How to Find Wells Fargo Routing Number

We turned our mind to Wells Fargo routing number in this guide and how to find your account routing number on wells Fargo. We won’t discuss how to create a Wells Fargo account and get an account number in this guide. Rather, we will concentrate on everything you need to know about your Wells fargo account routing number and how to find it.

Since the routing number is different for a different location then a rather general approach to finding your routing number in a location like Mexico, Dalla Texas, Minnesota, etc. will be explained

Wells Fargo account routing number is required to move money into your Wells Fargo account number and send money from it into another account number having a different routing number.

Wells Fargo routing number is associated with Wells Fargo account number to make transactions. However, the 9 digits Wells Fargo account routing number is your bank identifier that identifies your bank from other banks different from Wells Fargo.Wells Fargo Routing Number

What is a Routing Number?

For Wells Fargo to make use of routing number as one of the important factors to transfer and receive money into a Wells Fargo account number it means it’s an important number the banking sector relies on for transaction and tracking transactions.

A routing number is popularly called routing transit numbers, ABA routing numbers, or RTNs is a 9 digit number or code used by USA banks and other financial institutions to identify themselves.

The routing number for each financial institution is needed by the Federal Reserve Banks before they can process Fedwire funds transfers. The routing number is also needed by other banking organisation such as ACH needs a routing number to process direct deposits and bill payments electronically.

Wells Fargo Bank Routing Number

Wells Fargo classified account routing number into two which allows the institution and other institutions to identify Wells Fargo account number before funds transfer are processed.

Wells Fargo Routing Number for Check and Savings.

Check out the routing number for savings and check on Wells Fargo based on different locations. These routing numbers are for checking and savings accounts on Wells Fargo.

StateWells Fargo routing numberStateWells Fargo routing numberStateWells Fargo routing number
Wells Fargo Alabama062000080Wells Fargo Alaska125200057Wells Fargo Arizona122105278
Wells Fargo Arkansas111900659Wells Fargo California121042882Wells Fargo Colorado121042882
Wells Fargo Connecticut021101108Wells Fargo Delaware031100869Wells Fargo District of Columbia054001220
Wells Fargo Florida063107513Wells Fargo Georgia061000227Wells Fargo Hawaii121042882
Wells Fargo Idaho124103799Wells Fargo Illinois071101307Wells Fargo Indiana074900275
Wells Fargo Iowa073000228Wells Fargo Kansas101089292Wells Fargo Kentucky121042882
Wells Fargo Louisiana121042882Wells Fargo Maine121042882Wells Fargo Maryland055003201
Wells Fargo Massachusetts121042882Wells Fargo Michigan091101455Wells Fargo Minnesota091000019
Wells Fargo Mississippi062203751Wells Fargo Missouri121042882Wells Fargo Montana092905278
Wells Fargo Nebraska104000058Wells Fargo Nevada321270742Wells Fargo New Hampshire121042882
Wells Fargo New Jersey021200025Wells Fargo New Mexico107002192Wells Fargo New York026012881
Wells Fargo North Carolina053000219Wells Fargo North Dakota091300010Wells Fargo Ohio041215537
Wells Fargo Oklahoma121042882Wells Fargo Oregon123006800Wells Fargo Pennsylvania031000503
Wells Fargo Rhode Island121042882Wells Fargo South Carolina053207766Wells Fargo South Dakota091400046
Wells Fargo Tennessee064003768Wells Fargo Texas111900659Wells Fargo Texas, El Paso112000066
Wells Fargo Utah124002971Wells Fargo Vermont121042882Wells Fargo Virginia051400549
Wells Fargo Washington125008547Wells Fargo West Virginia121042882Wells Fargo Wisconsin075911988
Wells Fargo Wyoming102301092

Wells Fargo Routing Number for Wire Transfer

Wells Fargo bank offers a different routing number for local and international money transfer. Therefore, the routing number for local transfer (within the United State) and international transfer (outside United State) is given below.

Type of wire transferWells Fargo routing number
Domestic Wire Transfer121000248
International Wire Transfer to Wells Fargo account in the USA121000248

How to Find your Wells Fargo Routing Number

You can equally find the Wells Fargo account routing number online without going through the routing number for a wire transfer.

  1. Go to Wells Fargo customer help centre on your computer
  2. Click “Routing Number” under routing number and account number 
  3. You need to choose an option whether you want to use the routing number to receive an international transfer (wire transfer) or not. For wire transfer select “Yes”. To receive funds into your Wells Fargo account number select “No”.
  4. For a “Wire transfer” select whether it’s within the United State by selecting “Inside the United State” and you will see the Wells Fargo routing number for local wire transfer. For international transfer select “outside the United State ” and Wells Fargo will display the Wells Fargo Swift code for international wire transfer.
  5. If the Wells Fargo account routing number is not to receive wire transfer select “No” in step 3 and select your account type from the drop menu.
  6. Select the state of the United State where you opened your Wells Fargo account and the routing number will display.

How to Find Wells Fargo Routing Number in a Check

If you are holding a Wells Fargo check slip the routing number is the 9 digits first to the left. It’s located to the left of the Wells Fargo account in the middle followed by the check number. Do not mix the routing number with the account number as they are different entirely and they are not the same for all states.

How to Confirm Routing Number

The table above contains the list of all Wells Fargo banks routing number in the United State. However, you cannot just pick any routing number for your Wells Fargo account number. Therefore, there is a need to confirm your routing number before using it.

  1. Go to Wells Fargo bank’s online portal
  2. Use “Locator” to locate the “routing number”
  3. Select the “State” where you open your account
  4. Select “routing number”
  5. Done

The routing number will appear and you can now use it. However, if you cannot remember the state where you opened your Wells Fargo account contact Wells Fargo General Banking Customer Service Number: 1-800-869-3557.

In conclusion, Wells Fargo Routing Number is a 9 digits number that banks and other financial institutions use to identify Well Fargo as an institution whenever a fund is sent to it or to be received into a Wells Fargo account number.

Since the Wells Fargo routing number for local money transfer and international money transfer is not the same always make sure that you use the right routing number for your transaction to avoid transaction error.

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