How to Create a WhatsApp Support Room on Android/iPhone/Web


We will discuss “WhatsApp room support” in this guide and how to make the best use of the new WhatsApp web and mobile app feature. A few weeks ago, Facebook released a new feature to Facebook messenger to be able to share a messenger screen on iPhone, if you miss that check it out here. And now, the much-anticipated feature on WhatsApp, support room is rolled out to Web and mobile WhatsApp, and the latest WhatsApp version has the feature hidden on WhatsApp calls.

With the support WhatsApp group room, both WhatsApp and Facebook have been integrated together according to the moved initiated by Facebook a few weeks ago. The support room for WhatsApp is available for web WhatsApp and WhatsApp app on Android and iPhone.

Therefore, in this post, we will guide you to get the new support room on your WhatsApp on mobile and WhatsApp web. We will discuss how to create a room on WhatsApp, how to share your WhatsApp room link, and how to join WhatsApp roo using the room link.

You need WhatsApp version 2.2029.4 (as a minimum) to use WhatsApp room on web WhatsApp and WhatsApp Messenger version. to use the room support on WhatsApp mobile.

How to Check WhatsApp version on Mobile

You need to check whether you are running the latest WhatsApp with the room support feature.WhatsApp version

  • Launch your WhatsApp Messenger.
  • Tap on “Settings”
  • Tap “Help”
  • Tap “App Info”

You will see the WhatsApp app information you are running. The least version with the support room on WhatsApp is version So, watch out for it.


How to Check WhatsApp Version on Web

Follow the steps below to check your WhatsApp version on the WhatsApp web.

  • Sync your mobile WhatsApp to your WhatsApp web.
  • Tap on the three dots adjacent to your profile picture.
  • Tap on “Settings.”
  • Tap “Help.”
  • Done.

You will see the version of your WhatsApp web.

How to Create a WhatsApp Support Room on Android/iPhone

Here is your guide to create room support on WhatsApp on Android and iPhone.

  • Open your WhatsApp (and unlock it if you are using Fingerprint lock).
  • Swipe to “Calls” and tap the “Camera button.”WhatsApp Support Room
  • Tap on “Continue in Messenger.”Continue in Messenger
  • You will be presented with three options (Invite with a link, join without an account, and use any device).
  • Tap on “Try It.”Room Link
  • Tap “Create room” as your name.Create WhatsApp Room Support as name
  • Facebook will create your room, and you will be ready to send the room link.Creating room on Messenger
  • Tap “Send link on WhatsApp.”
  • Select all “Room members” and click on “Send.”Sent Link to WhatsApp

The room will be created for people to video chat with you on Facebook, even with people with an account. This is suitable to make group video chat on WhatsApp without having a Facebook messenger account.

Note: When you join WhatsApp room support with the link, people with the link or invite will be are to see and interact with your profile.

How to Create a WhatsApp Support Room on Web

WhatsApp web support the use of room support for WhatsApp on Windows and macOS.

  • Launch the “WhatsApp web” on your PC or web.whatsapp.com on your browser.
  • Tap the three dots adjacent to your WhatsApp profile.
  • Tap “Create a room.”WhatsApp support room
  • Tap “Continue in Messenger” from the popup.Continue in Messenger
  • A new tap will open to log in to your Facebook account.
  • Tap “Continue as your name.” You can switch accounts if you have more than one Facebook account.WhatsApp Support Room
  • Tap on “Try It.”
  • Support WhatsApp Room
  • Tap “Create room” as your name, and the Facebook room will be created as your room.Create room
  • Tap “Allow” to use both “Camera & audio” for video chat.Allow microphone
  • Done.

Now, copy and share the room link for other participants to join using the link.

How to Share WhatsApp Support Room Link

Here is how to copy your WhatsApp support room on Messenger. This allows you to share your WhatsApp room link.

  • Open the “Facebook” mobile app and tap “Room.”
  • Tap “Room is Invited.”
  • Select ” Specific people…”
  • Select “people to invite” to the group.
  • Tap “Send.”
  • Your WhatsApp support room link will be sent, and they will be invited to join your room.

I solely believe that WhatsApp is competing with “Zoom” using the new “WhatsApp room support.”


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