What Channel is Paramount Network?

The Paramount network, not to be mistaken for Paramount plus, is one of the famous cable networks.

It is known for various TV shows, news, and other exciting entertainment content.

One of its popular dramas is Yellowstone, which has since had different spinoffs based on the show.

The network is watched by millions of households across the united states, so it is not surprising that you might have heard of the network from family or friends and would like to know what channel you can find it.

This article is set to let you know the various channels you can find on Paramount Network.

What Channel is Paramount Network?

Your Paramount network channel depends on your TV provider, as the network is offered through participating TV providers.

You can download the app or go to paramountnetwork.com and use the channel finder search box to find the channel the network will be showing in your area.

What Channel is Paramount Network on Direct TV?

DirectTV has the Paramount network as part of its channel package, and you can find the network on channel 241 on your DirectTV.

Watching the Paramount Network on your DirectTV gives you access to different kinds of shows like the blockbuster Yellowstone, Two and a half men, and others.

What Channel is Paramount Network on Dish

If you own the satellite streaming service Dish, depending on your plan, you should be able to find the Paramount Network on channel 241 on your Dish.

On the network channel, you will have access to different entertainment content varieties that will suit your taste.

You can always visit their official website to get the TV schedule, so you can know when your favourite shows will air at any given time of the day.

You can also check out How to Watch Paramount Network without a Cable.

List of Cable Providers you can Find Paramount Network.

The network can be found on various satellite services like Dish, DirectTV, and AT&T. The full details of what cable provider you can find in the Paramount network are listed in the table below.

DishChannel 241
Cox Communication HDChannel 1025
Charter Spectrum HDChannel 53
Time Warner Cable HDChannel 65 / 116
AT&T U-verse HDChannel 1146
Comcast XFINITY TV HDChannel 827
DirectTV HDChannel 241
Verizon FiOS HDChannel 554

You can watch Paramount network on these cables on the channels listed above. You can get a detailed television programming schedule on the official network website.

What Channel is Paramount Plus

Paramount plus does not have a channel because it is a streaming service just like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and many others. If you want to watch exclusive content from the Paramount plus streaming app, you will need to download the app on any suitable device and pay the subscription cost.

Once you pay for the essential or premium subscription plan, you can stream exclusive programming content on the channel. 

What channel is Paramount Plus

Is Paramount Network Free?

Paramount Network is not entirely free, as it usually comes packaged in your cable TV subscription. Once you pay to your live TV providers like Dish and DirectHD, the cable subscription payment gives you access to various channels like the Paramount network.

Once you have paid for your cable subscription, you can freely watch the entertainment content on the network.

Is Paramount Network the Same as CBS?

No, Paramount Network is different from CBS. Paramount Network is formerly known as spike TV and is available as a Cable channel on various Cable networks.

While the streaming service formerly known as CBS, all access is now known as Paramount+, and it is still a streaming service, which is different from the network.

Can I Watch Paramount Network on My TV?

Yes, you can watch the network on your TV. However, you have to pay a cable provider like DirectTV, AT&T, and Dish.

The payment for the cable gives you access to all the channels available on that cable, and often, the channels will include the Paramount network channel.

For instance, you can find the network on channel 241 on both DirectTV and Dish.

Is Paramount Network the same as Paramount+?

No, the Paramount network is not the same as Paramount+. Paramount Network is a cable channel that you get when you pay your cable TV provider.

Paramount+ is a streaming service like Netflix and HBO Max that you can stream using your phone or any suitable device.

To access Paramount+, you will need to pay for any available subscription plan, which can either be the essential or the premium plan.

What Channel Will Yellowstone be on?

Season 1-4 of Yellowstone is showing on the Paramount network, so the channel it would show on depends on the cable provider you are getting your Paramount network channel from.

Popular cable providers like DirectTV and Dish show the network on channel 241, so that is where you would watch Yellowstone.

You can go to the official network website and use the channel finder feature to confirm what channel your cable provider shows the Paramount network.

What Channel is Yellowstone Season 5 on?

Yellowstone season 5 would not be on any channel, as it is set to air exclusively on Paramount+.

To stream season 5 of Yellowstone, you will need to get a Paramount+ subscription.

You can easily download the app on your android, iPhone, smart TV, or any other compatible device and pay for a subscription plan on the platform, and then you will be free to stream season 5 of Yellowstone.

Is Paramount Plus free?

No, Paramount plus is not free. However, there is a 24-hour free trial you can use to have to check out the platform before deciding to commit to a subscription plan.

Also, after choosing your preferred subscription plan, you will get a 7-day free trial that you can use to stream every movie available on the platform.

Once the trial period ends, you will be charged for the cost of the subscription if you do not cancel the subscription.

What are the Shows on Paramount Plus?

Paramount plus has various interesting entertainment content that will ensure you get great value for your money.

Some popular shows include Yellowstone, 1883, Mayor of Kingstone, and Criminal minds.

Once you pay for a subscription plan, you can access unlimited content streaming, including only content available on Paramount plus.

shows on Paramount+


This article has explained the various channels you can find on the Paramount network on your Cable. We also looked at the difference between the Paramount network and Paramount plus.

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