Snapchat Grey Arrow Check: What does it mean?

If you find it hard to understand Snapchat signs such as the grey arrow check this post will open your eyes to what you don’t know about it. All of these daily apps have their languages. Understanding these languages and how they work will make you know the app better. You will have a hard time using Snapchat if you d not know what Snapchat grey arrow check means and why you see grey arrow check in your snaps.

These signs are not limited to Snapchat only. For example, in WhatsApp, the grey check means the message was sent successfully, double grey check means the message was sent successfully, and the double blue check means that the message has been read.

However, these are the official WhatsApp signs if not tampered with via the WhatsApp app settings. So, seeing a grey arrow check while sending snap on Snapchat means a lot.Snapchat Grey Arrow Check

What is Snapchat Grey Arrow Check?

Snapchat displays a grey arrow check when you send a snap to a Snapchat user who is not your friend or someone that has unfriended you or blocked you from sending snaps to them. The arrow check will display pending the time the person add you as a friend on Snapchat or confirm your Snapchat friend request.

However, if you have sent a friend request to the Snapchat user, the grey color will remain until the friend request is accepted, and the grey arrow check will disappear for your message to deliver.

For as long as you are not a friend to the person you send a snap to or video or text, the grey check will remain. So, to make the Snapchat grey arrow check disappear, you can put a call through to the person telling the person to accept your friend request on Snapchat.

Once your friend requests have been confirmed, the grey arrow check will disappear, and henceforth, you will be able to send and receive messages from the friends without the grey arrow check.

What is Grey Arrow Check?

Snapchat would not send a notification to you telling you that a friend has unfriended you, but you will discover that you are not able to send and receive messages from the user.

However, from the grey arrow check on Snapchat, it is very easy to say whether you have been blocked/banned or unfriend from the friend list.

Whenever you see the grey arrow check when you send a message or video or snaps to a supposed friend on Snapchat, and it shows a grey arrow check, it means that the person isn’t your friend and they are unable to receive the message or snap or text you sent to them.

How to Know if Someone Blocked you on Snapchat

If you have a premonition that someone has blocked you on Snapchat, you can easily find out with the help of the grey check arrow on Snapchat. You should be sure that you are a friend with the supposed Snapchat friend before you start seeing the grey check when you send a snap to them.

And, when you can’t communicate with him or her on Snapchat, go to your inbox or friend list and send a snap or video to the friend to see whether the indicator will show a grey color.

Once the indicator shows a grey color, it means that you are no longer a friend with the person or the person has unfriended you or have been blocked from communicating with the person on Snapchat.

How to Delete Grey Arrow Check on Snapchat

It’s unfortunate; there is nothing you can do about the grey arrow check. You cannot delete it from the snap or message you send to the person. So, if the information in the snap with a grey arrow check is vital, you should contact the person outside Snapchat requesting to confirm or re-add or re-confirm your friend request on Snapchat to remove the grey arrow check.

However, once the person re-add you on Snapchat, the grey color will change to a blue color, indicating that you are now a friend with the person, and you can hence, send a snap or video without a grey check on it.

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