Who is Onyx Kelly?

Did you recently come across the name Onyx Kelly and have been wondering who he is? Are you curious about knowing the complete details about his life, what he does, his net worth, and other necessary information? Then look no further, as we will be giving you all of the available information about Onyx Kelly in this article.

Onyx Kelly is the child of well-known rappers. His father is playboy Carti, whose real name is Jordan Terrell Carter, and his mother, Iggy Azalea, whose real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly.

He took his mother Amethyst Amelia Kelly’s last name, which is why his full name is Onyx Kelly.

He was born on the 28th of April 2020 in the United States of America.

He is the only child of his parents, Jordan Terrell Carter and Amethyst Amelia Kelly.

How Old Onyx Kelly?

2 years in 2022

Onyx Kelly was born on the 28th of April 2020 in the United States of America, which makes him an American citizen.

He will be three years old on the 28th of April 2022.

Onyx Kelly

Who are Onyx Kelly’s Parents

Playboy Carti and Iggy Azalea whole real names are Jordan Terrell Carter and Amethyst Amelia Kelly.

Onyx Kelly’s parents are famous rappers Playboy Carti, whose real name is Jordan Terrell Carter, and Iggy Azalea, whose real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly.

His parents began dating in 2018 and split up in 2022, after dating for a period of two years.

When is Onyx Kelly’s Birthday

28th, April of every year

Onyx Kelly was born on the 28th of April 2020, so his birthday comes up every year on the 28th of April.

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Who is Onyx Kelly’s Father, Playboy Carti?

Playboy Carti, whose real name is Jordan Terrell Carter, is a popular American rapper with chart topping mixtapes such as Die lit and whole lotta red.

He was born on the 13th of September, 1996, in Riverdale, Georgia. He was, however, raised in Fairburn, Georgia.

He attended North springs charter high school in Sandy Springs, where he reportedly skipped class on a frequent basis to work at H & M and practice music.

He started his career with the stage name Sir Cartier and released his first mixtape, young misfit, using the stage name. He then changed it to Playboy Carti in 2013.

In 2014 he joined Awful records before switching to A$AP mob’s record label Awge.

He is not married but has been in a relationship with a couple of famous Hollywood personnel. He dated the American Model Black Chyna briefly in 2017, and after their split, he started dating model and rapper Rubi Rose in 2018. They split later in the year, and he started dating rapper Iggy Azalea, and together they have a son Onyx Kelly who was born in 2022. Although Iggy Azalea and Playboy Carti reportedly split up in 2019 before the birth of Onyx Kelly.

He is also a model and has been described by GQ as the leader of the youth style. He has modeled for popular fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, V5, OVO Lookbook, and Yeezy season 5.

His current net worth is estimated to be about nine million dollars.

Playboy carti

Who is Onyx Kelly’s Mother (Iggy Azalea)

Iggy Azalea, whose real name is Amethyst Amelia Kelly, is a popular Australian rapper.

On the 7th of June, 1990, she was born in Sydney, Australia. She grew up in Mullumbimby, New South Wales, with her father, who is a painter and cleaner, and her mother, who cleans holiday homes and hotels for a living.

At the age of 14, when she started rapping, she formed an all-girls rap group with two other girls in her neighborhood. She eventually quit the lack of interest of the other group members.

She eventually dropped out of high school and started working with her mother so she could raise money to travel to America and begin her music career.

She came to America at the age of sixteen for what was supposed to be a holiday but eventually decided to stay back in America to pursue her dreams.

She obtained her GDE in America and then got a visa waiver for six years, which required that she visit Australia once every three months for renewal before getting the five-year 0 visa in 2013. She then became a permanent resident of the united states of America in 2018.

Her stage name Iggy Azalea is a combination of her dog’s name and the street where her family house is situated.

Over the timespan of her career, she has released chart-topping singles and albums and has been nominated for about 128 different awards, including a four-time Grammy award nomination. She has gone ahead to win about 39 of those awards.

She has never been married but has been in relationships with quite famous people. She dated American rapper AS$P rocky in 2011, and they both split in 2012. She then went ahead to date LA Laker Nick Young in 2013 and was engaged in 2015. The duo then split in 2016 when a leaked videotape of Nick Young bragging about cheating on her surfaced on the internet.

She was in a relationship with Playboy Carti from 2018 to late 2019 and shares her son Onyx Kelly with him.

Her current net worth is estimated to be worth fifteen million dollars.

Iggy Azalea

What is Onyx Kelly’s Net Worth?


Onyx Kelly is still a child, barely two years of age, so he currently does not have a net worth as he is not old enough to work or acquire wealth.

However, he has pretty wealthy parents, with his mother, Iggy Azalea, reported to be worth about fifteen million dollars, and his father, Playboy Carti, is reportedly said to be worth about nine million dollars.

Does Onyx Kelly Have Siblings?

At this moment, Onyx Kelly does not have any other siblings as he is currently the only child of his parents, Iggy Azalea and Playboy Carti.

Onyx Kelly’s Wikipedia

Onyx Kelly does not have a Wikipedia page as he is quite a little boy, and there are few details available about him.

His mother, Iggy Azalea, has also shared that she will no longer be putting up pictures of him on the internet.

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