Starlink Package and Subscription Price in Nigeria

Starlink price in Nigeria is what you and I want to know before the Elon Must internet service provider is finally on sale. The price of Starlink in Nigeria should be cheaper but due to the dollar to Naira exchange rate and the cost of running the service but don’t be surprised that the price of Starlink internet service will be far more than what MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat and other internet services providers in Nigeria charge.

Starlink is finally going to be available in Nigeria after the internet service after available in 32 different countries including Egypt. With the Starlink in Nigeria, it’s a big blow to other internet services provided without unlimited data caps or those with a data cap.

Meanwhile, we already know MTN or Glo or Airtel or Etisalat data prices. But since Starlink is new in Nigeria the price is something to your self familiar with. So, here we will be discussing “Starlink price in Nigeria,” where to buy Starlink in Nigeria and every other information you need to get your Starlink internet service provider in Nigeria.

What is Starlink

Starlink internet is a satellite internet constelllation under SpaceX. Starlink work like the normal local internet service provider such as MTN or Glo or Airtel in Nigeria. Starlink is linked to the richest man in the world, Elon Musk and the CEO and Chief Engineer at SpaceX, Angel Investor, EO and Product Architect of Tesla In. The Starlink owner, Elon also founded another company called “The Boring Company” and co-founded Neuralink and OpenAI.

How does Starlink Internet Work?

Starlink internet works differently from the internet service providers that involve beaming their data through the cable. Instead, it beams its internet data via radio signals through the vacuum in the space. The Starlink internet service adopts the radio wave method by broadcasting its network coverage and signals through the satellites in orbit.

How Fast is Starlink Internet Connection

Starlink’s internet service is super fast and it’s recorded as one of the fastest internet connection services. A speed test on revealed that the Starlink internet speed is between 100Mbps to 200Mbps when downloading and up to 30Mbps when uploading.Starlink internet speed

However, SpaceX, the parent company is planning to upgrade the download speed to 300Mbps any moment from now.

Will Starlink work with Cell Phones

Starlink doesn’t work with cell phones at the moment since the service is designed as a non-mobile internet service provider. However, the service uses satellite and its satellite dishes are designed to be in a stable location and provide internet service to all subscribers via radio signal.

How to Sign Up for Starlink Account

To create or sign up Starlink account you need to confirm that the Starlink network coverage is available in your area. So, if the service is available you will be able to sign up for your Starlink account and if the service isn’t available in your location, the company will tell you when to expect it.How to Sign Up for Starlink Account

So to know whether the Starlink internet service is available in your location in Nigeria, go to the official Starlink website, Once you are on the site, your address will be taken to confirm whether the Starlink internet service is available in your area.

However, if the service is available you’ll then need to click on “Order Now” and follow the onscreen instruction on how to order your Starlink internet package.

How to Set Up Starlink in Nigeria

After you have ordered and received your Starlink router you need to set up the device. Meanwhile, if you are a techie person, you can follow the instruction in the package to complete your Starlink setup. But if you would love to follow our guide to set up your Starlink for the first time in Nigeria, below are the steps to take.Starlink Price in Nigeria

  • Unpack the Starlink device and inside of the big box, you will see the Starlink antenna dish, WiFi router, power supply, cable, and the mounting tripod you need to erect the satellite dish.
  • Locate where to place your StarLink dish and ensure that it is not blocked by an external device.
  • Connect the Starlink dish and tripod together.
  • Download and install the Starlink app on your phone [Android or iOS].
  • Launch the app and click on “Check for Obstruction.” This will check for obstructions that can affect your Starlink internet speed.
  • Press the power button to turn on your Starlink dish and the dish will rotate and tilt automatically and connect to the internet.
  • Plug the satellite dish cable into the two ports accordingly. Plug in the black cable into the black port and white into the white port.
  • Once all that is set you might need to wait up to 20 minutes or more before your Starlink router will be connected to the internet.
  • Go back to the Starlink app on your phone and open WiFi settings.
  • In the settings scroll download and click on “Starlink*****”
  • Create a unique name for your WiFi and Password and click on the “Create” button.

You will likely be disconnected. Then, reconnect to the WiFi once again if you are disconnected using the new WiFi username and password.

Starlink Price in Nigeria

Starlink price in Nigeria will be quite expensive for an average Nigerian due to the Naira-dollar conversion rate. Meanwhile, it could be a lasting solution to the poor network service providers in Nigeria. So, if you care about how much Starlink will be sold in Nigeria, the table below explains all you need to know.

Note: Starlink price in Nigeria and subscription varies and it depends on Naira to Dollar exchange rate. The price and month subscription in the table below is based on ₦550/$. If the price of the dollar to Naira inflated the price of Starlink in Nigeria will increase so also is the monthly subscription.

Starlink Package Price (₦)Price ($)Monthly Subscription (₦)Monthly Subscription ($)
Starlink Price [Full Kits]₦330,000$599₦60,500$110
Premium Service₦1,375,000$2,500₦275,000$500

Is Starlink in Nigeria?

Yes, Elon Musk approved Starlink’s internet service for Nigeria and Mozambique. This makes it the 32nd country with Starlink service including Ukraine.

How much does Starlink installation cost?

It doesn’t cost a dime to install Starlink. You don’t need an expert to help you install your Starlink antenna dish and router. The necessary material for your Starlink installation is already in the package.

How does Starlink’s Internet work?

Starlink uses a radio signal to broadcast its internet service instead of a cable-based process. So, once the service is available in your country you will be able to enjoy the service.

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