How to Fix LG Smart TV WiFi is Turned Off

The worst ever scenario is to see your LG TV WiFi turned off for unknown reasons. Although, you can troubleshoot this error whenever your LG TV says WiFi turned off.

I have been in the position before and now I am going to share my experience with you how I was able to fix my LG WiFi is turned off when it was not directed to turn off.

When your LG Smart TV turned off WiFi you will be disconnected from your WiFi and your LG internet access will be revoked.

If the LG TV turned off WiFi is one thing you would want to fix we will recommend this article for you as we’ll consider different methods that you can follow to fix your LG WiFi connection is turned off.LG TV WiFi turned off

Why does LG my LG TV Say WiFi is Turned Off?

Whenever you see a message on your LG smart TV that says WiFi is turned off without turning off the WiFi yourself it means that your LG TV has automatically disconnected from the said WiFi or the WiFi is turned off.

If the WiFi or Router device is turned off your LG TV will be disconnected from the WiFi and you will see WiFi is turned off or disconnected on your LG smart TV.

However, the following reasons could be responsible for the “why” the LG smart TV disconnected from your WiFi.

  • The WiFi or Router is turned off.
  • The WiFi or Router is far from the TV.
  • your TV is blocked or backlisted from the WiFi.

If these are the reasons why your LG smart TV is turned off from connecting to the WiFi then you just need to make the WiFi available. But if on the contrary, the following suggestions will help you to fix the LG TV WiFi turned off.

Turn on your LG TV WiFi

First, we would want to believe that you know how to turn on your LG TV WiFi to be able to connect your TV to the internet, not on the other way round where you would not turn on your LG TV and expect the smart TV to connect to the internet.

  • Switch on your LG smart TV.
  • Pres the LG TV remote “Smart” button and use the navigation buttons to access the “Home Menu.”
  • Navigate to “Settings” and press “OK” on your remote.
  • Choose “Network >> WiFi connection.”
  • Just hang on as the LG TV will attempt to connect to (invisible) WiFi.
  • Find and select your WiFi and enter the passcode to connect to it.
  • Done.

Once the LG TV has connected to the WiFi you should see the connection mark checked blue.

How to Fix LG TV WiFi Turned Off

We have tested various approaches on how to fix LG smart TV WiFi turned off but we found the following suggestion as the best method to troubleshoot your LG TV when there is a problem with the TV WiFi connection.

Unplug your Modem or Router

First, consider this as the basic step to take to reset your Router without clearing off personal settings on the Modem or Router. When your LG smart TV WiFi is turned off from your Router or Modem at random, cold boot the modem or Router to see whether it fixes it.

To cold boot your modem or Router just follow the steps below.

  • Unplug your Modem or Router from the power source for about 15 minutes.
  • Plug the router back to the wall socket.
  • Turn on the WiFi and wait for it to turn on.
  • Navigate to your LG smart TV “Network >> WiFi connection.”
  • Search for the name of the WiFi and connect to it.
  • Done.

Now, wait for some minutes to see whether your WiFi will be disconnected from your LG TV. If it does, then you need to move to the next step. But if it doesn’t, just go through the next steps as they might help in the future in case you still experience the LG smart TV WiFi turned off randomly or repeatedly.

Disable your LG Smart TV Quick Smart Feature

We discovered from our research that the LG smart TV quick smart feature sometimes makes the LG TV malfunction especially if your TV firmware is outdated. In place of this, we will consider how to turn off or disable the smart feature in your LG smart TV to fix the LG TV WiFi is turned.

  • Press the “Home” button on your remote control.
  • Navigate and select “All Settings.”
  • Choose “General.”
  • Select “Quick Start.”
  • Set to “Off.”
  • Done.

Now, cold boot or power cycle your LG smart TV and see whether you can connect to the WiFi. If this fails as well, try the next suggestion.

Disable Simplink Feature

Another LG smart TV feature that can affect how the TV communicates with available WiFi is the Simplink feature. Therefore, we will recommend that you should disable it first and see whether the TV WiFi is turned off will be fixed.

  • Press your LG smart TV “Home” button.
  • Navigate to and choose “All Settings.”
  • Select “General” by navigating to it.
  • Select “Simplink (HDMI-CEC).
  • Turn if off if the feature is turned on.

Now, disconnect your LG smart TV from the power source. Wait for a couple of seconds and insert the plug back to the wall socket and test-run the TV with your WiFi whether it disconnected again.

Check or Reset Time Zone

Router lease expiration can affect WiFi connectivity. So, you want to check your LG smart TV time zone to see whether it’s contributing to the WiFi turned off on your device.

  • Go to your LG Smart TV Settings >> All Settings.
  • Choose “General >> Time & Date.”
  • Done.

Check whether the time and date zone are correct. If they are not, choose the correct time & date zone and check the WiFi turned off connectivity with your LG smart TV whether it’s fixed.

Connect your LG Smart TV to WiFi using WPS

WPS as popularly called is also referred to as wireless pin code. This is useful in case the WiFi-enabled device is unable to the receive network signal. So, in this wise, we will make use of the LG smart TV WPS option in the Wireless connection settings to see whether we will be able to solve the LG TV WiFi is turned off.

  • Press on your LG TV remote “Home >> Settings >> All settings.”
  • Navigate and select “Network >> Wire Connection >> Connect via WPS Pin.
  • Done.

The necessary option to make use of the wire connection via WPS PIN will appear and you can follow the instruction on the screen to finish up the settings.

Update your LG Smart TV Firmware

If you are the type that likes to automate things you will prefer to set your LG smart TV firmware update to automatic. With this, your LG smart TV firmware will be updated automatically whenever there is a new release and the TV is connected to the internet.

  • Go to your “LG smart TV Settings
  • Choose “All Settings.”
  • Now, navigate to “General” and select it.
  • Scroll down to “About this TV >> Check for Update.”
  • Done.

The smart TV will check for the available update manually and download and install it. Meanwhile, during the process, the TV may restart. And once it’s done go to the network connection settings and connect to the WiFi to see whether it fixes it.

We have a strong belief that this article has answered the “why does my LG WiFi is turned off” and provided solutions on how to fix LG TV WiFi turned off.

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