How to Store Passwords on Chrome Browser

If you don’t use a password manager like me you will know the importance of Google Chrome password manager and how it has really helped me to keep my passwords for 7 years. The Chrome password manager is the reason I stayed glued to the browser. If you are familiar with Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer password manager feature is also an important feature of the browser to stay relevant to me. So, if you really want to know how to store passwords on Chrome browser here is a post for.

Google Chrome password manager helps to store both username and password for future use. Other than using password manager apps for smartphone or computers, another easy way to store username and password online is using browsers passwords manager feature.

For Google Chrome, you can access passwords stored on Chrome mobile on any other devices and vise versa. Meanwhile, before I discuss with you how to store passwords on Chrome browser here is a guide on how to access mobile password stored on Chrome on PC.

How to Store Passwords on Chrome Browser

Chrome will only store your password when you grant the permission to do so. With Chrome password manager you can manage and view password on your Chrome browser but you need to grant Chrome permission to store passwords and also update the previous password if the old passwords have been changed or you input the wrong past word the first time.

Here in this post, I will follow it from the scratch how I prompt Chrome to always popup a permission to save passwords whenever I input a username and password on a webpage.

1. Open Google Chrome browser and click on the three dots and then click on the settings option from the drop menu.

2. Scroll down to button on the page and click on the “Advanced” option

Store Passwords in Chrome

3. Under “Password and Forms” click “Manage Passwords”

Store passwords on Chrome

4. Under “Manage Passwords” toggle the “Off” icon to “ON”

Store Passwords on Chrome

The above steps will grant Chrome permission to popup notification whether to store passwords or not. While the final permission popup comes up you then have to click save.

How to Store Passwords on Chrome Browser

After the above steps, you can henceforth store passwords on Chrome when Chrome requested a permission to store it or not. However, follow the preceding below you will be able to store passwords on Chrome.

1. Open your Chrome browser and visit the website you want to save password and username

2. Enter your username and password and click on the keylogger icon towards

Store passwords on Chrome

3. Click OK to save password from the pop or click update to update the old password if you have saved a wrong password before

PasswordsThat is it. You have successfully stored your password on Chrome. You can follow this procedure to store unlimited passwords on your Chrome browser without using a password manager pro.

However, if you have successfully stored passwords on your Chrome browser, read this guide on how to view and manage Chrome password to be able to access your passwords on Chrome.

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