Best & Cheapest Bluetooth Earbuds

Getting the best cheapest Bluetooth Earbuds means you are getting the best value for your money in the most effective way. This may be hard to figure out all on your own

But here at Gadgetswright, we are working to make it easier for you to make an informed decision when next you are shopping for your next Earbuds.

Below we will be breaking down the Best cheapest Bluetooth earbuds you should look out for.

However, to better understand how Earbuds works let’s talk a bit about their history

Before the advent of Wireless Earbuds, Earpiece with wires was widely used. But, when the first Bluetooth earphone was introduced in 2014, a lot of users embraced it since it doesn’t use wires.

This made more companies jump into the Airpods production and herby producing their own versions of Wireless earbuds.

Since then, Airpod’s price began to stabilize. However popular brands might be pricey when compared to other unpopular brands. But then, the bigger brand doesn’t equate to better earbuds since little-known Companies are producing quite impressive earphones that are also affordable.

And since you are here to figure out the best cheapest Bluetooth Earbuds. We will be talking about some impressive picks that will guide you on your next Earbuds purchase

Choosing the Best Cheapest Bluetooth Earbuds

Before delving into the cheapest Airpods, there few things that determine how good an Airpods is. While all Airpods might not be perfectly free from issues. A decent Airpods should have these properties listed below.

Splash level water and dust resistance

In some instances, you might be unlucky to have water contact with your AirPods. 

While most Airpods neglect this feature, it is not a nice-to-have due.

Decent Listening time

Since Airpods do not make use of wires, you have to charge them and their casing. However, it would look frustrating to charge your Airpods every few minutes due to battery issues. 

A decent Airpods should be able to last for at least 2 hours of listening time with extra listening time on the charging case

Good sound quality

While some Airpods have poor sound quality. A decent Airpods should present audio with audible quality.

 Responsive Touch controls

The touch controls are responsible for performing basic actions of the Airpods. If the controls are not responsive, It leads to a bad experience 

Easily fit with your Ears

Another daunting and unpleasurable experience is buying an AirPods that doesn’t stay well with your ears and keeps dropping.

If you are experiencing this, here is how to deal with 

Top Best Cheapest Bluetooth Earbuds

Below are some of the critically selected Bluetooth earbuds that fit perfectly into your ears if you are looking for the best and cheapest Bluetooth earbuds.

JLab Audio Go Air

JLab Audio Go Air Best Cheapest Bluetooth Earbuds

Jlab audio is one of the finest and cheapest Airpods on this list. It has all the important features needed. Coupled with that it comes with great aesthetics and it is sweatproof.

When the jLab Audio Go is compared to its price. It is really impressive, However, there are some not-so-favourable things about it that are still manageable. One of such is the heaviness of the bass and the ease at which it attracts gunks. 

Apart from that, another interesting feature of this earphone is its 5 hours of listening time of each Airpods while its charging case amount to 15 hours of listening time when charged.

In addition to that, it s pocket friendly and rarely has connection issues. If you are under s attractive budget and are looking for one of the best cheapest Bluetooth Earbuds. The JLab Audio Go Air is a good buy


 Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 

Best Cheapest Bluetooth Earbuds

The Anker Soundcore Liberty has premium aesthetics even though it is cheaply priced at $31. However, that isn’t the only impressive thing about this Earbud. The Anker Soundcore liberty comes with Big bass sound, Adaptive listening features, and Wireless charging with good audio call quality.

Also, it has a pretty decent battery listening time since the listening time of the Airpods is 7 hours and that of the case is 28 hours.

Another interesting feature is its 4-mic system which helps to reduce noise interference while listening to your favourite music.

In addition to all that, it comes with an iPX5 water resistance rating.

However, one downside to this Earbud is its fiddly controls which I feel can be improved upon


OnePlus Nord Buds

Best Cheapest Bluetooth Earbuds

The One plus Nord is one of the best cheapest Bluetooth earbuds that also has part decent features with some icing on top. 

Some of its impressive features are its, 4-mic array with AI noise reduction, the 12.4mm titanium drivers, the Dolby support, and its mobile app compatibility with personalization tools.

All these make it a good buy for its price. However, that is not all. The Oneplus Nord EarBuds also come with a long listening time when compared to the Anker soundcore.

