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Best and Most Popular Cool Whatsapp Tricks in 2017

One of the popular cool whatsapp tricks is the ability to role back old status feature on Whatsapp. And it’s the web Whatsapp and ability to use one Whatsapp account on two or more devices that made Whatsapp so popular that other mobile messenger, including Facebook messenger are following Whatsapp popularity.

Whatsapp being the most famous mobile chat app which is available for Android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry device, there are some cool Whatsapp tricks that you need to know that looks like Whatsapp cheat and of course, it is no way a Whatsapp cheat or Whatsapp hacks rather Whatsapp inbuilt tricks to have some fun with Whatsapp, and Whatsapp font inclusive.

People’s love for Whatsapp start from the messenger simplicity and easy to use feature. All you need to do after installing the popular Whatsapp, is to tap on your contact list to add list of your friends and start chatting live, put across voice call, and video call as well. However, video call or voice call are not part of the cool Whatsapp tricks you will get to know in this post, rather tricks that look like cheat while using Whatsapp chat app.

However, you will be at lose edge if you seem to take Whatsapp simplicity for something else that the popular messenger is not well equipped with enough tricks to make your day. That been said, in this we’ve have compiled the most cool Whatsapp tricks that works on your Whatsapp writing style, Whatsapp pictures, Whatsapp status, and many more.

Best and Most Popular Cool Whatsapp Tricks in 2017

Here we will share as many as possible number of whatsapp tricks you should be using on your day to day chatting on whatsapp without the use of addition cheat or other Whatsapp not from Whatsapp official website, GB Whatsapp.

1. Clean Junk Whatsapp Photos Using Siftr Magic Cleaner

Cool Whatsapp Tricks

This trick on Whatsapp is for Android users only. As Whatsapp users, we share tons of photos, pictures, GIF, funny and shot videos, funny meme using share icon on Whatsapp. However, it’s still very safe to share photos on Whatsapp either private or publicly, BUT these shared photos, pictures, funny meme to mention a few stylishly chopped off our phone memories. Nevertheless, when photos are shared on Whatsapp you’ll either delete the picture or photo or keep it on your media, but in most cases they’re not often deleted except they are sensitive photos.

And this is exactly where Siftr Magic cleaner came into play, rather than doing the cleaning yourself Magic cleaner do the assignment of arranging photos on your device, identify duplicate photos and delete matched duplicated photos. This app is simple and easy to use with user friendly interface. The moment you successfully install Magic siftr, simply click on scanning feature and Magic cleaner will scan through and identify photos or pictures that similar and help free more memory on your Whatsapp. And in fact, this is my favorite cool Whatsapp trick to help put my device memory in place and maintain a smooth working on my device.

2. Change Whatsapp Default Language From within Whatsapp

Cool Whatsapp Tricks

This is another coolest trick on Whatsapp. When you first take the step to install Whatsapp on your device you are prompted to choose your device official language but trust me you can change this language any moment you wish, isn’t that trick cool? However, if by virtue of mistakes you mistakenly chose the wrong language, this aspect of Whatsapp trick will enables you to change and choose your desired language instead of re-installing the app from the onset.

To use this Whatspp trick just go to Settings>Chats>App Language and you are good to go with!

3. Gesture to Reply to Specific Messages

Cool Whatsapp Tricks for Android and iOS

This cool trick is for both Android and iPhone user. Previously, Whatsapp only introduced this cool trick for iOS (iPhone) only which enable you to quote a specific message you intend replying to. However, this one of cool Whatsapp tricks is best for a group chat where there are numerous messages to respond to and you need to quote the person that wrote the comment you are quoting.

The way this trick is come by is very easy and identifiable. However, whenever you want to use this trick on Whatsapp long press the message you want to quote and press of nifty feature on your Whatsapp page and write your responds on the chat column before you hits the enter button.

However, for fast quoting you can simply swipe the message right or left to auto populate reply field for the chat and you are good to go. This Whatsapp trick makes chatting very fast and enjoyable.

4. Identify Those That Reads Your Message in a Group Chat

Cool Whatsapp Tricks

When you send a message to any of your contact the best way to know whether the message has been read or not is the change of grey icon to green as it were on Facebook messenger but in group chat, even when you messages are read you can hardly tell who read it since there are more people to check your message on Whatsapp group.

And since you can not affirm it that all your group members are online that they’ve read your message then you need this feature on Whatsapp, however this one of Whatsapp cool tricks helps with identification of those that have read your messages on Whatsapp group chat.

To identify those that have read seen and read your message on group chat just long press on your message and tap the (i) icon and click the info option. Note that this trick works on both Android and iPhone.

5. Formatting Text on Whatsapp

Whatsapp cool tricks

When this trick was included in Whatsapp it was a go go trick that everybody love to use and in fact, I’m a die hard fan of the Whatsapp format trick. If you are into coding or you have used MSWord before you will definitely family with formatting a text.

