Google CEO Salary: Sundar Pichai Net Worth in INR

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO salary, is $220 million per month which is equivalent to 17,047,800,000 rupees. Sundar’s net worth is estimated at around $1.31 billion according to Forbes and Yahoo! Finance. Meanwhile, his net worth is proportional to how well Google does and its subsidiaries such as Alphabet Inc.

Although, Sundar Pichai isn’t the first Google CEO since the American search engine was created in 1998. We will not only provide expert information here regarding the Google CEO’s salary, but we will also discuss his net worth, age, birthday, early life, wife, children, and everything that concerns the techpreneur.

Who is the CEO of Google?

Who is the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai? You will get to know the tech enthusiast here and his educational background to his present career level.

Google CEO Salary

Sundar Pichai is an Indian-American business executive, and the CEO of Alphabet Inc., which is a subsidiary of Google. Sundar was born on the 1oth of June 1972 in Madurai, India and has an American nationality.

He completed his early education in Jawahar Vidyalaya Senior Secondary School in Ashok Nagar, Chennai He also proceeded to Vana Vani school at IIT Madras to complete his class XII education.

Sundar attended Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania between 2000 and 2002 where he obtained his MBA. He attended Stanford University between 1993 and 1995 when he obtained an M.S in material science and engineering. Pichai was named as the Siebel School and a Palmer Scholar respectively.

Pichai has worked in various organisations before he became the CEO of Google. Meanwhile, before we delve into the details about the Sundar Pichai salary or Google CEO salary as you may call it let’s quickly run over Pichai’s career.

Sundar Pichai Career

Early in his career, he worked in engineering and product management at Applied Materials and in Management consulting at McKinsey & Company.

Sundar Pichai career

In 2004, Pichai joined Google as a team leader in the product management and innovation efforts for suits of Google client software products which include the popular Google Chrome browser, Chrome OS, and Google Chrome Drive.

After the success of his first assignment as a team leader, he oversaw the development of Google applications such as Gmail and Google Maps. And 5 years after, in 2009 to be exact, Sundar Pichai, now Google CEO demonstrated the Google OS which was released for Chromebook in 2011 as a trial and test.

After the testing and trial passed the early stage, the Google Chromebook OS was released in 2012. Meanwhile, before the demonstration, Pichai announced that new open source code for Google codec VP8 and the new video format, WebM.

Now that Pichai is overseeing a few Google products including Gmail, Google Maps, etc., he added Android on the 13th of March 2013 which was formerly under the management of Andy Rubin’s team who was a director of Jive Software between April 2011 and 30th of July 2013.

Pichai was appointed the Product Chief by Lary Page, then the CEO. And on the 10th of August, Sundar Pichai was chosen to become the next CEO of Google. And when Google completed the acquisition of the new parent company, Alphabet Inc., Pichai became the new Google CEO.

Meanwhile, in 2014 before Sundar Pichai was suggested to take over from Lary Page as Google CEO, he was also suggested to become the next Microsoft CEO but Satya Nadella was finally selected.

Google CEO Net Worth

Google CEO net worth is $1.31 Billion as of 2022

Sundai Pichai net worth

Did you expect Sundar Pichai to be the richest CEO in the world? Of course not. His net worth is not in the top 10 CEO in the world. Although, former Google CEO, Larry Page’s net worth is estimated to be around $105 billion.

However, Google CEO net worth, Sundar Pichai is estimated to be around $600 million in 2021 according to Yahoo! Finance. However, according to online media, his net worth has increased exponentially and he is now worth $1.31 billion in 2022.

Sundar Pichai’s net worth in rupee is estimated to be around 10,151,190,000,000 in Indian rupee in 2022.

Google CEO Salary

Google CEO salary is $1 billion in 2022 across all his sources of income including stocks, rewards, and compensations.

Sundar Pichai’s salary is above $1 billion every year since he became Google’s CEO. Pichai has a basic salary of $2 million asides from bonuses and stock grants which come together to build his massive wealth. However, some media claimed that his salary is $220 million in 2022.

Sundar Pichai Salary Per Day

Sundar Pichai salary per day is $2,762,430 based on his monthly income.

Based on our guestimation, Sundar Pichai’s salary per day is estimated to be $2,762,430. In rupee, Sundar Pichai’s salary per day is 214,060,700.70 in 2022. Meanwhile, Sundar Pichai’s salary may be more than our guestimation because of bonuses and grants he received alongside his salary per day.

Sundar Pichai Salary in Rupees

Sundar Pichai salary in Indian rupee guestimated to be around 214,060,700.70 Rupees

Sundar Pichai’s salary in rupees is guestimated to be worth 214,060,700.70 rupees in 2022. However, in the past few years, Mr Pichai’s salary has increased by 200% to Rs 14.2 crore, from 4.6 crores in 2018. This boosted his net worth from $600 million to $1.31 billion.

