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Old Whatsapp Status: How to Rollback Old Status Feature in Just 5 Minutes

Whatsapp is taking another step lately at adding an incredible feature to the app. Before it was two step verification, and now it’s a new status which allow you to use Emojis, photos, 40 seconds video, Emoticon, etc as your status on Whatsapp for just 24 hours. But not everybody love this new wahtsapp status, in fact my fiancee complained about it after she updated her old whatsapp to the new one with the new status. However, if you are among the few number of people that prefer the old whatsapp status to the new one, you will probably love this.

Majorly, this post will centered on how to rollback old whatsapp status and let go the new whatsapp status features so that you can use text to express how you feel again to your friends and family on whatsapp.

Note: As the time of writing this post, this methods on how to rollback old whatsapp status work perfect and I can’t guaranteed whether it will work in the future, most importantly during whatsapp next update.

This method is divided into two. The first one for a non-rooted smartphone and the second one for a rooted smartphone. So, if you have a rooted or non-rooted smartphone you will still be able to downgrade the new whatsapp status to the old one.

How to Rollback Old Whatsapp Status on Non-Rooted Smartphone

For those of us who doesn’t like to root our smartphone or who have at one point or the other rooted our smartphone but un-root it  yet still want to use the old whatsapp status instead of accepting the new whatsapp status feature conditionally, here is a guide for you.

1. The first move will be to install Whatsapp 2.17.60 APK file. As a matter of fact, I tried some other whatsapp apk version but it doesn’t work but the version 2.17.60 works perfect.

Old Whatsapp Status

Note: Just ignore the warning message that there is a newer version of whatsapp apk

2.  Follow the on-screen configuration to set up your new whatsapp. After which you will not see the status tab and it will be just the old whatsapp interface .

Old Whatsapp Status

This method works perfect for a non-rooted smartphone to rollback the old whatsapp status without any problem.

How to Rollback Old Whatsapp Status on Rooted Smartphone

If you have a rooted smartphone, the above method to get back the old status feature on whatsapp might not work for you. However, here is another method that work perfect for a rooted smartphone to get back the old status update feature on whatsapp.

Unlike rolling back this status feature on non-rooted device with Whatsapp 2.17.60, this version of whatsapp doesn’t work on rooted device. However, we still got your back to work around what works and here is what you need to to rollback the old status on rooted device.

1. Download WhatsApp v2.17.77 apk from apkmirror. Meanwhile, you can check your whatsapp version via settings–>about and help –>about.

Old Whatsapp Status

2. Download and install file manager to your rooted smartphone. If you don’t have one installed already, download the exact file manager I used for this tutorial here or you can check out the list of our compiled file manager.

3. Swipe down your device settings and force stop your new whatsapp (Settings–> Apps –> Whatsapp –> Force Stop).

Old Whatsapp Status

4. Now, head to the installed file manager you installed and enabled root explorer. In the file manager I used, ES File Explorer, you will find the rooted explorer option to the left of the panel and in case, there is a permission for you to accept, do accept it and go for RW for everything.

Old Whatsapp Status

4. After that, open up device file. Still using ES File Explorer, take a look at the sidebar and click on local and then Device. Once the device folder opens then navigate to head to data->data->com.whatsapp->shared_prefs folder.

Old Whatsapp Status

5. While you are at “shared_prefs”, open the com.whatsapp_prefernces.xml file. An option will pops up for you to choose editor, kindly choose your prefer editor, meanwhile he I choose ES Note Editor. After which you have to click on the 3-dots to the upper right and then on edit option.

Old Whatsapp Status

6.  In the com.whatsapp_preferences.xml, look at the codes and identify text that says “status mode” value =1″. Once you are able to get that just change it to “0” and then save the xml file.

Note: Do not edit anything else other than this.

Old Whatsapp Status

7. Once you are done with the above steps, just open your whatsapp and you will have the old whatsapp interface as you’d like to have it with the normal chat, contacts and calls tab. And most importantly the status option will show right in the settings option to the right page.

Old Whatsapp Status

Finally you have been able to take down the new whatsapp status and rollback the old one. However, while you are busy enjoying the old whatsapp status and feature, you will not be able to see friends who are using the new whatsapp status option and they too will not be able to see yours. But, you will be able to see friends status who uses the old whatsapp as well or who hasn’t got the latest update.

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