WhatsApp Dual Login – 2 WhatsApp Account on 1 Phone

Yes, it is possible to experience a dual WhatsApp login in one phone. This article will provide you with the necessary information about WhatsApp Dual Login; how to install the congruent app, and all the necessary tricks you may need.

Follow these steps.

  • Open the Play Store on your smartphone.
  • Look for one of the dual WhatApps we will be suggesting in this content.
  • Install any application.
  • Add multiple WhatsApp account instances on one phone.

You don’t even have to root your device with these apps. Now you can have two WhatsApp accounts on one device in just a few steps.

If you have a dual SIM phone, how can you use 2 WhatsApp on one phone? These simple tips for a double WhatsApp connection will help you even more.

WhatsApp Dual Login
WhatsApp Dual Login
  1. Use of 2 WhatsApp on 1 phone – parallel space

It is the simplest of all Android applications that enable a double WhatsApp connection. It has 4.6 stars.

With this application, you can run multiple instances of the application with different connections.

  1. Open the Play Store from your Android device.
  2. Download and install the “Parallel Space – Multiple Accounts” application from LBE Tech-Tools.
  3. Open the application and press the ‘+’ key.
  4. Search for “WhatsApp”, click “Install” and open it.
  5. Enter your second Dualsim phone number.
  6. Complete the installation.

This way, you can enjoy WhatsApp Dualsim on the same Android device. You have one WhatsApp that runs outside the parallel area and the second one in that application area.

It is one of the most preferred applications for multiple WhatsApp connections. The main problem with this application is that it contains most of the memory of your mobile phone and significantly affects performance.

  1. 2 accounts – Two numbers on WhatsApp

I tried this app once and it works well as a parallel space. With this app, we can also have double WhatsApp. This application is based on Excellence Technology tools and has a rating of 4.2 stars. How to use this app.

  1. Download and install the app from the Play Store.
  2. Swipe left and press “Browse”.
  3. Select the applications to enable multi-connection.
  4. Configure WhatsApp and other applications and use it with two connections.
  5. To delete it, hold down and click “X”.

This app works better than other apps but still has a lower rating

  1. WhatsApp Dual-Login Using GB WhatsApp

You need to download this external application. This link to the page is provided here. Scroll down on this page to find the download link.

  • Once you’ve downloaded the application to your phone. Open the app and follow the instructions.
  • You will be asked for details, as WhatsApp normally does. Enter the phone number. An OTP is sent for verification.
  • After you have entered and checked all the details, GB WhatsApp is installed and you can use 2 WhatsApp accounts on one device.

Please note that the two methods mentioned do not include rooted devices.

They are easy to understand and follow, while the methods for rooted devices are different and complicated. If your device is rooted, you can also try to establish a double WhatsApp connection via OGWhatsApp, Whatsmapp, and Disa.

  1. SwitchMe – WhatsApp Multi Sim accounts

To use this app, you must first root your device. When you root your device, your Android sometimes freezes. Kingo is a root application that allows you to connect your phone to your PC. After rooting, this app can be used for WhatApp dual connection purposes.

This is the first application I found a long time ago when I was looking for WhatsApp dual sim to enable multiple connections. I tried to use this application, but I had trouble making different connections. I think that’s why it’s rated less than 3.4 stars. I can’t use any other connection even after creating multiple accounts. I do not know why.

It is easy to criticize someone’s work, but it is difficult when we actually start developing applications. So I hope the developers will fix this bug in their latest updates.

  1. Dual Sim – 2 WhatsApp accounts in 1 phone

If you have an Android version higher than 5.1 on your smartphone, please add a new user. In the Settings click on User and add a new user. The pacifier version is a one-click function.

  • Enter all the details for this user. Just like you added details for the main user or another user.
  • You can easily access this new user or switch users by accessing the notification panel. Scroll down and access the new user.
  • The new user has the default settings and no application other than the factory-installed one. Just like when you first started your phone.
  • Do the same to download and install WhatsApp.

Enter all the details and send the OTP for review. Once this is done, the application starts the execution process.

When the app is downloaded and installed, you have multiple WhatsApp connections, one for each user.

WhatsApp Dual-Login– Super Hero & its Side Kicks

With more than a billion users a month, WhatsApp is everywhere. Without a doubt, the type of application is ubiquitous.

The app is really useful and does a lot for us. With such a user base, communication via WhatsApp has become an inseparable part of our daily routine.

The technological areas are constantly evolving and we are the main beneficiaries of this change. So we cover the answer to the most frequently asked question “Can we run two different WhatsApp accounts on the same Android device”?

But sometimes good is not enough. When it comes to technology, there is always a better solution, or there will be one under the covers. The developers have tested these WhatsApp double connection methods, which are also updated regularly. Install and keep an eye on this area for more information on the Dual WhatsApp account.

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