the port is loose.

However, in most cases this doesn’t implies that your Kindle charging port is faulty. This could result from a dirty port or dust in the port. Therefore, you can carefully eject dirt from the charging port and see whether it fixes it.

Note: Do this with caution so that the charging port won’t be damaged.

Addendum, if you have been using the Kindle device for a long time the charge port may slack due to old age and needs a replacement. At this juncture, if the Kindle charging port is slack because of age you’d need to contact an expert to change the port for you.

5. Using a Laptop or Computer to Charge your Kindle

Before  I delved to fix my Kindle won’t charge but the orange light is on I consider the method I adopted in charging it. That is very significant. However, charging your Kindle with your laptop or computer will make the Kindle device charge even very slower.

This is classified as an incorrect mode of charging your Kindle. However, if your Kindle battery is bad the moment you stopped charging it the device might drain instantly.

The best fix to charging slowly is to change the mode you adopted to charge your Kindle. You should consider shifting to a power adapter wall socket charging to confirm whether the Kindle device will begin to charge normally and faster. However, if the reverse is the case and the Kindle won’t charge then it’s neither a wrong mode nor adapter problem that is causing your Kindle device not to charge.

6. Faulty Battery

Do you ever imagine that your Kindle battery could go bad to the extent that it won’t charge whether the Kindle is connected to a laptop or computer or even to a wall socket using the power adapter to charge it? Yes, if the battery is faulty it won’t charge and your Kindle device can turn on orange light and won’t charge.

However, the only solution to this is to replace your Kindle device [inbuilt] battery if the battery in your Kindle is bad or damaged beyond resuscitation. Even though the process to replace your Kindle battery is straightforward we would still recommend you beckon on an expert to help you replace your Kindle battery to avoid further damage to your Kindle device.

7. Your Kindle Battery Charging Too Low

Kindle battery charging too low may occur if you have not charged your Kindle for a very long time ad you try to turn it on hoping that the battery power you left would do the job but it won’t because it’s charging too low. Not only that, the device won’t even be powered on by the power in the device’s battery.

The way the Kindle device is built is different from other smartphones that automatically shut down when the battery reaches 0%. On the contrary, the Kindle battery will deplete completely to the extent that it won’t be able to power on the device when the need arises.

How do you confirm that your Kindle battery is depleted and couldn’t be charged? You could see the “battery symbol and an exclamation mark!” on the Kindle screen.

8. Your Kindle Charging Port is Faulty

This is probably the reason why your Kindle won’t charge at all. If the charging port is bad then you’d need to replace it [compulsorily] if you want to ever charge the Kindle again.

You will be surprised about what could cause it right? Well, below are a few of the reasons why your Kindle charging port would go bad…

  • Overcharge
  • heating issue
  • Short circuit

Some other physical damage could affect your Kindle charging port so you want to be conscious of the charging port to avoid physical damage that can stop the Kindle device from charging.

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