How to Fix Samsung TV Volume Not Working

When it happens that you encountered Samsung TV Volume Not Working, it is just a minor issue that you can resolve within a few minutes by yourself. The Samsung TV Volume Not Working might have caused a lot of confusion, because how can someone switch on his or her TV gadget and he or she discovers the TV is rightly showing pictures and events on the screen but the volume is not working.

If the Samsung TV Volume Not Working is the case, some certain things are not normal and they are not in place. And they are needed to be corrected following some simple guides. I will be relaying some reasons to you why you might have experienced that and how to correct them in time.

If your TV volume works well, there are a lot of things you can have as a funfair in your leisure time. You will be able to stream out all kinds of TV content or programs that are your are choices. And this will add to your good mood at any point in time. So, be rest assured that you will be able to correct this unpalatable situation.

As we will be tackling the issue together, and as you co0ntinue to read and absorb the content in this article. At this time, we will be figuring out the reasons for the Samsung TV Volume Not Working now.

Reasons for Samsung TV Volume not working

You can now pick out the reasons why your Samsung TV Volume Not Working from below.

  • Expired Remote Batteries: If the batteries are expired or one is expired, automatically the remote may not perform the normal functions as it used to perform.
  • Audio Settings: If the audio setting is not correct, this might cause the Samsung TV Volume Not Working. The settings might have been put into mute mode.
  • External Devices: If an external device is connected to your Samsung TV, definitely there would not be sound production.
  • Faulty in-built TV speakers: Assuming the TV speakers are having fault, there is no how you increase the volume using remote control volume button or TV volume button, that sound can be produced.
  • Internal problems: Mainboard or Motherboard might have been fried or affected, and when this occurs, Samsung TV Volume Not Working will be surfaced.

Samsung TV Volume Not Working

How to resolve Samsung TV Volume not Working

Taking the following steps will surely help you to settle the problem of Samsung TV Volume Not Working at your corner there. Now, let’s take a look at what can be done to solve the issue.

Battery Replacement

What you will do here is to replace your batteries immediately after you have repositioned the batteries in your remote control and no sound is produced. when you replace the batteries, then you will know the next line of action. If you replace the batteries and sound is yet coming out, then move to the next step.

Reset Audio Settings 

At this point, you need to check your audio settings if it is not in mute mode, to ascertain everything is right with the audio settings. If the Samsung TV Volume Not Working still exists, then proceed further to the next way out. Let me show you how to reset your audio settings.

  • You will start from the MENU of your remote control, press the MENU.
  • Then, go to Sound, from sound, go further to Additional Settings or you might find Speakers Settings.
  • Then, set the Auto Volume to Normal.

It is not more than that.

Troubleshoot on External Devices

You will need to cross-check if the external devices are connected with your Samsung TV that does not allow the TV to 

Checking in-built Samsung TV speakers

You can easily check this out by yourself, now you will switch off all your gadgets connected with the TV, and switch off the TV itself, and then disconnect all the external devices connected to your Samsung TV, to troubleshoot if the problem is with your Samsung TV.

After disconnecting all these devices, then switch on your Samsung TV and increase the volume from the remote control or the TV. If the sound comes out from the Samsung TV, then, nothing is wrong with the TV.

If the sound does not come out. Automatically, something is wrong with the Samsung TV, which requires a helping hand of the repairman to resolve all the internal problems

Unlocking the volume control on your Samsung TV

To unlock your Samsung volume control, that simply means you are resetting your pin to a default setting, which is 0000.

To start doing this, you will press the power button, then mute the TV, now, proceed to press the 8-2-4 (numbers) on your remote control, then press the power button again. After you have done this aright, the setting will be restored to the default setting. You can now go to your MENU and switch off the parental lock or V-clip. That is it.

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