How to Download Open load Movies

OpenLoadMovies site has been a favorite source to download movies from different categories in a while. With, I have been able to download Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free both on laptops, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. OpenLoad isn’t a TV site. It’s a free movies website like Cinema HD, MegaBox, Coto Movies etceteras. is different from and both are not the same as to download movies. However, the entire sites are available to download movies online for free and without a subscription. If you are looking for a torrent site, as a seeder, that supports peer-to-peer, you should consider the

While is more like an alternative to OpenLoad Movies to download Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free.

OpenLoad Movies contain different movies categories and these categories are arranged based on the interest which includes series, sensational movies, action movies, TV series, Episodes etceteras.


Is OpenLoad Safe?

OpenLoad Movies uses popup and popunder ads as a means of advertisement. This implies that you cannot see advertiser physically.

However, when you click or right click on any part of the Open Load Movies site a new tap will open automatically where you may be asked to install software or play music or movies, you can even be asked to buy products from the OpenLoad ads.

However, when you download the software you don’t trust from these popups and popunders you’d possible download virus and you are not safe.

However, there is no sign of a virus when you visit only OpenLoad and don’t follow the popup or popunder unless you find something that interests you.

Is Open-load Movies Legal?

Open-load movies is not a legal movies download site. Openload share pirated and stolen contents from the source without the right to do so.

We both know download movies from source sharing illegal content is against the law and that is who most people use VPN to download from Openload.

Other proxies site like Open load movies site includes openload, open cloud and many more.

Top Movies on Open Load Movies

There are various movies in different OpenLoad Movies categories. However, there are some top-notch movies available in the OpenLoad site that you may consider your first priority to download using this tutorial.

Slender Man

A Star is Born


The Darkest Mind







OpenLoad Movies Download

Be very careful when you want to download movies from so you won’t open a countless number of taps clicking on the same movie over and over again.

However, the best way to open a movie on OpenLoad is to click on the movie of your choice and wait for a few seconds.

  • Open a browser tab and visit
  • Search for the name of the movie to download, say, “Black Panther”
  • Click on the movie’s name
  • Click on the download arrow to the top right of the movie’s play interface
  • The movie will load as if you want to play it and a new tab will open
  • Click on the download button
  • The movie will start to download

Stream OpenLoadMovies

The procedure to download movies on OpenLoad is similar to how to stream 720 and 1080 HD movies on the platform.

This calls for when you don’t want to download the movie. A similar approach is required as if you want to download.

Following the procedures above to download OpenLoad Movies, instead of clicking on the download button you just have to click on the play button.

You can now take a copy of coffee and relax to enjoy your movie.

There is no need to use openload downloader when downloading movies from open load movies site. That is why this short open load review didn’t mention anything like openload download.

With the openload search movies box, you can search for any movie on the platform include the trending movies listed above.

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  1. When I search the URL it redirects to Movies play well but I intend to download them. The problem is that I never see the download arrow. Are there other ways to download movies from that site or would you advise me on alternative websites to download movies please?


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