Why Alexa Blue Light is Spinning

Getting Alexa to do whatever you instruct it to do can be amazing and overwhelming, but once you begin to notice that the blue light on your Alexa keeps spinning and won’t stop even after 30 seconds, then there’s a problem somewhere.

Something is just not right, relax! This article will show you why Alexa blue light is spinning and the solution to help you stop it.

The Amazon Echo device is a wireless two-way Bluetooth speaker that responds to its name when called which Alexa uses to carry out the tasks or chores instructed as a voice assistant.

The LED ring on Alexa’s top or bottom can likewise be used to connect with these devices. White, green, purple, orange, blue, yellow, and red are all possible colours for LED lights.

Each of these colours has a different meaning and displays either with the ring lighting up, pulsating, or spinning.

For owners of Alexa devices, especially those who have recently purchased them, the combination of spinning and blue light is the one that causes the issue.

However, this post will cover the various causes and implications of why Alexa blue light is spinning as well as easy solutions.Why Alexa Blue Light is Spinning

What Do Blue Spinning Lights Mean on Alexa?

Your Alexa speaker’s blue light can have different meanings. Here are some of the reasons you see Alexa spin blue light:

  • There will be a blue light while Alexa is listening to you.
  • If Alexa cannot find you in the space, the blue light may start to spin.
  • When Alexa is speaking or executing your request, the light will pulse blue.
  • When you turn on the Echo speaker, it shows the blue and cyan light whirling in blue and cyan.
  • You may also see this spinning blue light when plugging in the speaker.
  • The blue light also spins if the speaker reconnects during a Wi-Fi disconnection.Why Alexa Blue Light is Spinning

Why Alexa Blue Light is Spinning and won’t Stop

There is a problem with the Echo speaker if the blue and cyan light spins for longer than 30 seconds. The Blue Light of Death is another name for this problem.

  • Do not Disturb mode has been enabled.
  • There’s a software update.
  • Alexa is in pairing mode.
  • Followup mode is turned on.
  • Alexa is misinterpreting a command.
  • Alexa is processing a voice command.
  • Alexa is ready for setup.
  • Alexa is starting up or rebooting.

The most typical causes of Alexa blue light spinning are listed above. However, occasionally there is a major issue that causes the so-called “Echo dot blue ring of death.” Some of these include:

  • Software or wifi problems
  • Faults with the logic board
  • Faulty devices
  • Bad cables or adapters
  • Low power supply

There are a few things you can do before you contact customer service. For instance, you can try the old tested and tried turn-off/turn-on method or you can manually update or reset Alexa if that doesn’t work.Why Alexa Blue Light is Spinning

How to fix Alexa Blue Light is Spinning

To get your Alexa to work efficiently and effectively again, here are a few troubleshooting steps you should try:

Disconnect your Echo Speaker

Just like many faulty devices, the first thing to attempt is to turn it off and back on. Plug the Echo speaker back in after unplugging it for around 30 seconds. Hopefully, after a little period, the spinning blue lights should disappear. If not, you should try the next fix below.

Check the Internet Connection

Another issue that could be the source of Alexa’s blue light spinning nonstop is a weak or unstable Internet connection. Every time you give Alexa a voice command, she must transmit it to Amazon servers where it is processed before returning to you with an answer.

Alexa may continue spinning the blue light if there is network congestion or any other network stability issues that impede Internet connectivity. Make sure there are no issues with your Internet connection by checking it. Take a look at the speed, ping, etc.

Similar problems could arise if Alexa and your WiFi router are too far apart. See whether the issue has been fixed by moving Alexa close to the router.Why Alexa Blue Light is Spinning

Reset the Echo Speaker

It’s time to reset the Alexa device if power cycling doesn’t work. Note that your data and customization preferences will be lost if you reset your Alexa device. The speaker will need to be set up all over again as a new device.

However, that is undoubtedly preferable to having a speaker that won’t work. Follow the steps below to reset the Echo speaker:

  • Long press the Action button (the white dot) on the top of a 3rd or 4th generation Echo device to reset it.
  • Press and hold the button for at least 20 seconds.

In case you have a second-generation Echo:

  • Press and hold down the Microphone off and Volume Down buttons simultaneously.
  • Hold them down for a minimum of 20 seconds.

For the first-generation users:

  • Press the button within the tiny hole on top to reset the Echo speakers.
  • Use a paperclip that has been unfurled or something similar.
  • Keep pressing the reset button for about 20 seconds.

This should answer the question of why Alexa blue light is spinning and fix the issue.

Update the Software

The most frequent reason why Alexa blue light is spinning and won’t stop is an outdated version of your device. Even if Alexa’s software is up to date, there are situations when bugs in software might potentially be the cause of this problem.

However, you may verify them in both instances using the Alexa app.

  • Go to the setting option on the Alexa mobile app to update the software.
  • Check the most recent version information; if any changes are necessary, ensure you fix them.

However, if there are other bugs or issues, they usually last for a short time; if they continue for a while, you can simply refresh the device. Why Alexa Blue Light is SpinningThis should answer the question of why Alexa blue light is spinning and fix the issue.

Use Alexa’s recommended Power Supply

The blue light spinning and not going off could potentially be caused by the low power supply. This is due to the Alexa device’s requirement for 120–240 volts to function. The device might not work properly if the power voltages are lower.

A faulty AC adapter, loose power outlet, and slow connection can be the other reasons why you are experiencing a low power supply.

To fix this:

  • Use the wires suggested by Amazon as a power outlet.
  • Make sure the plugs are secured and tightly connected.
  • Check the voltage using a voltmeter.

Disable Guard Mode

The guard mode that has been enabled is usually one of the reasons why Alexa blue light is spinning continuously. The guard mode is a feature on Alexa that monitors your home and surrounding when you are not at home.

  • To disable guard mode on Alexa, just say, Alexa, disable guard mode.

Now that Alexa has disabled guard mode, the blue light should stop spinning.Why Alexa Blue Light is Spinning

Deregister the Alexa Device

The last resort is to deregister the device from the Alexa app if resetting it didn’t work or if it won’t reset. If everything else fails, try to deregister the Alexa device; it might or might not work.

  • Your Echo speaker should be selected once you click on Devices in the Alexa app on your phone.
  • Scroll down to the section that says Registered To after clicking on Settings (the gear symbol).
  • Click on Deregister, then press “I agree.”

That’s it! The blue light spinning on Alexa should have stopped now.

Try all of the aforementioned steps once the device has been deregistered to get it set up and working again.

Contact Alexa Support

The last thing you should do is contact Alexa support if the blue light won’t stop spinning. To get in touch with the Alexa support staff and have them fix it, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Visit the Alexa Support page by clicking here.
  • Choose an Alexa, Kindle, or Fire device.
  • To activate Echo and Alexa on Amazon devices, select that option.
  • Choose a Device not working or damaged.
  • Click on the I need more help button.
  • To speak with an online executive, use the Chat with us option or click the Request a phone call button to request a callback.

That’s it! This should have answered your why Alexa light is spinning question. Feel free to drop your comments below and let us know which of the troubleshooting steps worked for you. 

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