Best Pandora Alternatives for Non-Supporting Countries

Pandora is a popular online radio stream and free MP3 music download website with some alternatives. Pandora is headquartered in US to give legal access to streaming radio live online, and also give legal access to subscriber to search and download favorite MP3 songs for free. However, due to limited availablity of Pandora is most countries we’ve come to share with you our best nominated Pandora alternatives today.

The regional based online radio stream website is only available in three countries which are New Zealand, Australia, and the United State. Which implies that majority of Pandora lover were not allowed to access Pandora music and live video outside these three countries. However, other countries who love to enjoy Pandora music and live radio will need exact same site like Pandora popularly called Pandora alternative.

As it were the internet is full of sites like Pandora to stream live radio and download MP3 songs. Nevertheless, what make Pandora stands out include Pandora Jewelry, Pandora bracelets, Pandora store etc. but hardly can you get exact same Pandora bracelet alternative, and similar to Pandora jewelry since there is no alternative to the best, ‘Pandora alternatives’.


Best Pandora Alternatives for Non-Supporting Countries

Here we have compiled best Pandora alternatives to replace Pandora in counties like Nigeria, the United Kingdom, to stream live radio and download MP3 music legally. Note that these Pandora alternatives we compiled for you in this post are no way related to music torrent sites. So, you do not need special VPN any, be it speed VPN or non-speed VPN.

Pandora Alternatives

1. Rdio

Rdio is first in the list of Pandora alternatives. Rdio is simple but powerful website for free online radio to listen to live radio program just like the grand master, Pandora. This site is also regional based who met its death struggling with top notch online radio site. However, Rdio which redirects to Pandroa may one day be revived and get back to the race as expected.

2. Spotify

Spotify is another fantastic online radio and music streaming website similar to Pandora. One feature of Spotify that made it stand out is the ability to listen to your favorite music, access your music album online, listen to live radio program, download spotify software and Android app to stay connected with what’t trending online.

3. Jango

There is no way you won’t prefer Jango as Pandora alternative over Rdio, and Spotify simply because Jango is not regional based. No VPN required to listen to live music and live radio program on Jando. The simply designed website harbors hundreds of thousands of free music to download legally, and live music streaming feature. Which in turn do not require registration before stream music and live radio.

For the fact that Jango enables subscribers from across the country to enjoy what Pandora, Rdio and Spotify made available in New Zealand, USA, and Australia has given Jango a place to stand in the industry. And as such, Jango is recommended as one of the best Pandora alternatives.

4. Amazon

Amazon free music database may not be completed as expected though, but for a total free service that requires not even a sign up with 300,000 legal music to download, I think the price really worth it. If you go to amazon and type free music in the search box, there are over 300,000 available for free download. But that’s not to say all music available on Amazon are freemium, some requires token to listen to online and later download. But the truth is Amazon music category is one of the best Pandora alternatives that must be mentioned.

5. Napster

Napster is another popular online radio site, free music download and alternative to Pandora. Napster is popular in the US. Meanwhile Napster is not regional based and of all the alternatives to Pandora, Napster is a fantastic one. As a free Napster user you have free 30 days to enjoy the merriment non-stop after which you will be prompted to go for premium service to access all Napster’s feature, and enjoy your favorite song offline. You can start your free trial with Napster today for straight 30 days.

Note: You can cancel your subscription with Napster any day, any time and at will.

6. iTune

Need more Pandora alternatives? Then you need to check out iTune. iTune is a popular music and movies website to organize movies and music in your playlist and enjoy it at will. The poplar online radio site is popularly known for organizing movies, listening to musics and live radio at no cost.

Over the year, iTune is considered one of the most popular alternatives Pandora has and they are really competing well in the industry.

7. Tidal

Tidal is yet another popular websites online for streaming radio and music online. Tidal is generally known as a better alternative to Pandora in most European countries. And as such, it has huge number of subscribers because the online radio streaming and music download website is not regional based.

8. Sirius XM

After Tidal, Sirius XM is next on our list. The online radio has over 150+ streaming music collections. The accolade of music available on Sirius are classic and are in many ways compared to Pandora. From thousands of Sirius XM’s subscribers, XM is a similar site like Pandora for online radio streaming.

These are currently best Pandora alternatives we have related with in the past to lightened our spirit when we needed emotional strength through music. You too can have a taste and feel free to share you view about them.

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