10 Free Music Download Apps for Android Phone

Free music download apps are apps to search and download music for free on smartphones. There are tons of free music downloader available for Android phones and iOS devices to search and download music for free online without using a web browser. So, if you own an Android or iOS devices and you are looking for the best apps to download music for free on your device here are the best list.

If you have a working Android phone and you listen to music on it you may want to consider installing any of these best free music download apps for Android users to download and enjoy the latest music in town.

Sometimes we need music to trigger our emotional feelings and love for some people and it should come in a handy way to download such music for free most especially for smartphone users and there comes the usefulness of both paid and free music download app.

If you however passionate about latest music and how to download it to your smartphone (Android and iOS) you first need to know best sites to download MP3 music free, after which you can now decide to download and install a popular free music download app for your phone and start downloading music free.

Some of these free music download apps support streaming music live on the web before you finally choose to download the music for an offline purpose. This gives users the chance to know whether they are about to download the exact music they have in mind.

In order to make it very easy for to lay your hands on the best free music download sites with virus-free smartphone (Android or iOS) free app and ease you the stress of searching through the entire web finding which free music download apps for Android you can choose to download music or MP3 music on your phone. And here we have decided to share with you top 10 most popular Android apps to download music free.

free music download apps for Android phone

Best Free Music Download Apps  for Android Phone

We can possibly tell you that the list of apps to download free music on Android phone is unlimited. The number goes on and on and on but for the benefits of this post, you will meet the best free music download apps for Android. Also, there is the possibility that this post missed your favorite music download app for Android. To keep the post-up-to-date the writer will appreciate it if you can pen it down using the comment section.

1. Music Maniac Music Downloader

Music maniac is the king of Android market apps when it comes to downloading music for free on Android. It makes it possible to stream thousands of free music and download free music on Android at no cost and without taking any survey.

As a matter of fact, Music Maniac is categorized by default as the best app to start with free music download for an Android phone user to download favorite music with just a click at will and listen to it at will without policy violation.

2. Simple MP3 Music Downloader For Android

The name of this music downloader for Android defines exactly what you can do with the app when you choose to go with it. For Android users, it makes it extremely easy to get your hand on any free music to download on Android phone with just a click.

In so many occasion where you cannot find the music you are searching for on time, simple MP3 music download for Android makes it easy to use the search box to search and download your favorite songs using the title of the album, artist name, song title etc.

3. Google Play Music 

The fact that Google always takes the lead when it comes to the invention isn’t an overstatement. And that has also featured Google’s great working by introducing Google play music to get free music downloaded for Android phone user without wasting time.

In the race of best apps to download music free for Android, Google play music is one of those apps you can’t underestimate with over 35 million songs to download for free.

In the same sense, if you have a music of your own that you want to upload and lets people around the globe listen to it and download it for free you can use Google play music in your favor to gain popularity.

4. Free MP3 Downloads

Free MP3 download is another popular Android app to grab music license for free to download and listen to any music without violating any law or whatsoever. Free MP3 downloads has two button for users to interact with the app. The first button allows users to download while the second one makes possible to listen to music on the web.

Whichever one you choose you can always count on free mp3 downloads and grab your free music on Android phone without stress.

5. Music Download Paradise MP3.

Paradise MP3 is one of the lists of best MP3 sites to download free music. So, if you are a fan of MP3 paradise you may want to pay attention to this free music download app and start downloading music for free even on paradise MP3.

Music download paradise MP3 app is a great app to search and download non-copyright music on Android phone. It searches and gives the exact match result to download your favorite MP3 with just a single search. Meanwhile, it sometimes takes a while for music download paradise mp3 to grab the music you want to download but it will definitely get it and render it downloadable.

As earlier said, this app is good for free music download for Android phone and it’s easy to use with a simple user interface.

6. Advanced Download Manager

The advanced download manager is a free music download for Android phone which makes it very easy to download any music or MP3 for free and arrange the downloaded music at the same time without limiting your music download speed.

The app is 2In1 app which is popularly known as an in-app browser that makes it very easy to search for music and render results in both MP3 and MP4 at the same time leaving the choice for you to choose the one to download.

7. Gtunes Music

GTune music download app is a very popular music download app and few of Android users I know always talk about when they want to download the latest music for free. GTunes music serves as a music search engine to search for music and accumulate them for top-notch music download site for you to either stream or download.

While you search for free music to download on GTunes music app it searches through music sites like amendo.com, 7digital.com, Last.fm etc and allows a user to download or stream on the web for free.

8.RockMyRun Best Workout Music

Rockmyrun is a fantastic free music download for Android phone users as well as a notable music app mixer to DJ your music on the walk. Rockmyrun makes it easy to workout with cache music to listen to it offline and download it when possible.

If you are the type that loves exercise and love listening to music while on the run you may want to consider the power of rockmyrun Android free music download app.

9. MP3 Music Download Pro

This is one of the best free music download apps search engines. MP3 music download pro works in a professional way when you search for music to download using the app. It searches and shows results that will satisfy your needs as to which of the MP3 music results do you really want to download.

With MP3 music download pr,o you will have access to millions of music available to download for free and legal and to crown it all on MP3 music download pro you can drag and drop the music to set it as your ringing tone.

10. Videoder

Videoder is that popular app to download both MP3 and MP4, including YouTube video as MP4 and MP3 and even Soundcloud MP3 with just a single click.

If there is just one of free music download for Android you would love to download with multitasking feature it should definitely be videoder music downloader for Android to download music for free on your Android phone.

The free music download apps are top-notch for all Android users to search and download music for free on their respective Android phones.

Which of these MP3 music downloaders is your favorite? How long have you been using it and why?

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