Turn off Music Automatically on Android (Huawei)

Android phones (Huawei) have some decent features to make life conducive for us. A lot of us are not exploring a quarter of these features. I bump on this feature to turn off music automatically on my Huawei Prime phone, and I am going to share the steps to achieve it with you in this guide.

I followed the same techniques to turn the music off on other Android phones like Infinix and Tecno, and it worked perfectly. So, to turn off the music while sleeping, you no longer have to wake up and turn the music off yourself.

While I was able to disable the music player automatically while sleeping without using a 3rd party, you can follow the same approach. There are some free music players for Android to play music on Android phones but only a limited app to turn off the music while you are asleep. Some will even play the music to the end before it would be turned off.

How to Turn off Music in Huawei Phone

Follow the leads below to automatically turn off the music player on Huawei phones while you are sleeping without switching off your Android phone.

  • Go to your Android music player.
  • Tap the “Hamburger” located at the top right.Turn off music on Android
  • Tap on the “Settings” Cogwheel icon down the screen.Music timer settings
  • Tap the turn off to turn on  “Huawei Timer.”Turn of the music
  • Select how long you want the music to play for it to be turned off. Tap “close after current track” to close the music player immediately after the current track.Music timer scale
  • You can extend the time to after 60 minutes or more using the custom feature.
  • Tap on “Custom” “Finish the track.”Finish the music stopper
  • Select when you want the music to turn off when you are asleep and tap “Done.”
  • Toggle the “button” to enable automatic music turn off and tap “OK.”

As soon as the feature is enabled, the time will start reading, and the music will turn off once the time elapsed.

How to Stop music using Sleep Timer

Sleep timer app is a 3rd part app to stop the music automatically from playing with over a 100 million download from the Google play store.

  • Download and install the “Sleep Timer” app from the Google play store.
  • Go to your Android music player and start playing your desired music. You can even start to play your music from the music folder.
  • Launch the “Sleep Timer” app. Adjust how long you want the music to play.Stop the music
  • Tap “Start,” located at the bottom right.Turn off the music
  • Done.

The sleep timer app will take care of the music player and automatically turn off the music when the time elapsed. You can also shake to extend the time to turn of the music player bu the sleep timer app.

How to Extend when to Turn Off the Music Player

Another feature of the “Sleep Timer” app is “shake to extend” the time it takes to turn off the music player.

  • Launch the “Sleep Timer” app (APK).
  • Tap on the “menu” option to the top right.
  • Tap on “Settings” from the drop menu.
  • Tap “Shake Extend.”
  • Tap “Shake Sensitivity” to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the music timer to respond to shaking to turn off your music player.
  • Tap “Running Time” and choose your extension time.

The music player will be extended by the number minutes chosen before the app will turn off the music on your Android device.

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