One plus Nords last for 7 hours but when both Airpods are full, it can last for 30 h together with its casing.

Although, it comes with a few downsides such as the Poor wind noise reduction on calls and the Bass heavy on some music tracks


Tanya T20

Best Cheapest Bluetooth Earbuds

The Tanya T20 earbuds comes with a decent sound quality for cheap Earbuds. Coupled with that, they maintain a firm fit with your ears since they don’t stick out that much.

Also, they seem to perform above par when making calls and this seems remarkable for low-end Airpods. 

In addition to that, not many earbuds have a high water resistance rating such as the Tanya T20. Tanya T20 has a water resistance rating of iPX7

Besides that, there are a few downsides to the Tanya T20. 

One of them is the lack of ear detection. Another one is the lack of noise cancelling. However, it is a good buy for a low-end Airpods


Google Pixel Buds A-Series 

Best Cheapest Bluetooth Earbuds

This is the best cheapest Bluetooth Earbuds if your budget is a bit under $100. 

Firstly it fits perfectly in your ear and its sound quality is way above par. 

Over 200 people have given these Airpods a 5-star review on amazon.

Besides that, these Airpods come with an IPX4 sweat-resistance rating which works well with swat and water splashes.

In addition to that, it pairs easily if you are using an Andriod, however, it might not be as fast as an iPhone.

Also, the Google Pixel Buds have an Adaptive Sound that adjusts the volume as you move between quiet and noisy environments

That is not all, each Airpods has a listening time of 5 hours but with the casing, they can last for up to 24 hours and its less than $100


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1More ColorBuds

Best Cheapest Bluetooth Earbuds

The 1More Color buds seem more like a viable option when compared to their price. 

They are a lot more efficient and small. One of its spoken-about features is the feel and how long you can put it in the ears without noticing that it’s there. This is due to the silicon ring attached to it.

In addition to that, the 1More Airpods come with 4 microphones combined with cVc 8.0 Environmental Noise Cancellation technology.

It gives out a crystal clear talking experience due it its powerful sound quality.

Coupled with that, it comes with long battery life since both Airpods last for 6 hours and the casing gives it an extra 16 hours of listening time

Presently the 1More cost less than $60.


Sony WF-C500 

Best Cheapest Bluetooth Earbuds

Categorically The sony WF-C500 is one of the best Airpods slightly under $100. It comes with powerful bass audio support, 360 Reality Audio and DSEE support and a lengthy playback time.

The sound quality is way above par just like the google pixels AirPods. Coupled with that, the only Airpdos has a pretty decent total listening time of 20 hours along with the charging case.

besides that, the SOnyWF-C500 is splash-proof and sweatproof due to its IPX4 ratings

You can get it on Amazon for less than $70.


Soundpeats Air Pro 3

Soundpeats Air Pro 3 Best Cheapest Bluetooth Earbuds

One of the most remarkable features of the soundpeats Airpor is its sound quality coupled with the decent noise cancelling the Airpods offers. 

It basically has all the necessary features needed in decent Airpods such as 24 hours total listening time with its casing and its lightweight design and its water resistance ratings.

Although it also comes with some downside as its video calling audio capability is a bit slack. If Video calling is your thing this might not be your best option but then, it offers a big bold bass that gives you a great listening experience


Do cheap earbuds sound as good as the AirPods 3rd Gen or AirPods Pro?

Many Airpods under $100 have a pretty decent sound as the Airpods 1 and 2. 

One of them is the Google pixel Airpods which were noted to have a better sound quality when compared to Airpods 1 and 2. However, the Airpods 3 and Airpods pro have raised the bar higher so if you are budgeting under $100 for an Airpods that has a better sound quality than Airpods 3 it’s a no-no.

Do cheap earbuds work well for making voice calls?

Not all of them, A good example of AirPods with superb sound quality but a below-par video calling capability is the soundpeats Air Pro Airpods

But then, each of these cheap Airpods comes with different downsides due to their price

Final thoughts:

Figuring out the best cheapest Bluetooth Earbuds can be soo daunting. However, if you are looking to select one and your budget is less than $100 then either Google pixels or 1More colour buds are good value for your cash.

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