How to Switch Smart Screen On/Off in Windows 8

Smart Screen On or Off tutorial…Let talk about Smart Screen On/Off in Windows Operating system. If you are used to Edge browser you’d probably heard of SmartScreen as an integral feature of the browser to protect Edge browser’s users from suspicious links, phishing site, phishing email, malicious website link, etc.

The SmartScreen feature for Edge browser which is now available for Chrome with the new Microsoft Windows Defender browser protection for Chrome browser. However, if you use Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 10.1 and other popular latest Windows OS, here is a complete guide on how to enable and disable smart screen.

Meanwhile, they are different ways to disable SmartScreen on your Windows 10 and Windows 8 OS. You can disable the smart screen feature in your Windows OS through Internet Explorer and directly through via the control panel.

How to Switch Smart Screen On/Off in Windows 8

Quite a large number of Windows OS users are using Windows 8 and Windows 10 which a few percentages use Chrome OS. However, following the procedure below you will be able to either enable Smart Screen or turn off the SmartScreen in Windows 8.

1. Navigate to your Windows 8 control panel and click on “System and Security”

Switch Smart Screen On/Off in Windows 8

2. Click on “Action Centre” where you will be able to review your system SmartScreen settings and make a change to it.

Switch Smart Screen On/Off in Windows 8

3. To the left panel in your PC “Action Centre” click on “Change Windows SmartScreen settings”

Switch Smart Screen On/Off in Windows 8

4. The “Change Windows SmartScreen settings” will appear with three options. The click on “Don’t do anything (turn off Windows SmartScreen)  and click the “OK button to effect the new change to your SmartScreen settings.

Switch Smart Screen On/Off in Windows 8

This option will turn off your Windows 8 SmartScreen option and Administrative right will not be required to run unauthorized apps on your Windows 8. However, this option could bring to your PC a less protection to fight against harmful software and phishing website. But this will definitely turn off the feature while you will need to choose “Get administrative approval before running an authorized app from the internet.

How to Switch Smart Screen On/Off in Windows 8 [Internet Explorer]

There is a more easy way to disable SmartScreen in Windows using Internet Explorer desktop software program. However, if the procedure to switch Smart Screen on/off via control panel, here is an alternative to disable SmartScreen in Explorer browser.

Launch Internet Explorer browser >> Tools >>Safety>>Turn off SmartScreen Filter”

How to Disable the SmartScreen

A new window will pop up with two options whether to turn on SmartScreen [Recommended by Windows] or turn off [Not recommended]. However, since we are interested in how to disable the Smart screen in Windows 8 click on “Turn off SmartScreen Filter”.”

How to Disable the SmartScreen

Windows 8 and Windows 10 does not recommend users to disable SmartScreen due to the usefulness of the program. Meanwhile, even when your turn on this feature, the screen protector does not interrupt with your computer Anti-Virus program.

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