What is Artemis Search Engine?

Staying safe and protecting your computer from viruses is one ethic you can’t run away from; viruses can attack your PC from different sources but with the necessary precautional measure; you should be able to fight back at an appropriate time. Here, we will be discussing “What is Artemis Search Engine”, how to remove the ransomware from your computer and all the other information you need.

You will first notice the Artemis search engine ransomware when you are facing difficulties opening images, documents, or files on your device.

Also, if you usually get a [UltimateHelp@techmail.info].ultimate extension, then it implies that your computer has been infected with the Artemis ransomware.

Don’t be weary; we will discuss how to remove the Artemis search engine virus in this article.

Artemis is popularly known as ransomware that encrypts all personal documents found on the victim’s computer with the “.[UltimateHelp@techmail.info].ultimate” extension and displays a message which provides them to decrypt the data once payment in Bitcoin is made.

The Artemis Trojan also sets up severe restrictions on the computer user’s privileges and prevents computer users from accessing or even making any changes both visible and invisible to their files. Once the Artemis Trojan gets installed on your computer, you will not be able to install or delete any new software.

For more info about how Artemis Search Engine works and how to remove it once it gets installed on your computer, you have to continue reading. What is Artemis Search Engine will expatiate further shortly!What is Artemis Search Engine

What is Artemis Search Engine?

Most users don’t know what is Artemis Search Engine and they keep wondering what it is. Anyway, Artemis Search is a potentially unwanted application (PUA) and can be categorized under the AdLoad adware family.

Most Adware-type applications are classified as PUAs since many users download and install them mistakenly. ArtemisSearch is usually installed via a fake Adobe Flash Player installer. These installers are thereby used to distribute malware such as Trojans, ransomware, and other malicious programs.

Another definition of what is Artemis Search Engine is that it is a Trojan infection that prevents computer users from using the infected computer effectively. The Artemis Trojan places severe restrictions on the computer user’s privileges and will not allow computer users to run the Windows Registry, install anti-malware software on their computers, or even print!

This Artemis Trojan also has browser hijacker capabilities, which may stop computer users from using their Web browser by redirecting them constantly to another website related to the Artemis Trojan.

Security researchers have been given reports that inadvertently refer to the Artemis Trojan as a ‘virus’ and have confused the Artemis Trojan with low-quality websites of the exact name or that use similar names (such as ‘Aartemis’).

The Artemis Trojan is designed to corrupt computer users running the Windows operating system, with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 inclusive.

In case the Artemis Trojan is already dwelling on your PC, then you should take prompt steps to remove this threat immediately at once.

However, in most cases, powering on the infected computer using different start-up methods can help you to avoid the Artemis Trojan and run a good security application.

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Functions of Artemis Search Engine

Now, you know what is Artemis Search Engine. In case you are interested in knowing more about Artemis Search Engine, well, here are its functions below. Generally, applications such as ArtemisSearch usually generate revenue for developers by serving advertisements.

They also usually display ads in the form of banners, coupons, pop-ups, surveys, and so on. Once it gets clicked, these can open dubious or malicious websites or even download and install unwanted software by running particular scripts.

Adware-type apps feed users with ads and collect information. Research also shows that ArtemisSearch functions as a browser hijacker since it promotes a fake search engine by changing browser settings.

ArtemisSearch operates as adware and as a browser hijacker thereby modifying specific browser settings. These apps change the address of the default search engine, homepage, and new tab to the URL of a fake search engine.

In most cases, fake search engines generate deceptive results or offer those generated by other search engines. In addition, ArtemisSearch can record information (such as IP addresses, entered search queries, addresses of visited pages, and geolocations).

It can also access personal and sensitive information. The developers misuse the data to generate revenue or sell it to third parties (including cyber criminals).

Such installers don’t deliver the official Adobe Flash Payer, they simply install various PUAs instead. In some cases, they can cause the installation of malware, including ransomware, Trojans, or other malicious software.

This virus causes serious issues such as data and monetary loss, identity theft, problems associated with online privacy, browsing safety, and so on. Therefore, third-party downloaders and installers can never be trusted, especially when they are promoted via dubious web pages.What is Artemis Search Engine

How did Artemis Search Install on my Computer?

The Artemis search engine virus can get into your computer when you least expect it. It’s believed that the Artemis virus can be installed unknowingly on your computer when updating or installing the Adobe flash player.

In case you are wondering how Artemis Search gets installed on your computer, well you must have installed this virus on your browsers and computers while trying to update and install Adobe Flash Player and maybe mistakenly used a fake installer.

You may also have installed Artemis Search on your computer via the set-ups of other (usually free) programs and deceptive advertisements.

Developers usually include PUAs in the set-ups of other software as “additional offers”. This distribution method is known as “bundling”.

In most situations, it offers to download and install additionally-included apps that you can locate in “Custom”“Advanced” and other similar settings of the software set-ups.

However, many people don’t usually check and change these settings, thereby agreeing by default with the offer to download and install unwanted apps.

In addition, rogue downloads and installations can occur when you click on deceptive advertisements that run particular scripts.

What is Artemis Search Engine

How Artemis Search Engine Affects your PC

Initially, the Artemis Trojan may present itself with suspicious pop-ups and inconsistent behaviour on the affected Web browser (such as clicking noises or altered page loading times).

Computer users may also receive a pop-up window asserting that it is important to update their Web browser or a program like a media player or Java.

However, this fake update is a Trojan downloader that installs the Artemis Trojan on the corrupted computer.

Most computer users may receive wrong positives involving the Artemis Trojan if they use specific security programs.

This is a known problem because the Artemis Trojan shares several characteristics with other Potentially Unwanted Programs.

How do I Get Rid of the Artemis Search Engine on Mac?

If you are wondering how to remove the Artemis Search engine from your macOS device after knowing its meaning and the harmful consequences of having it downloaded and installed on your computer, you can follow the malware removal guide below.

Although it appears overwhelming due to the several steps and numerous programs that are being used.

Follow the clear, detailed, and easy-to-understand instructions to can use remove Artemis Search engine from your Mac. Ensure you follow the steps in the correct order:

  • Engage your computer in Safe Mode with Networking.
  • Make use of Malwarebytes Free to remove the Artemis ransomware.
  • Thoroughly scan and clean your computer with HitmanPro.
  • You can double-check for the Artemis malware with Emsisoft Emergency Kit.
  • Nowrestore the files encrypted by the Artemis ransomware.

An alternative way to remove Artemis Search Engine from Mac and test:

  • Remove unknown profiles if present by going to System Preferences >> Profiles.
  • Remove unknown extensions by navigating to Safari >> Preferences >> Extensions.
  • Check for adware.
  • Reset the search engine by navigating to https://support.apple.com/guide/safari/customize-your-search-ibrwe75c2a3c/mac.
  • Reset Homepage.
  • Now, check Proxies.
  • Finally, restart your Mac, you should be free from the virus.

Justice has been done to what is Artemis Search Engine. Now, you should have been able to remove this harmful virus from your Mac.

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