How To Watch YouTube on TV

Did you know you can watch YouTube on TV? So basically, you are a tech junkie, or you’re not allowed to move out during this pandemic period, and you are bored by the ongoing series, and TV shows your cable TV is airing? Or maybe you’re watching a particular series or movie, and you want to get that cinema-like feeling, well this article is specifically for you as I’ll be teaching you how to watch YouTube videos on your TV.

So, you are airing, or should I say casting what you’re watching onto your TV, to do this, there are different steps or options in doing so. Using your laptop is the easiest method of viewing YouTube videos on your TV, and we are going to be discussing the various methods that can be used:

Watch YouTube on your TV with the HDMI cable.

Now the HDMI cable is one of the things Technology has blessed us with, as it allows users to cast videos or audio from your phone or PC to your TV. The name HDMI is a short form for ‘High Definition Multimedia Interface’, isn’t that cool? It is an interface for transmitting data volumes from an HDMI-supported source to a compatible device, i.e., your TV.

The HDMI allows your computer to display both audio and video Interfaces on your TV. That saves a lot of money, space, and cables. It is really affordable, as an HDMI of about 5ft could cost about $3. Let’s see how we can use the HDMI to cast videos to the TV:

Step 1: Connect the other end of the cable to a port labeled HDMI either at the back or the side of your TV.

Connect the other end of the cable to a port labeled HDMI
photo credit: slidemodel

Step 2: Since the two ends are the same, and you could virtually connect any end to your device. Connect the free end to a port labeled HDMI on your PC.

Step 3: Switch on the TV, select ‘AV’, or ‘Input’ or ‘source’ on the TV’s remote.

Step 4: Select ‘PC’ or ‘HDMI.’

select ‘PC’ or ‘HDMI.’
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Step 5: Switch on your PC.

Step 6: Your TV will now sync with your PC to feed information about the media format it tends to accept. The information displaying on your computer should be seen on your TV screen.

Your TV is now a large computer screen. Ensure the ‘Full screen’ option on your computer is selected.

Step 7: Open the YouTube App, while making sure your Internet is connected stream YouTube, and it will cast on your TV. Note that this a means of simply enlarging the view or so.

Watch YouTube on your TV Using The Divx App

The second means of viewing YouTube videos on your TV is through the DivX app. The DivX app is a platform for mostly LG devices (TVs) to allow syncing from your portable device to your TV. Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Download the DivX app on your device, e.g., your laptop or mobile phone. If using a phone, download from Playstore, but if from PC, visit the DivX website and select your preferred OS i.e., Windows or macOS.

Step 2: Once the download process has finished, install the software on your device. download the DivX app on your

Step 3: Once the installation is completed, open the software labeled ‘DivX player.’

Step 4: In the setup bar that is located at the top of the window, select tools.

Step 5:In the dropdown menu, selects the option ‘VOD.’

‘VOD’ on DivX app on your laptop

Step 6: Select manage devices.

Step 7: The interface will move you to the DivX website where you will register your device.

Step 8: Now go to either your TV manual or a section in your TV titled ‘DivX’ in the setup menu and memorize or copy down the registration code.

photo credit: support.divx

Step 9: Input your TV registration code in the box provided, give the TV a name and click register.

Step 10: A download will automatically start in the name you registered for your TV.

Step 11: Copy and burn this file to a flash drive.

Step 12: Connect the pen drive to your TV. Access the flash drive to open the file.

Step 13: An interface will open, allowing you to access the DivX media server. connect pen drive to your TV

Step 14: In the DivX app in your Mobile Device, select the file menu. Select the open URL option.

Step 15: Input the URL: in this case, YouTube. DivX allows you to stream websites and other video sharing platforms.

Step 16: Once this is done, go to the tools section of the window and select cast.

Step 17: Under the cast option, select the device you want to cast to i.e., the name of your TV e.g., room TV or Sitting room TV. Your TV will immediately receive the interface and start displaying the stream in full screen.

Step 18: Done! You can now start watching YouTube.

The last step will blow your mind, so finally, here it is:

Direct Streaming

This is very easy as all you require is an Internet-enabled or a smart TV, a WIFI connection, and a PC. So let’s get down to what this process entails.

Step 1: Make sure your TV is Internet-enabled.

Step 2: Make sure you have a stable internet/data connection.

Step 3: Switch on your TV.

Step 4: Connect your PC and TV to the same Internet connection.

Step 5: Start YouTube TV app on your mobile device i.e., Android or iPhone.

Step 6:Tap Cast.

Step 7: Choose your device. This will open YouTube TV on your TV.

Step 8: start viewing YouTube on your TV.


All these steps will really help you watch YouTube on your TV as they have been tested and have been proven to work. Also, you can simply buy an Internet-enabled HDTV or Decoder, which will allow you to directly stream videos from whatever source of your choice, but the problem with such an option is the cost involved in acquiring the TV. Well, that’s it for now, and I hope this article has helped you fulfill today’s quest, then we see next time.

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