Newest Vehicle Tracking System With no Monthly Fee

Here I just found out the tiniest tracking device without monthly fee to protect and secure your belongs. This tiny device works like GPS tracking but all you need to use the device is a smartphone with an app. Once you have the tracking device, you can use it as vehicle tracking system, track your kids without their knowledge, tracking every of your belongings and still have access to them even when burglars have them in their possession.

The best part of this tiny device is that you don’t necessarily need to install a GPS tracking system to monitor your belongings.  And for most people who will love to protect their belongs like car, pets, and other valuable goods without enough cash to subscribe to GPS tracking fee can simple get this vehicle tracking system and used it alongside to protect other belongings.

In actually sense this is one of the best ways and currently a top notch way to track a device without subscribing to either expensive, normal or medium GPS tracking device of any sort. You don’t need to lost it before you protect it with the right tools. Protect it now to be able to find it later when misplaced.

TrackR Vehicle Tracking System

What is The Name of The Vehicle Tracking System Called?

The tiny device is called TrackR and it makes it more flexible to track any device with our smartphone. TrackR just change the act in which people used to track lost device. Some people preferred GPS tracking device with monthly fee but for those with limited or no capital to subscribe to tracking device with monthly fee and to afford donating to device tracking company lately or monthly then you need this one time tracking device.

TrackR vehicle tracking system

Of important, TrackR needs no special skill before you can use it. All you need to use the new tracking device to track down your belong will be discussed below.

How to Use TrackR Vehicle Tracking System

Firstly with this TrackR device you will forget totally about the expensive tracking device you have been using before now. And that you don’t need a rocket science knowledge to set up. Within 5 minutes you will be done setting up TrackR to start tracking your belong.

However, if you are eager to know how to set up TrackR tracking device below is everything you need to know.

1. Get a TrackR tracking device

2. Make sure your smartphone is working (You don’t need GPS enabled smartphone)

3. Install TrackR tracking app for free for Android and iOS

4. Once you have gotten the TrackR device, just tied it to the device you would love to track. It could be your car, wallet, briefcase, dog, and other valuable items and connect your smartphone to the device through the TrackR app.

Note: Attach TrackR firmly to a strategic location that couldn’t be easily identified.

How to Track Lost Device Using TrackR Vehicle Tracking System

Now that you have successfully installed the app on your smartphone and you have attached the tiny TrackR to the device, then you can follow this procedure to track the device and locate it exact position alongside coordinate.

1. Launch the TrackR app on your device

2. Click on “lost item” on the app screen

3. The app will tell you the exact location your device is, the coordinate and the direction to the point using TrackR map feature.

Watch the video below for clarification on how to use TrackR vehicle tracking system to track and protect your belongs.

What is your take on this tiny TrackR vehicle tracking device with no monthly fee? Kindly share your opinion in the comment section.

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