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Amazon Affiliate Payment Method For Non-US Citizens

When it comes to affiliate product marketing I don’t consider myself an expert. So I don’t do much of affiliate most especially when the  commission rate is as low as that of Amazon. There is no doubt, Amazon affiliate is among the most populate affiliate eCommerce website in the world despite the low associates commission. It doesn’t call for a paycheck to start promoting amazon products, make your sale, earn your commission but it calls for a paycheck to receive Amazon affiliate payment for non-US citizen which I’m fortunate to be. And for non-US citizen like India, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, etc Amazon affiliate payment method is a huge problem to affiliate marketers.

However, in order not to put all my eggs in one basket and seek for additional source of income online rather than depending on just one stream income I did gave amazon a try. Funny enough, I made my first sale within the first week even before Amazon approved my affiliate account.

What would you think if you were in my shoe? You will be exited right? Of course I was so happy that I made a total sale of 12 products within two weeks and it calls for celebration or to pop champagne even though when I have not receive the payment and the commission isn’t encouraging. Nevertheless, the only barrier for not getting paid is not but Amazon affiliate payment method for non-US citizen.

Below is my amazon affiliate sales and commission page

Amazon affiliate payment method for Non-US citizen

We all know this doesn’t really sound cool for non-US citizen but we are left with no options other than to adhere to Amazon terms and condition during and after registration, and most importantly when you are filling Amazon tax information form.

Apparently, there are three means in which Amazon pay affiliate associates, but they are not really friendly for non-US citizens. The common one among the payment method is payment via check which may take a month or more to get the check in their various destination.

While I prefer amazon to remit my amazon affiliate commission into my bank account as it calls for a US bank account some prefer to get paid in amazon gift card and exchange it for bitcoin while they now get paid in their local currency.

And now the question populated in my heart that how do I receive my Amazon affiliate commission as non-US citizen and which amazon affiliate payment method do I need to opt in.

This post answer that question completely without leaving a trace of how again when it comes to getting paid as an Amazon affiliate associates. At the end of this post you will be able to receive your affiliate commission in your account as a non-US citizen.

Amazon Affiliate Payment Method for Non-US Citizen

So many top affiliate marketers have talked and talked about this but most prefer to use PayPal instead of check or amazon gift card. However, in my own case my passion falls on Payoneer. Payoneer is an online service just like PayPal though but it’s of more preference in this scenario. With Payoneer you can receive your Amazon affiliate commission across the countries of the world.

It can receive money and at the same time transfer money from your Payonner account to the same Payoneer account. And for every Payoneer account, you have an access to a designated US bank account number and it’s this account now that you will have to use as your Amazon affiliate commission payment method and get paid as at when due.

The benefit for using Payoneer is that you will get $50 bonus when you make $100 transaction with your account which you can achieve in matter of weeks with Amazon. However, to get start you need a Payoneer account and it’s free. I personally think that sounds cool and encouraging right? Getting $50 for doing nothing directly to your account and use it to purchase products online for free.

Create Your Payoneer Account for Free

Amazon Affiliate Payment Method Using Payoneer

You first need to follow the link above to create your Payoneer account for free. It’s less than 5 minutes to create your account and get your US bank account that can be used for Amazon affiliate commission. After that, follow the steps below to add your Amazon affiliate commission payment method and get paid for your sales.

1. Login to your Payoneer account and hover your mouse on receive and click Global payment service Once you clicked on global payment service, and on the page that follows you will get your USA receiving account (ACH) information.

Amazon affiliate payment method for Non-US citizen

Note: If your Payoneer account is in Euro you will see Euro coming first but since my account in dollar then I have dollar coming first.

2. Login to your Amazon affiliate account and click on payment information if you have not added any payment information otherwise go to settings on your Amazon affiliate dashboard and click on change payment method.

Amazon affiliate payment method for Non-US citizen

3. From the second option that says pay me by direct deposit (United States Based Associates Only) since the bank account we wanted to use is USA based so that is the best option for you and I, most especially for all non-US citizen participating in Amazon affiliate.

Amazon affiliate payment method for Non-US citizen

4. Enter the USA bank account information gotten from Payoneer above and click on submit to effect your commission payment method start the month that follow. And from the account type, select checking, please do not forget this. After you’ve successfully enter the correct details click on submit.


5. After you’ve entered your Amazon affiliate commission payment method successfully when you will get a successful page that your payment information updated successfully and also an email confirming the updates. And you updated payment method will effect from the month that follow.

Note: Do not forget to fill your tax information to get paid when it’s time.

Where you able to update your amazon affiliate payment method as a non-US citizen partnering with amazon using this article? Please use the comment section if you have any information for us regarding this or any other thing you need from our end.

Create Payoneer account with $25 sign up bonus.

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