Fix Netflix Not Working On Firestick [Quick Guide]

Do not be disturbed if Netflix is not working on your Firestick. This How-to feature will provide the best possible solution in fixing Netflix on your Firestick.

Netflix Is Not Working On My Firestick

With your Firestick, you can definitely stream the kind of content you desire and you can watch them for fun or for entertainment purposes. Certainly, Netflix, being one of the most popular streaming services out there, comes into the picture.

Sadly, you could be bound to experience problems that are likely to make Netflix not work on your Firestick.

Netflix not working on firestick

What Can I Do When Netflix isn’t Working?

If you have read up to this extent then it means that you have already begun experiencing problems with Netflix on your Firestick. We have provided some basic steps you can follow to resolve the problem.

Is Netflix Down?

First, you have to check if Netflix is down or not. It is possible that Netflix will not work on Firestick if the Netflix server is down.

Visit Netflix’s official page to determine if there is any update from their side. You have no say in the matter if Netflix turns out to be down. You will simply wait for a fix to be done from its end.

But,  if Netflix is not down then you can follow these steps below;

Check the Internet Connection

If Netflix is not down, immediately check the internet connection. Most of the time, if Netflix is not working on Firestick, it could emanate from an issue in internet connectivity. You should try to connect another device with the wi-fi. This is for you to know if other devices can connect. check the guide below to fix your internet connection issue.

Delete the Cached Data to fix Netflix on Firestick

The cached data can be a good enough reason as to why Netflix will not work on the Firestick. What you should do in this case is to clear the cache data. An added benefit to this is that by clearing the cache you will also be on your way to solving some of the streaming problems. Do these things to clear the cache data;

  • First, locate the home screen of your fire TV and then open the menu.
  • Go to the settings option using the remote.
  • Next, hit the ‘applications’ option here.
  • Navigate and select ‘managed installed application’.
  • Go down, check Netflix, then select it.
  • Identify and select force stop. Provided you are not able to find the force stop option or you are confused about it, just contact the experts.
  • Next, navigate down and select clear cache.
  • Go to the home screen. Select Netflix.
  • Now, you can confirm if the problem is fixed or not.
  • Uninstall and then Reinstall the App.

Uninstall and Re-install the App

The problem of Netflix not working on your Firestick problem could linger, making for a higher chance that there are problems in the app. The simplest and easiest troubleshooting technique to use is to try uninstalling the app and then download it back again. It should help to solve the problem to a large extent. You can try these other steps to get it done.

  • Use your Firestick remote to go to the menu.
  • Next, navigate and then hit the settings option.
  • After that, hit the manage installed apps option.
  • First, select Netflix and then select it.

Once you have attempted these four steps and the app is uninstalled, you can then try these subsequent steps to reinstall it again.

  • Use your Firestick remote to go to the Fire TV menu.
  • Next, go to the top of the search bar, enter Netflix, and then search for it.
  • When it appears on the screen, choose the Netflix app.
  • Next, install the app.
  • When you are done installing the app, use your log in details to sign in to your Netflix account.
  • Next, update the Netflix App

Update Netflix App

If you are still fazed with the primary culprit, then it might just be time to update the Netflix app. In other words, you need to update your Netflix app to the latest version.  Here are the steps that you need to follow to update the Netflix app.

  • Use the Firestick buttons to go to the app section.
  • Scroll to go to the Netflix app.
  • Select the Netflix app then check if you need to update the app or you do not.
  • When you update the app, you are bound to fix a lot of technical glitches. What’s more, you are able to help resolve the problem of Netflix not working on your Firestick.

Update Firestick Firmware to fix Netflix not Working

Your Netflix may not work on your Firestick sometimes due to you using an outdated version of the firmware. So, we will always advise that you update the Firestick to eliminate further hurdles. We have provided steps by which you can update the firmware version

  • Use the navigation buttons to locate the home screen.
  • Hit the settings option.
  • Next, select the “choose” option.
  • Then select the “About” option.

You will be able to view the current version of your firmware.

  • Locate “check system update” and then select it. It will start to download if there is a need for an update.
  • Next, select  install system update option. If you do not select that option, it will automatically install whenever you restart the device.

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