How to Reset Samsung Smart TV

Reset Samsung TV is not an option if you have encountered a particular problem in the course of operating your Samsung TV, this problem you might encounter is not a strange thing. It is common for all brands of TV all over the world. If you experience any problems when handling your TV, it is not the end of the world, the problems have potential solutions.

You just have to take some time to put things together to put an end to any difficulties. And more so, I am here to dissolve every cloud of the challenge here today concerning the issue of Reset Samsung TV. 

It is somehow ungood when someone experiences the situation because resetting Samsung TV means losing data and important information on the TV.

Resetting any gadgets costs someone a lot of things, but there is no choice when such a situation happens and nothing can be done to one’s asset than to perform the do-over for a fresh start and experience.

I am going to walk you along with me till we solve the issue together, it is just a matter of taking time till the problem disappears.

I will both show you how you can make use of remote control to reset your Samsung smart TV and how you can reset your Samsung smart TV without remote control, both methods are excellently simple.

When you solve the problem without remote control, that means you will turn your smartphone, whether Android, iPhone, Ipad, iPod, Tablet, Symbian, windows, etc. Every one of these devices will be turned into a remote control.

If you like you can just abandon your remote control and be making use of your mobile device. Furthermore, you can solve any difficulties you might encounter with sound, video, picture, or one issue or the other.

Talk about every problem of any TV brand, resetting will handle everything, except for when the motherboard is frozen or the backlight or infrared indicator or other parts are having problems. Now, we are moving to the deal very shortly.

Reset Samsung TV with a remote 

To carry this factory reset calls for your remote control to be in good condition because it is the one that will help in performing the wonder. Let’s go in.

  • On your remote control press Settings, then tap on General.
  • Click on Reset, and input your pin code which is 0000, the factory default pin.
  • Then pick on Reset, now click on Ok.
  • Your Samsung TV will restart by itself or automatically. The process we just made use of now is called the “Soft Reset”.

Reset Samsung TV

Assuming this method does not work for your Samsung TV model, then move on to select Settings, and tap on Support. 

You will select Self Diagnosis, then you will find the Reset in the open screen there or inside the Menu. 

Just click on Reset when you find the Menu and enter the default pin which is 0000.

After you e have entered the pin, you will receive a message telling you that, confirm the reset. Then, click Yes to confirm the action. That is all about the reset. And the process we just used now to perform the Reset Samsung TV is called “Hard reset”.

Take note that you can change the default pin to any password you might like, you can do that later. But let’s finish with this rest issue first. The issue is solved now.

Reset Samsung TV without a remote 

You can also perform the reset without a remote, and you will get the same result as when you used the remote control to carry out the Reset Samsung TV. Let us look at the necessary steps now.

  • Unplug your Samsung TV from the power outlet or power source.
  • Then, press the power button and volume down button together on your remote control, do not release the buttons, then plug in your Samsung TV again. And you will find the Screen telling you to follow some simpler instructions to reset the Samsung TV.
  • Then, press the power button and volume down button together on your remote control. And do not release the buttons, and then plug in your Samsung TV, you will now find the screen telling you to follow some little instructions to perform Reset Samsung TV. And the job is done.

Reset Samsung TV image settings.

You can reset your image or picture settings on your Samsung TV with your remote control. Just like taking a cup of chill water. Now, let us move.

  • Pick your remoter and press Settings, then go to Picture, and click the picture.
  • Hit the Export Settings, move down to the end of your Samsung TV screen and select the Reset Picture.

And there is not much anymore to do, all your former settings will return to the factory default setting. You can now reset the image settings to whatever state suits your need. This is the end of this article.

Feel at home to ask about any issue you might need to resolve, and we will be glad to help you. You can still check some of our articles relating to this particular TV brand, that is, Samsung TV. Thanks. 

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