Web WhatsApp Video Call

WhatsApp has a lot of features. And the most popular of all the features include video call and status update. However, WhatsApp video call is not only available for Android, iOS and Windows phone. You can also make both video call and voice call using WhatsApp web. The WhatsApp web is a desktop version of WhatsApp mobile app that makes your WhatsApp mobile active on your PC. With the web WhatsApp video call feature, you can make a video call to your WhatsApp friends on your desktop or laptop computer.

The conventional to make a video call on your desktop or laptop computer WhatsApp is using sync your mobile WhatsApp to your computer via QR-codes. While you can use WhatsApp on PC using Bluestacks app for PC and other third-party apps, you can also use WhatsApp web app for PC rather than using web.whatsapp.com website.

WhatsApp web app is a standalone app to run WhatsApp for mobile on your computer without running it through web.whatsapp.com official website. The standalone website functions just like WhatsApp on your Android phone, iOS phone, and Windows phone.

Having said that, we’d share with you how to enable web WhatsApp video call in this article so that you can start enjoying your WhatsApp video call on your desktop and laptop computer.

Some of the frequent question in using video call with web WhatsApp is whether you will be able to use it to make a video call to other WhatsApp users even on phone. Well, the answer is yes! Once you have a friend with latest WhatsApp iteration you can be assured that you will be able to make video calls through to the person on your web WhatsApp account.

How to Use Web WhatsApp Video Call

This procedure is little to none as everything you need to make video calls on your web WhatsApp is contained in here. If for some reason your video call is not working then you may have to check your internet connection and whether the person receiving the video call has video call feature enabled on his WhatsApp.

1. Download and install WhatsApp web standalone software for your computer [32-Bit & 64-Bit]. You need an internet connection for this and then sync your mobile WhatsApp to your desktop WhatsApp. The WhatsApp video calls on Android is the same as WhatsApp video call on PC.

2. Launch the web WhatsApp standalone from your PC desktop and sync your mobile WhatsApp QR-Codes following this direction. Mobile WhatsApp–>Settings–>Web WhatsApp–>Sync QR-codes.

Web WhatsApp Video Call

3. Once you have successfully scanned the QR codes you mobile WhatsApp will be connected to your desktop or PC WhatsApp. The next thing will be for you to establish Web WhatsApp Video Call. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is working on making video call on PC with computer webcam or camera or external web camera.

The moment WhatsApp roll out Web WhatsApp Video Call you will be able to make video call on your personal computer using this approach.

Finally, click on the name of the friend you want to make a video call with and click on video or camera icon to make a video call.

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