However, it’s this exact same formatting feature that Facebook added to the list of cool Whatsapp tricks. With the simple markup language technique Whatsapp was able to put before Whatsapp users to either italicized or bolden or line-stroke, or adding apostrophe to a particular text while chatting with simple keyboard syntax.

This feature is not limited to only Android users or iPhone users only, once you install the latest Whatsapp on your device you will definitely have your ways with this text formatting tricks.

It’s very easy to achieve this… To bolden a text type *words*, for italic use _words_ and to strike a text simple use ~words~ and the entire words will be formatted as expected.

6. Editing Whatsapp Image from within Whatsapp

Tricks on Whatsapp

This trick makes it easy to posh your Whatsapp photo before sending it or before using it as your Whatsapp profile picture.  When you want to share picture from your device media storage some feature will populate for you. And from these options you can crop, add text, add emoticon, add emoji, rotate the picture and add doddle to it before sending or uploading it.

7. Share your Location on Whatsapp

Whatsapp cool tricks

This one of cool Whatsapp tricks I love and it works exactly like Google map. Early this year, Whatsapp introduced some amazing feature to Whatsapp which include sharing location on your whatsapp without using any third party application. This tip works on all mobile operating system including Windows and iOS, and of course Android.

To share you location on Android is very easy and simple. Click on your whatsapp icon from your device  and click on the contact you intends sharing your location with and then click on the first option on reply field to populate few other features of that option and then click on location.

Whatsapp will populate to you whether your GPS is enable or disable. However, to continue with sharing your location ensure to enable GPS on your device and establish network connection on your device.

Once your GPS is enabled, Whatsapp will check for your location on the Map and give a perfect description of the exact place you are at that time with multiple option. However you can leave the location broad but for precise and accurate location pick from the current location options popped by Whatsapp to send to the person.

8. How to Create GIF on Whatsapp

Whatsapp cool tricks with GIF

GIF is such a popular feature on whatsapp to express yourself showing some expression without saying word. And of course this is common among celebrities and you too can create your own GIF on whatsapp for free. With this one of the cool Whatsapp tricks everyone is showing their sneer to conversation rather than saying a word.

Now the idea is this: To create GIF inside of your Whatsapp you need to record a maximum of 6 seconds video or less and Whatsapp will populate an option for you to trim the video. After creating your video trim the video to 6 or less seconds and a click on change format from video to GIF as seen above. However, you will only be able to change video to GIF only if your video is not more than 6 seconds.

9. Cool Whatsapp Tricks also Include Using Multiple Whatsapp Account on a Device

Whatsapp cool trick

This is actually for Android phone users only: One of the negative attributes of Whatsapp is that you cannot use two account on the same device even if your phone is a dual SIM device.

Whatsapp do not give room for multiple accounts. Other popular social network such as Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat really frown against multiple account and if discovered your account may be brought down or ask to verify that you own one of the accounts while the other will be brought down.

However, with these cool whatsapp  tricks, you have this chance and it’s indeed a great chance to use more than once account on your whatsapp phone. Meaning that if you have dual SIM phone you can begin to enjoy different account attached to different number on the same contact other than mirror your account on Whatsapp web.

For Android users to enjoy this trick you can use app called parallel space and this can also be enjoyed on Google Chrome browser using All-in-one messenger platform on Google Chrome.

10. Make video and voice calls on Whatsapp

Whatsapp cool trick

We are not done showing you popular tricks on whatsapp yet. This another one you will love to know about as it saves airtime. New whatsapp supports video and voice calls with internet connection. This feature consumes limited data.

To make video and voice calls on your wahtsapp ensure both parties have the latest whatsapp running after which you will have to click on the contact you want to put a call through to and tab either video icon or voice call icon and you are good to go.

11. How to Filter Group Member on Whatsapp

Suppose your group member are too many and you want to filter them without removing them yourself there is a trick you can use on whatsapp to prompt almost every of your group members to leave the group themselves. However, while this whatsapp cool trick may be useful and it can also reduce the total number of people participating in a particular group.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that it’s only Whatsapp group admin that can remove group member except they choose to leave themselves and here is a whatsapp cheat like that will prompt group member to hit the leave button.

To achieve this trick on Whatsapp kindly follow the procedure below

1.Open your browser on PC and visit: web.whatsapp.com

2. Open the Whatsapp group member you want to filter and click on emoticon and insert thousands of them with copy and paste (Ctrl c & Ctrl v) to have like 5,000 of them and click on the enter button.

Note: It may take a while before the message will deliver but it would surely deliver.

However, most group member will see this as a virus and everybody hate virus and before you know it, people will start leaving the group not to fall victim of virus. Also, you may have to force close the web whatsapp tab on your PC

3. The group will definitely become unstable and everybody will start leaving without telling them to leave the group.

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