Pearl Minnie Anderson Biography and Net Worth

Do you know the popular American Actress Maya Rudolph? Or you have watched any of the movies she featured in recently like Grown Ups? Then, you should know her first daughter named Pearl Minnie Anderson.

This article will show you all you need to know about the celebrity’s daughter, Pearl Minnie Anderson at a glimpse.

Pearl Minnie is the first child of Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson. She is the recent celebrity kid face on social media and very famous at such a young age. She has three younger siblings named Minnie Ida Anderson, Jack Anderson, and Lucille Anderson. Interestingly, she does not have a social media account, however, she lives a luxury lifestyle.

Pearl’s mother, Maya Rudolph is the famous American Actress, singer, and comedian, while her father, Paul Thomas Anderson is an American Film Director, Producer, and screenwriter. Her father’s oncoming American drama film is titled Soggy Bottom, directed and written by Paul Thomas Anderson.

Her mother, Maya Rudolph, began her career as a cast member of Saturday Night Live in 2000, and she has appeared in several Hollywood films, including Grown-ups, Grown-ups 2, and Sisters, in which she played outstanding roles.

Although Pearl Minnie Anderson’s parents have been dating since 2001 they are yet to be married, despite having children together. Could it be that they are not ready to be committed or they just don’t want to own up to the responsibility of being called a couple? Well, the reason is best known to them!

Paul and Maya are extremely protective of their children. In addition, they hardly share photos or provide any information about their four young children publicly. When it comes to their children, we can say that they are overly watchful.

Notwithstanding, a lot of details about Maya Rudolph’s daughter Pearl Minnie Anderson, on the other hand, have surfaced on the internet. Therefore, read on to learn more about the celebrity daughter Pearl.Pearl Minnie Anderson

Pearl Minnie Anderson Biography/Early Life

Pearl Minnie Anderson was born on October 15, 2005, in Studio City, Los Angeles to Paul Thomas Anderson and Maya Rudolph. Lucille Anderson, Jack Anderson, and Minnie Ida Anderson are Pearl’s younger siblings. 

Pearl Minnie Anderson’s first name Pearl is of English origin, meaning a hard, roundish object produced within the soft tissue of a living, shelled mollusk. Whereas her middle name Minnie is of Hebrew origin meaning Sea Of Bitterness, then her surname Anderson which is a popular household name in the United States.

Pearl Anderson’s father is of English, French-Canadian, Irish, Scottish and Swedish descent while her mother is of African-American and Ashkenazi Jewish descent. Pearl’s mum is an Actress, singer, and songwriter. She’s been active from 2007 till the present.

Pearl Minnie Anderson lives with her parents and three siblings. There are numerous images of the Anderson family relaxing on vacation. According to Maya, the family of six usually sits around to watch living room shows. Her children would dance to everything and be often referred to as natural hams.

Furthermore, Pearl Minni Anderson is not active on any social media platforms. Also, there is no information regarding Pearl Minnie Anderson’s boyfriend or relationship. It seems she likes to live her life private, away from the media and the limelight.

Pearl Minnie Anderson Age

16 years old

Since Pearl Minnie was born in 2005, she is currently 16 years old as of 2021. She was born in Studio City, Los Angeles, on October 15, 2005. She celebrates her birthday every 15th of October, every year.

Pearl Minnie Anderson

Pearl Minnie Anderson Career

Pearl Minnie seems to be eager to follow in her parents’ footsteps in the Entertainment Industry of Hollywood. The eldest Anderson daughter appeared in Haim‘s music video for the song Lost Track

In addition, she also played the role of Sharon in her father’s 2021 classic movie, Licorice Pizza.

Just recently, her father Paul Thomas Anderson is nominated for the 2022 Academy Awards in the Best Director category for the same film, Licorice Pizza. Furthermore, the movie has several Oscars nominations in the upcoming March.

Pearl Minnie Anderson

Pearl Minnie Anderson Net Worth


The total net worth of Pearl Minnie Anderson is yet to be disclosed on any social media platform, but her parent’s net worth is available on social media platforms. The total net worth of Maya Rudolph is approximately $20 Million, while that of her father, Paul Thomas Anderson is estimated to be $70 Million.

Moreover, they earned so well because both work in different fields, where Maya Rudolph is an American Actress, singer, and comedian while Paul Thomas Anderson is an American Film Director, Producer, and Screenwriter from the United States.

Pearl Minnie Anderson

Pearl Minnie Anderson Family History

Pearl Minnie Anderson is the daughter of Maya Rudolph, a popular American actress. She is a celebrity child who is gaining fame at the early age of 16. Pearl has two brothers(Lucille Anderson and Jack Anderson) and a sister (Minnie Anderson), making three siblings.

Did you know all about her mother’s relationship with Paul Thomas Anderson, whom she has been dating since 2001 but they are yet to marry even up till now despite having four children together? Well, the reason is best known to both of them.

However, Pearl Minni Anderson still has grandparents. Ernie Anderson is Pearl’s paternal grandfather while Richard Rudolph is her maternal grandfather. Minnie Riperton was Pearl’s grandmother. 

Pearl’s middle name Minnie was given to her in honor of Maya’s late mother, singer Minnie Riperton.

Besides, Pearl is so caring and she’s a loving elder sister who takes care of her younger siblings with love. She shares a lovely bond with brothers Lucille and Jack, who are four and six years younger than she is. She also takes really good care of her little sister Minnie Ida who is nearly eight years younger than her.

Hardly do Anderson’s mother Maya and father Paul usually post pictures related to their kids on the internet. There is not much information as regards their children, but from what we have heard, the family of six lives a very comfortable life outside the limelight.

Pearl Minnie Anderson’s younger sister, Minnie Ida’s birth, was kept secret. Their mother Maya didn’t want the media to know about her daughter’s birth, so she decided to give birth right in her home. She wanted no records whatsoever regarding Minnie’s birth. In addition, Pearl’s mother filed for Minnie Ida’s birth certificate a year after her birth, which eventually made headlines. Isn’t that funny? 

Speaking about Pearl and Minnie Ida, both sisters share a lovely relationship. Maya says, her elder daughter takes care of her younger one when no one is around. This sounds like Pearl Minnie Anderson is a responsible kid since she is the eldest amongst the four kids.

Pearl Minnie Anderson

Pearl Minnie Anderson Social Life 

She is not active on social media, but her parent can be found mostly active on social media platforms like TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

Maya Rudolph has a significant fan base on her social media accounts. Rudolph has about 761k Instagram followers and 240k Twitter followers, showing her interest in her fans.

Paul Thomas Anderson is also principally active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Reddit.

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