Sonya Nicole Hamlin Net Worth and Biography

Sonya Nicole Hamlin is popularly known as the ex-wife of the famous American English actor Idris Elba. Sonya is also a successful American Real estate lawyer. There’s so much to know about the relationship between Sonya and Idris who were only married for six weeks. For more info scroll down to the end of this article. Enjoy!

Even though the romantic relationship between Sonya and Elba was short-lived, she still describes him as the love of her life. Sonya lives a very private life and details about her background are not readily accessible. 

Sonya Nicole Hamlin is an American real estate Lawyer. Even though there is little or no information about her father, mother, siblings, or close relatives’ identities, Sonya didn’t fall from the sky just like that. She was born in the year 1974 and she grew up in California most likely with her family.

The versatile Idris Elba is also a writer, producer, musician, and DJ who has captivated his way into Hollywood as an actor. He is also best known for his appearance in the HBO seriesThe Wire as Stringer Bell, among many others.

Sonia is also a very successful woman with an incredible career. However, she became very famous after she got married and her marriage with Idris Elba crashed within weeks after they tied the nuptial knots in a rather absurd way.

Sonya and Idris met sometime in 2005 and after dating for a few months, they decided to make their union official in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the couple’s union ended in divorce just a few weeks after.

Some speculations from their fans pointed to the fact that their different career ambitions were one of the major factors that led to their quick divorce. While other speculated that it was Alba’s friends that convinced him to divorce his wife due to his status in the Hollywood Entertainment industry.

Although they are still very good friends afterward. Idris has long moved on by getting married to another lady named Sabrina Dhowre. However, questions have been flying around about whether Sonya is also dating anyone at the moment. Read on to learn more about Sonya.

Sonya Nicole Hamlin

Sonya Nicole Hamlin Biography

Sonya Nicole Hamlin, the successful property lawyer was born in 1974 in the USA, precisely Maryland. She was formerly married to the Hollywood celebrity Idris Elba. As of 2021, Sonya was 47 years old. She grew up in Maryland with her family.

A little is known about Sonya’s background and family history because she is a very private person who hardly grants interviews about herself or her marriage to the popular actor. She is of United States of America Nationality and an African American Ethnicity background. 

She attended a local high school before she went further to college to study Law both in London and Washington, D.C. After completing her High School education in the USA, Sonya relocated to Notting HillLondon where she lived for some time. It’s not revealed what schools she attended while in London, but she studied Law and majored in property Law.  

Later, she returned to the USA and attended another school in Washington where she furthered her Law studies. She began practicing law in the USA after this. Sonya has since established herself as a property lawyer and she’s doing very for herself.

As stated earlier, Sonya Nicole Hamlin is a very successful career woman. She is a property lawyer who runs a well-established law firm in Maryland where she practices as well.

Sonya Nicole Hamlin was married to actor Idris Elba for just six weeks, however, the divorce took a toll on her emotionally. She has since gotten back on her feet, doing excellently well in her business and she is now in a good romantic relationship which someone tagged anonymous. 

Sonya Nicole Hamlin Age

Sonya Nicole was born in 1974, even though her birth date and month are unknown. As of 2021, she clocked 47 years old.

Unfortunately, apart from her birth year, other information like her birth month and date have been kept discreet.

Sonya Nicole Hamlin

Sonya Nicole Hamlin Height and Weight

Other Sonia measurements, such as height, weight, and other physical attributes are also unknown. However, judging from the few appearances that she made while still married to Idris, some information has been gathered on her.

Sonia seems to stand at a fair height with a full-curvy body, unlike other celebrities in Hollywood. Sonya is a very adorable lady, regardless of what people say. 

She has got dark brown hair and dark brown colored eyes that complement her sun-kissed skin perfectly. 

Sonya Nicole Hamlin Career

Sonya is a successful real estate lawyer, who is currently working in the United States. She relocated to the United States from Notting Hill to study law and pursue her career as a lawyer.

She started working after her graduation, however, she has kept most of her career information very private as much as possible. She studied law in Washington as well as in London where she specialized in property law.

Sonya Nicole is an independent woman, she runs a thriving company and she’s very confident in her ability to succeed. Even before she met Elba, she has built an excellent law practice and was doing very well independently.

Sonya Nicole Hamlin is a successful American property lawyer. She practices in Maryland, and her law firm is also located in Maryland. Till today, she remains an ambitious, strong-willed lady. 