Google CEO Salary in Crore

Google CEO salary in crore is said to be worth Rs 1718 crore.

It is worth noting that Google’s CEO’s salary increased exponentially in the last few years and has pushed his salary to Rs 1718 crore.

Sundar Pichai CEO package includes $242 million (Rs 1718 crore) after he became the Google CEO in 2015. The CEOship package includes a salary of $20 million which is equivalent to Rs 41.2 crore and an annual share worth $24 million which is equivalent to Rs. 17.04 crore. However, this new salary package started on the 1st of January 2020.

Meanwhile, the $120 million stock which was part of the package will be received by Mr Pichai instrumentally. And if the set goal is accomplished, the annual performance share will be available in 3 years.

Google CEO salary in INR

Google CEO salary in INR is converted from US dollar to INR and it is approximately 101,559,518,500,000.02 INR.

Google CEO’s salary in INR is estimated to be worth 101,559,518,500,000.02 INR in 2022. Sandar’s net worth is guestimated to be around $1.31 billion in 2022. And using an online covert to convert dollars to INR, the net worth is 101,559,518,500,000.02 INR. However, his basic salary of $1 billion in INR is equivalent to 77,526,350,000.00 INR if 1 dollar is equal to 77.53 INR.

Sundar Pichai Wife

Sundar Pichai, Google CEO’s wife’s name is Anjali Pichai

Google CEO Wife

Anjali Pichai was born on the 11th of January 1971 in Kota, India. He attended the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in 1993. Anjali is a chemical engineer by profession but she was a Business Operational Manage in a software company, Intuit.

Sundar and Anjali have two kids together, Kavya Pichai, 18 and Kiran Pichai, 15 in 2022.

What Car does Sundar Pichai Drive?

Sundar Pichai is a fan of car collections and he drives cars ranging from BWM to Mercedez Benz. BMW 730 LD, Mercedes Benz V Class,Toyota HIace and Mercedes S650.

Is Sundar Pichai a Billionaire?

Yes! Sundar Pichai and Larry Page are present and former Google CEO and they are in the group of a billionaire CEO.

Sundar Pichai is worth $1.31 billion in 2022. However, his net worth was worth $600 million in 2021. But his net worth in 2022 has catapulted him into a billionaire CEO. Meanwhile, the first Google CEO net worth, Larry Page is worth $105 billion in 2022 according to Forbes richest CEO 2022.

Is Google CEO a Billionaire?

Larry Page, the former Google CEO, is a billionaire CEO. However, the new Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, is worth $1.31 billion. Meanwhile, some other online reports reported that the Google CEO isn’t a billionaire yet as he’s estimated to be worth $600 million.

How Much does CEO of Google Make

Google CEO makes a lot of money from salary, bonuses, and stocks. However, The Chief Executive Officer, Alphabet and Google, and Director at Alphabet Inc, Sundar Pichai make $7,425,547 in total compensation in 2022. However, in salary, he receives $2,015,385 per month, in bonus, and stock option, he takes home $0 and he walked away with $5,410,162 from other sources of compensation.

Pichai Sundararajan Profile

First NameSundar
Last NamePichai
Real NamePichai Sundararajan
ProfessionAmerican Businessman Executive
Age48 years old (2020)
Birth Date12 July 1972
Height:1.88 m
Birth Place Madras [now Chennai] , Tamil Nadu
SpouseAnjali Pichai

Sundar Pichai Net Worth 2022

NameSundar Pichai
ProfessionAmerican Business Executive
Net worth in 2021 $ 1.31 billion
Yearly income $ 240 million
SourceSalary (including Share and Grants)

Sunda Pichai Salary in the Last 7 years

Net worth in 2016$ 400 Million
Net worth in 2017$ 570 Million
Net worth in 2018$ 710 Million
Net worth in 2019$ 950 Million
Net worth in 2020$ 1.1 Billion
Net worth in 2021$1.2 Billion
Net worth in 2022$1.31 Billion

Google CEO Salary FAQ

Below are the additional information that you need to know about the Google CEO and his salary.

What is the salary of Google CEO?

He was appointed as Google CEO in the year 2015. As per media reports, Pichai earned a salary of over $1 billion (which is 100 crores in INR) every year between 2015 and 2020. Reports also suggest that Pichai’s base salary is $2 million (which is around Rs 20 lakh).6 Jan 2022

What is the salary of Google CEO in rupees?

Rs. 9755 Crore

Is the CEO of Google an Indian?

Yes! Sundar Pichai was born and raised in India even though he is an American national. And he is the first Indian chief executive officer of Google

Is Sundar Pichai a US citizen?

Yes! However, he was born in Madurai, India, Pichai earned his degree from IIT Kharagpur in metallurgical engineering.

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