Verified! How long do Earbuds last?

Earbuds have several names to which it answers to such as buds, in-ear headphones, in-ear monitors, and earphones. There are 4 types of earbuds, they are truly wireless earbuds, wireless earbuds with a cable, wired earbuds, and classic earbuds. Want to know how long earbuds last? Ensure to read on!

In case you plan to get any of these earbuds and you want to know how long do earbuds last, then you are in the right place. Read on as we unveil the life span of your earbuds, the hours they last when in use, and which ones last longer between earbuds and headphones.

Earbuds are generally known for their portability, effective noise isolation, stability during activity, and cheap price. They are the smallest form of headphones designed in several shapes and sizes. True wireless earbuds are the most commonly used because of the absence of wires, are lightweight, and they are very convenient to wear and use. These wireless earbuds also charge automatically once placed in their case.

For this article, we will be dwelling more on how long do true wireless earbuds last. Continue to the next section of this post to know how long do earbuds last irrespective of the brand.How long do Earbuds last

How many hours do earbuds last?

Before we discuss how long do earbuds last, you might also be interested to know how many hours your earbuds last after a complete charge. Well, as opposed to common perception, high-quality wireless earbuds offer as much as 5 hours of playtime without the case. 

The true wireless earbuds can last for about 3 hours of use on average before they get drained completely. However, with the introduction of the portable charging case, it gives your headphones at least an extra 5 to 6 hours of listening time. This is quite a big development especially when it comes to power efficiency.How long do Earbuds last

How long do Earbuds last?

The lifespan of every true wireless earbud depends on several factors such as quality, how often you use them, and how you take care of them after use. Even if your earbuds cost $10 and you use them almost every day, you might discover that an earbud just suddenly stops working slightly six months after purchase. 

However, if you get earbuds for $50 upwards on wired earbuds and look after them carefully, you will be surprised that they could last for as long as 5 years. There’s no fixed duration as per how long do earbuds last, all you need is to pack them away properly in its case when traveling or when not in use. Most wireless earbuds have an average lifespan of 2 to 3 years while others can last for up to 5 years depending on the brand and how properly you use them.How long do Earbuds last

Do earbuds last longer than headphones?

In case you want a convincing comparison between the earbuds and your headphones and you are wondering which of them last longer, well, check out which has the longest battery life below.

Ironically, it can be stated that the bigger the size, the longer the battery lasts. Most wireless earbuds offer about 5 to 6 hours of playtime on a single charge, while many leading headphones are known to last for a whole day.

Why my earbuds battery is draining fast?

In case you notice your earbuds drain faster than they should even after a complete charge, then something is not just right and you need to look into it! This may occur upon first use or if the device has not been used or charged in a long time. 

For optimal performance and longevity, ensure to always charge your earbuds even when you are not using them. Note that the earbuds’ battery drains when placed in the charging case and is not in use. For the best functionality, always charge your earbuds when not in use.How long do Earbuds last

When should you replace your earbuds?

In case your earbuds are showing signs of malfunction, then it’s time for a replacement. If your headphones sound perfect at low levels but get worse as you increase the volume, then you need to replace them. This problem is common with in-ear headphones.

 This is mostly an in-ear headphone issue. You can only enjoy your earbuds with the great sound when they stay in your ears without falling out too to make our wired earbuds last longer

How to Make Wired Earbuds Last Longer?

Do your earbuds break too early after purchasing them, then it’s possible you bought a faulty pair that need to be returned immediately. However, if you bought your wired earbuds in perfect condition, then you can make your earbuds last longer by taking proper care of them.

Below are how to make your wired earbuds last longer:

  • Gently pull out your earbuds by the plastic header and not the cable when you want to remove them from a device. This action helps to prevent stress on the cable connectors.
  • When they are not in use, place them in a protective case.
  • Avoid using them in the rain or similar wet conditions, especially if are not water resistant.
  • Don’t wear them during very difficult exercises where you are liable to sweat heavily.
  • Don’t always turn to the highest volumes or for long hours, as this can damage the driver.

Before you set out to buy earbuds, ensure you are getting a good pair of wired earbuds in the first place. Checking reviews for notes on durability can also assist you in selecting the best choice.How to make wireless earbuds last longer

How to Make Wireless Earbuds Last Longer?

Even though the wireless earbuds are very convenient to use and charge at intervals with the aid of its charging case, you can also take some easy precautionary measures to help your earphones last longer.

Always carry your Charging case

You need to make it a habit to always carry your charging case everywhere you go. By so doing, your earphones will hardly run out of charge. The other major thing that this will solve is that it will allow the earbuds to cozily rest in the case, and prevent any damage that can affect their lifespan. Dust can harm the lifespan of your earbuds, so squeezing them in your pocket with several other things may not end well.

Have a Charging Routine

Don’t always wait for your earphones to completely run out of battery before you charge them. It’s not a good habit. Instead, you can create a charging routine even when not in use, to enable you to enjoy music without any limitations and also make all the important calls while you are on the go.

Have a Cleaning Routine

To avoid your earbuds being invaded by dust, you need to create a flexible cleaning routine. For this cleaning process, you will need a damp cloth to clean it from the outside and carefully use a toothpick to clean the inside and brush the dirt off leaving it sparkling clean.

With all said and done, all these simple precautionary measures would help our earbuds last longer while you enjoy a long battery life as well as an improved life expectancy. The answer to the question of how long do earbuds last depends greatly on how you devoutly follow all the aforementioned easy measures.

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