How to Fix Plex TV not Working on Smart TV

We own this article to all Plex TV fans. If you enjoy using the Plex TV on your smart TV and suddenly, the Plex TV stops working for a reason yet unknown, here in this article, we will consider how to fix the Plex TV not working on your Smart TV.

This is not particular about any Smart TV. The procedures here work on all Smart TVs when the app returns server is currently unavailable. If the Plex TV server is not down then the reason why the Plex TV is not working could be your smart TV.

However, if the Plex TV error code occurs because your TV software is out-of-date then you need to upgrade to the latest software. But, if your TV model is out-of-date and the manufacturer has stopped sending a new software or firmware update then you need to upgrade your TV to the latest model.

But, if your TV manufacturer still rolls out new updates for your Smart TV and the Plex TV app displays the error code refuses to connect here is a guide for you.

In this article, you will get to know how to fix the Plex TV not working on Smart TV such as Samsung Smart TVs, Apple Smart TVs, LG Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TVs, and other Smart TVs to remove the error message that says unable to connect to securely.

Plex TV not Working on Smart TV

Important Notice:

Plex TV no longer supports some old Smart TVs and other streaming devices (unsupported) to connect to the Plex TV server using a secure connection.

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This means that if you see the unable to connect to a secure connection on your device it will no longer be able to receive updates from Plex or use a secure connection to communicate with the Plex TV server because their manufacturers no longer offer support for the Plex TV.

However, it is worth noting that Plex also sends emails to all subscribers on the list of Smart TVs that will no longer be able to access the Plex TV server secure connection on their device.

How to Fix Plex TV not Working on Smart TV

This is an official way to fix the is unable to connect to a secure connection on your Smart TV. The proficiency is confirmed on a Samsung Smart TV when the Plex TV not working on a Samsung TV, LG and Fire TV users also have confirmed this in some regions.

The Smart TV not connecting to the Plex TV server using a secure connection is only applicable to Smart TVs that connect to Plex TV using a remote connection. But, if your server is located on the server your TV is located on there won’t be this glitch.

Therefore, we will quickly run through how to fix not working on Samsung TVs and other smart TVs by changing the Plex TV settings on your Smart TV to open ways for insecure connection to use apps that require a secure connection such as the Plex TV app.

Change your Plex TV App Connection Settings to “Always”

  • Launch the Plex TV app on your Smart TV.
  • Go to “Settings” >> Advanced.”
  • Select “Allow insecure Connections.”
  • Scroll down and select “Always.”

Now, your Smart TV settings for Plex TV are set to allow insecure connections to work with the Plex app because of the model of the TV. But, the Plex TV server settings prefer a secure connection. And most of the default installed is set to use secure connections to communicate with the Plex TV Server.

With that being said, if the settings are set to “Required” by you, you need to change it back.

  • Go to the Plex TV app “Settings.”
  • Navigate to the “Network” page
  • Go to “Secure Connection” and click on the “drop menu.”
  • Select “Preferred” and save all changes.

However, the Plex TV recommends that users switch to the recommended devices to use secure connections to communicate with the Plex TV Server.

But, in a situation whereby your Smart TV is outdated or no longer supports Plex due to the platform’s secure connection, following the steps above should help you to fix the Plex TV not working on Samsung TV and some selected smart TVs.

Sign out and Sign in to your Plex Account

Another troubleshooting tip to consider is logging out and logging into your Plex account.

  • Launch the “Plex TV” app on your smart TV.
  • Hit the “Account” button at the top left.
  • Scroll down and hit “Sign Out.”

Power cycle your TV once you have signed out and re-login into your Plex TV account again.

Turn off your VPN Service

If you are using the Plex TV app with a VPN it can stop the app from working. So, when you run into an error on the Plex app with your VPN turned on you should consider disabling it.

  • Locate the “VPN” app on your “TV.”
  • Tap on it and click on the “Disable” button to disable it.

Download or Upgrade the Plex TV App

If the Plex TV app not working fails to stop after the tips above you should check for updates available.

  • Open your TV “Apps” store.
  • Hit the “Search App” at the top right.
  • Search or locate “Plex TV” and hit it.
  • Highlight “Update” and press the “Enter” button on your remote.
  • Wait for the update to download and install.

Your Antivirus could be the Problem

If you are using a 3rd-party antivirus on your device you should consider turning it off and switch to “Windows Defender” for Windows users.

  • Hit the “Start” button on your “Windows.”
  • Choose “Settings” from the menu.
  • Select “Update & Security.”
  • Hit “Windows Security” on the left side of the screen.
  • Choose “Firewall & network protection.”
  • Select network profiles (domain network, private network and public network) and turn it on.
  • Locate “Microsoft Windows Defender” and toggle on the option.

Plex TV not Working on these Devices

The Plex TV app will not work on the following Smart TVs as stated on the Plex TV support forum. Major, Plex TV drops support for these Smart TVs because of the OS and other unannounced reasons.

ProducsPlatformPlatform VersionApp Version
Plex for LGwebOSAll versions lower than 5.0
Plex for LGNetCastAll versions
Plex for SamsungTizenAll versions
Plex for Opera TVOpera TV StoreAll versions
Plex for Smart TVsnetgemAll versions
Plex for TiVoTiVoAll versions
Plex for VIDAAVIDAAAll versions
All versions lower than 5.0

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