Sonya Nicole Hamlin Net Worth

Being a property lawyer, there is no doubt Sonya will be earning a very robust salary and will be able to accumulate a good net worth figure.

As of 2020, Sonya Nicole Hamlin net worth is speculated to be around $2million. Sonya Nicole Hamlin

Sonya Nicole Hamlin and Idris Elba’s Relationship 

Idris and Sonya met in 2006 through the actor’s manager who was a mutual friend of the duo. Their short romance began not long after they met. Sonya stated that they were fast to discover so many things they had in common. Idris 

They got connected instantly and their journey to tying the nuptial knot started that day. Although, Idris was still suffering from the heartbreak of his former lover and first wife, Hanne Norgraad, with whom he shared a daughter. Despite their issues, the two still found comfort in one another and soon began dating.

Sonya and Idris both loved cooking, they were both committed to their relationship, they struggled before making it in their respective careers, and Sonya loved boxing. The lovebirds traveled to Las Vegas to watch Floyd Mayweather Junior and Zab Judah’s boxing match on 8th April 2006. However, the boxing event was not the only thing that happened in Vegas, they also got married there. 

Sonya and Idris decided to get married the next day after returning to their hotel room from the boxing match after Idris Elba convinced her about marriage. Idris bought a diamond ring from the jewelry store in their hotel, the duo picked up a marriage license and went to the Little White Wedding Chapel to exchange their marital vows. None of their family or friends were in attendance at the wedding.

They had to persuade a stranger with the name, Daniel Krastev, a Las Vegas estate agent whom they met a few hours before their emergency nuptial, to be their witness. Within a twinkle of an eye, Sonya Nicole went from being the girlfriend to becoming Idris Elba’s new wife.

The newlyweds later informed their parents about their marital status but kept the information from the public. They had their honeymoon in Jamaica. Sadly, their beautiful union ended almost as fast as it started. The couple filed for divorce only six weeks into their marriage. 

Reports speculated that Sonya filed for a divorce because Idris’s career was on the rise and he was considered a sex symbol in Hollywood Entertainment Industry which didn’t go well with Sonya’s values.

According to an interview Sonya granted, she told The Daily Mail why her marriage to the actor ended. She said, “It was very sad. Idris and I were madly in love, but he was getting a lot of flak for being married. Everyone was like, “Dude, you are the hottest sex symbol!” It wasn’t the right look. That was what they were telling him. I wanted to save the marriage”.

The divorce procedure was quite problematic. The couple stayed in Maryland and according to their laws, divorce could only be approved after one full year of being married. Sonya then hired a lawyer in Las Vegas stating that she was drunk on their wedding day and the marriage was then dissolved.

During the recession, her business also suffered a severe setback, making it very challenging for her. However, things changed for the better for her both in terms of her happiness and her business activities, she was able to gather momentum to make a complete comeback. Her business is now booming, and she is in a happy relationship. Sonya and Idris Elba are still friends and keep in contact regularly.

Idris Elba’s ex-wife Nicole Hamlin isn’t his only one. Hanne Norgaard, a makeup artist, was the first wife of the actor. While with Norgaard, he relocated to the United States to pursue his acting career. Norgaard is the mother of Isan Elba, his 18-year-old daughter.

Idris Elba has however moved on and he’s currently married to beauty queen Sabrina Dhowre.

Sonya Nicole Hamlin

Sonya Nicole Hamlin Social Life

At some point in Sonya’s life, she developed a weird interest in boxing and became a huge fan of the sport. She usually spends time watching boxers engage each other in bouts and she had her favorite boxers. 

She also loves when boxers weigh-in before the fight begins. According to her the aggressive faces and ripped bodies always capture her attention and she loves every bit of the show. 

Sonya has kept her distance from the media and world events after her divorce from Idris Elba to maintain her sanity. Although, the 46-year-old is still single and has focused on her career as a real estate agent. She recently revealed that she has found love again but she refused to show the identity of the person.

The real estate lawyer remains a private person even to date, she’s also not on any social media platform.

There is no information about Sonya having any children. She has always kept her matters discreet thus making it very difficult to notice anything likely to her being a mother. Even though she has been married, there is no information about her bearing any kids.

Sonya Nicole is alive and in good health. There are no reports of her being sick or having any health-related issues. Sonya is currently working as an attorney and she’s doing very well for herself.

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