How to Spotlight Someone in Microsoft Teams

How to Spotlight Someone in Microsoft Teams has been exposed in this article to help you spotlight yourself or anyone with ease during meetings.

Microsoft Teams is one of the three most widely used tools for comprehensive online collaboration, with which companies and employees can interact with each other via audio/video and exchange content effectively in real time.

The video conferencing app has gained a large user base since the COVID-19 pandemic and is gaining more and more users as it continues to add more features.

One team feature recently pulled out of the hat by Microsoft is a zoom-like spotlight tool that meeting organizers can use to highlight an attendee’s video on all attendees’ meeting screens. In this article, we’re going to explain what the Spotlight feature is in Microsoft Teams, how you can use it, and the different things you need to know when using the feature in a meeting in Teams.

What is the Spotlight feature in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft offers meeting hosts and moderators the ability to spot someone’s video as the primary video for all meeting participants. This feature should be useful for presenters to have more control over the flow of the meeting when deciding what everyone can see during a meeting.

This should allow more screen time for the attendees chosen by the moderator to speak during the meeting. Therefore, the function could prove useful for seminars and keynotes. As a moderator, you can spotlight your video feed as well as someone else’s feed and switch from participant to participant at any time. Let us show you how to spotlight someone in Microsoft Teams.

How is Spotlight different from pinning in teams?

The spotlight on Microsoft Teams is different from the participant PIN feature available in the Virtual Collaboration service. When you pin a participant in Teams, the selected video source is pinned for your view.

Other participants can see their standard view or the video stream they have defined themselves. This means that when you pin a participant, other meeting participants will only see the default view of the meeting screen that you were viewing before you pinned it.

However, if a moderator highlights an attendee during a meeting, the attendee’s video feed will appear in a larger view on everyone’s meeting screen. This means that “Spotlight” is a mass implementation of the “pin” function in teams, as it ensures that the selected participant gets all the attention they need when actively speaking.

What do you need to use the Spotlight feature?

To use Spotlight in Microsoft Teams, you need to ensure the following before learning how to spotlight someone in Microsoft Teams:

  • Must be a meeting organizer or moderator
  • A computer (Windows or Mac)
  • Microsoft Teams desktop client installed on your PC
  • Other participants are present at a meeting.

How to spotlight someone in Microsoft Teams on your PC

The Spotlight feature is easy to use when you access Microsoft Teams on your computer through the desktop client.

Spotlight yourself in a meeting

You can mark or spotlight your video stream to be shown to everyone in the meeting. To do this, start the team’s desktop client on your computer and take part in a meeting as a moderator/host. At the top of the meeting screen, click the View Participants button. This will open the Participants screen on the right side of the meeting screen.

How to Spotlight Someone in Microsoft Teams

In the Participants section, enter your name from the participant list. Since you are a meeting moderator, your name should appear in the Moderators section. If you can find your name on this list, right-click on it and select the Outstanding option.

How to Spotlight Someone in Microsoft Teams

Your video feed will now be highlighted for everyone in the meeting until you or another presenter stop highlighting your video.

How to spotlight someone in Microsoft Teams

If you want to know how to spotlight someone in Microsoft Teams, there are two different options. The easiest way to do this is to open the Microsoft Teams desktop client, start a meeting as the moderator, right-click a participant’s video, and then choose Droplight from the drop-down menu.

How to Spotlight Someone in Microsoft Teams

You can also highlight an attendee’s video from the attendee list. To do this, start the Microsoft Teams app on your desktop and take part in a meeting as a host/moderator. Now click the “View Participants” button at the top of the meeting screen. A list of all available participants in a meeting should then be loaded.

How to Spotlight Someone in Microsoft Teams

Find the name of the attendee you want to select for Spotlight. When you do, right-click on it and choose the “Spotlight” option.

The selected participant will now be highlighted and visible in a larger portion of the meeting screen of all until you or another presenter are no longer noticeable.

How to use the Microsoft Teams Spotlight feature on your phone

Although Microsoft allows you to view a selected video on your phone in the main window as it does in the desktop app, you cannot view a person’s video or video directly from the mobile app. Teams. Currently, moderators can only start or stop highlighting videos in Microsoft Teams using their desktop app.

How to Stop Spotlighting on Microsoft Teams

As the presenter, if you already have Spotlight for your video or someone else’s video, you can stop highlighting the video by clicking the Stop Spotlight button above the spotlighted video.

How to Spotlight Someone in Microsoft Teams

You can also interrupt the attention by clicking the Show Participant button on the meeting screen, right-clicking the name of the participant whose video was highlighted, and then selecting Highlight. Standby Attention ‘to end. of the featured video. You can also stop the projector by right-clicking the selected video box and then selecting the “Stop spotlight” option.

If after learning Spotlight in Microsoft Teams you still have doubts about its functionality, this section is the answer.

What happens when you Spotlight someone in Microsoft Teams?

As the presenter, when you use Spotlight on someone else’s video feed during a meeting, your video feed will now appear in a larger area on everyone’s meeting screen as the main video for everyone present at the meeting.

If you stand out, or if someone has highlighted your video, you can see that your video stream is now highlighted with a white border in the lower right corner.

Additionally, you and everyone else in the meeting should be able to see the Spotlight icon next to the Spotlight person’s name.

If you’re one of the participants in a team meeting, you will receive a warning at the top of the meeting window that says, “You will be introduced. Your video will be shown to all meeting participants.”

You should also see a Stop Spotlight button above this warning, which allows you to stop Spotlight from its end.

Can you stop Spotlighting if you aren’t a Presenter?

Yes, but you are limited to yourself. While the moderator of a meeting has full control over who to spotlight and who to stop at all times, he can also stop highlighting if he is not a moderator with a condition. Non-presenters can only stop highlighting if they have been previously highlighted by the presenter.

The option to turn it off is available to you as long as you are introduced to a team meeting.

Can you spotlight more than one speaker at a time?

No, with Microsoft you can only tag one video at a time. This means that you can make yourself or someone else stand out in a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Can you record a team meeting with the Spotlight turned on?

If you used the Spotlight feature on your video or someone else’s video feed and recorded the meeting at the same time, the video will not be removed from the recording. Microsoft says this should be a temporary restriction and there may be a better way to deal with it in the future.

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