How to Turn off LinkedIn Notifications and Stop Receiving Notifications

I personally love to keep my mailbox clean from unwanted messages or notifications most especially from social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other popular social networks. I got irritated whenever I see notifications in my mailbox when I don’t personally subscribe for such updates.

I was gotten pissed off the way my email account often got bombarded from email group notifications, friends invitations, birthday notifications, work anniversary, and lot more. Note that I do know how to turn off LinkedIn notifications but I think it worth it if I should decide to get up to date concerning what is going on my LinkedIn profile page. Just that I personally choose not to.

But since most of these notifications are very important such as LinkedIn job notifications so I decided not to disable the notifications. However, for the time being I was busy to keep eyes on my LinkedIn account and I couldn’t manage my account properly also was not able to responds to notifications update which bombard my email account due to inability to check through. And now to keep my email account clean from all sort of notifications I have decided to disable any notifications coming straight from LinkedIn to my email box.

Here in the article, Gadgets Wright has compiled the exact procedure to turn off LinkedIn notifications in my mail box. Its worth to note that when you disable notifications on your LinkedIn you will stop getting any notifications update such as Birthday LinkedIn notifications, LinkedIn anniversary notifications, work notifications, activity broadcast notifications and lot more.

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So, if you are interested in achieving any off this aforementioned outcome follow the procedure below are we’d be good at the end of the post.

How to Turn Off LinkedIn Notifications

There are lots of things you can do using LinkedIn. If you are  a job seeker you can use LinkedIn to get your dream job and as a result, you may need to think twice before you disable LinkedIn notifications if this is your goal for using LinkedIn. Also, if you are a business owner, you can get best business marketer on LinkedIn to help you look into your business and boost it within months. However, if you doesn’t give a damn about email notifications and you are not ready for LinkedIn email notifications from people whose profiles matches your own and you would love to turn off Linked notifications here is a post for.

This tutorial can be achieve on computer or PC. Also if you are using LinkedIn app you can also follow the same procedure to turn off LinkedIn notifications without login to your LinkedIn account on PC.

Open your browser and visit LinkedIn homepage URL. Login to your LinkedIn account with your account username and password.  Hover your mouse to your LinkedIn profile where it says ‘Me’ and from the drop menu click on Settings & Privacy and click on Privacy.

Turn off LinkedIn Notifications

Now, click on privacy option from your LinkedIn settings page and navigate down the page to Data privacy and advertising and select Suggesting you as a connection based on your email address.

Turn off LinkedIn Notifications

Once you clicked on suggesting you as a connection based on your email address on LinkedIn, a drop menu will appear then change the option from ‘everyone on LinkedIn’, it’s recommended though but since you want to disable and turn off LinkedIn notifications and stop receiving updates from your network then choose ‘nobody’ from the menu.

Turn off LinkedIn Notifications

After that, scroll up and click on account. After this you will see three different options for you to select from to further configure your LinkedIn profile and notifications updates.  Click on communications tab and then click on email frequency to finalized your update.

Turn off LinkedIn Notifications

When email frequency option displayed disable all the notifications on the page. This will put an ends to all LinkedIn notifications that you often received in your email address and we are good.

Turn off LinkedIn Notifications

And now you have turned off LinkedIn notifications and you will stop receiving LinkedIn email notifications directly to your mailbox.

Hope this post sincerely covered how to turn off LinkedIn notifications? If this post really solve the problem of LinkedIn bombarding your email with tons of notifications please give this post a shoot by sharing it with your friends on social network such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google plus etc.

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