How to Get Rid Of Junk Mail from Your Inbox

If your inbox is full of junk mail, how to get rid of junk mail from your inbox becomes a necessary skill as you have more options than just pressing the delete key.

How disappointing to see so many emails to discover all the credit card offers and exotic catalogues?  Stop it with this comprehensive guide to get the spam out of your life.

Why you need to learn How to get rid of junk mail from your inbox

Most of us cannot last more than six minutes without taking a quick look at our email or instant messages.  Unfortunately, these continuous outages have a serious negative impact on our productivity and our mental unity.

Is your mailbox working, full of things you don’t want?  Junk mail wastes huge amounts of paper, accumulates on your table, wastes your time, and competes for your attention.  Fortunately, by investing a little time, you can stop the flow from its source.  Soon, the inbox will be clutter-free, giving you more efficient browsing.

How to Get Rid of Junk Mail from your Inbox

There are various approaches to stop receiving unwanted messages in your inbox to keep it clean.

Set up filters

Setting up filters is an old way to handle spam, but it still works very well for creating specific spam paths.  You can use filters for actions other than forwarding or deleting spam, but junk mail disposal is often the primary reason for using these functions.

Most email programs have similar instructions for creating filters.  Typically, you’ll find and select the Serrated Settings icon, then click Filters and Blocked Addresses and create a new filter.  From here, you can fill in the parameters of the filter.

If you receive spam from a specific email address, you can include this as an identifier.  You can also fill out options like email subjects and keywords from unique spam messages.  After inserting your IDs, select Create Filter.  This will bring up a list of jobs for your candidate.

This will send any unsolicited incoming emails directly to the Trash folder.  Another option that can be selected is the archive, which will also divert spam emails from the inbox.

Block email addresses

A similar option for setting filters is to prevent the return address from being able to send spam.  To do this, look for the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the message.

This will drop the list of actions that you can use in your email.  Select Block “Sender Name”.  The pop-up warning confirms that any emails from this blocked address will be sent to the spam folder.

If you want to unblock an email, you can find it in the Filters and Blocked Email Addresses section of Settings and simply select Unblock.

Report spam directly

Reporting email as spam from within the message is also a quick and easy way to get rid of junk mail when it appears in your inbox.  Most popular email programs have several ways to report spam.

Often there will be a stop sign-like icon between the main inbox functions at the top of the page.  If you open the email, you can click the bookmark icon and follow the instructions below, which may include reporting spam, reporting spam, and unsubscribing.  You can also find the option to report spam in the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the message that brings up a drop-down list of actions to use in your email.

Keep in mind that if you only select to report spam, you may send this specific email to your spam mailbox, however, you may receive other emails in the future.  Selecting the spam report and unsubscribing will send the message to the junk mailbox and remove you from any email list that caused spam in the first place.

In addition to spam, you can also report an email if you think it contains phishing.  Phishing scams always try to trick you into giving away personal information like bank account numbers, login credentials, etc.

If you haven’t opened the email for safety reasons, you can check the box next to the email subject to highlight it and then click the bookmark icon.

Unsubscribe from email lists

Unsubscribing from email lists that you no longer want to follow is an easy way to reduce spam in your inbox.   Select it, and you will be taken to a webpage in a new tab to confirm that you want to unsubscribe from the email list.  Some of these models are more detailed than others.  Some ask you to confirm only the email address you wish to remove from the subscription list.

You may ask why you removed yourself from correspondence.  Keep in mind that if you subscribe to a large company’s email list, you may still receive email from a sister brand and you will have to find these emails and unsubscribe from the lists separately.

Many inboxes now have the option to unsubscribe next to sender details at the top of the message.  Select this option and make sure you want to unsubscribe.

Separate email address

Many people have multiple email addresses for various reasons, such as separate business and private use accounts.  It is an excellent option to have a separate email for situations that may invite spam.  Maybe you can create an old childhood email that you no longer use regularly in your random email address.

Many people have Yahoo!  Mail or AOL email addresses they can access – if they aren’t already deleted due to inactivity.  If you know or you can recover the password, you can send all wrong records to this address and check them from time to time.  Creating a completely new email address is a very simple process as most of the popular email clients are free to register.

Clients such as Gmail allow users to log in to multiple accounts at the same time, and users can switch between addresses on their desktop and mobile phone.  This makes it easy to keep a random email account without having to sign in to a new customer.


Eliminating or disposing of email addresses is a very convenient way to get an email address online to use without having to set up a new account or trying to recover an old service.  Most chain emails allow you to create an email address to use for various purposes, such as subscribing to some kind of service or online content.

One of the popular email services is  It is an excellent choice because it does not require you to register or create an account of any kind to use the service.  Just think of a username and attach it to @ to create an email address.  Use the address for any kind of transmission over the Internet that may cause spam.

Email messages will go to the Mailinator mailbox and stay for several hours before deleting them from the company’s servers.  If the mailbox is full, the oldest email will be deleted to make room for the inbox.  To check your inbox, go to, type your username, and choose to go.

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