Why is my ADT Alarm Beeping

ADT home security systems is one of the forerunners in home security these days, and they have taken the subject digital security to a whole new level, the ADT system is user friendly, not expensive to maintain and also does its job effectively.

Why is my ADT Alarm Beeping

In this article, we will explain in full “Why is my ADT alarm beeping.

Briefly, however, the first and common reason your ADT alarm system could beep is because it ran out of batteries, or the batteries are low. The batteries in the keypad are quite important and would give off a signal when they are running low.

Another reason for an odd beep is your door chime, usually, your chime would give beeps when the door is opened. An error encountered could cause this in the door chime to force ADT alarm beeping.

Other possible causes can include (but are not limited to):

  • POTS (Plain Old Telephone Signal) communication failure: Perhaps you moved from land-line to ethernet or MoCA?
  • Cellular communicator failure
  • Cable Damage: Cases like these is where your wiring is exposed to damage from external factors. Perhaps, it got wet by any weird chance. Or you caught rodents feasting on the wires. By any chance, it could be open or short circuit in the cable, and this can cause the ADT alarm beeping.

With ADT’s recent technology, you need not panic as in most cases, they are capable of telling you what the error is. With the console screen you can see the output and you could input command to correct this. Still, some cases require a more manual approach.

ADT Alarm Beeping

So, how do you stop your ADT alarm from beeping? If that is the question that keep coming to your mind, the steps below could help you resolve issues around your ADT alarm beeping.

How to Stop the ADT Alarm Beeping

As explained, a depleted battery can cause the ADT alarm beeping. This is an alert to tell you that the battery is at low power and you are required to change it before it flattens. This beeping is a positive notification for your own safety.

When experiencing such, you can simply turn if off by pressing the OFF or # buttons on your keypad. Either of the two should do the trick, but this might differ on different models. Regardless, either of the two would silence the beeping.

If this does not work, you can visit your user manual.

Also, before asking yourself, “why is my ADT alarm beeping?” walk up to the keypad and read the prompt. But be sure it is not the door chime feature that is buzzing off.

You can confirm this by walking up to your chime-enabled door or window and open it to listen to the beep, if it comes on; you can disable it by following these steps:

  • OPEN the door active in the ADT system.
  • On you ADT Hub or App, long-press “*” and “4” down at the same time.
  • A prompt sound will beep, press the “CHIME” button and finish process.

Since the most possible cause of this beep is likely flat batteries, we will be diving deep into what to do when you need to recharge the batteries?

How to Recharge your ADT Alarm Batteries

ADT is designed with a backup battery that alerts you with high-pitched frequency beep on your control that the battery is depleted.

The alarm system does this automatically in seamless manner to ensure you are made aware of the situation and to promptly recharge.

Note: Depending on the quality of the battery, the battery life varies. However, it should last for nearly a year before needing a replacement or recharging.

Follow these steps before recharging:

  • Mute the recharge battery beep using the # or OFF
  • Wait long enough for the power supply to be on.

After being done with the above process, proceed to the next.

  • Open the control panel (Using a screwdriver)
  • Remove the battery from the board
  • Charge the battery till full before returning it to the board
  • Now the low battery notification should have vanished.

Usually, it takes about 48 hours before the battery charge reflects on the panel.

How to Change ADT Alarm Batteries

Batteries do lose their span and durability over time, and eventually, recharging might not cut it anymore.

And instead of having to endure the stress of recharging every now and then, you can simply just replace the old batteries with a new one.

Note: You can get a replacement batteries here.

Changing a battery share almost the same steps as the recharging just with slight difference. Follow this process:

  • First mute the ADT security system on the keypad by pressing the OFF or #
  • Open the control panel using a screwdriver.
  • Remove the battery from the circuit board.
  • Copy out the battery type and ratings.
  • Order for a new battery with the specifications.
  • A new battery is likely to be well charged so you can just directly reconnect it to the circuit board.
  • See if the low battery notification has vanished on the console.

Power will be restored. The system will then recharge, usually this takes up to 2 days before the battery change reflects on the panel.

Conversely, your ADT alarm beeping could be caused by other reasons other than battery power. Therefore, you should make sure that you are certain before replacing the battery. You should understand that your system is alerting you because something in your ADT Alarm System has changed.

Telephone Lines are Down.

An issue in your phone lines connection could also cause your ADT alarm beeping.  If your device uses the landline monitoring for process. Whenever there is an issue, it could trigger a connection problem with the telephone line.

In simpler words, the alarm system to go off if it senses that the telephone lines are down. To ascertain, you can try using your landline to see if it’s dead.

Power Outage

Alarm systems can beep to notify you when there is a power outage. The idea is that, if a burglar invades your home, he/she could decide to cut the power, and while everything kaput, the ADT alarms that is now running on the reserve battery will then trigger an alarm to notify you that the power is out.

It reacts similarly to when the battery is low, but this is neither an error nor fault. It is the function of the system as established.

While you cannot control power outages or phone lines breaking down, the battery recharge faults of chime beeps can be fixed by you as shared in this article.

So when next you are faced with an ADT alarm beeping and you tried everything to no avail, you can:

  1. Call your ADT ((800) 587-4198), your alarm monitoring company, and complain.
  2. Check the new alarm system battery, if it is also charged.
  3. Disarm the alarm system.
  4. Or visit an authorized technician.

The ADT Alarm system is a device that deals with alert sounds and every sound it gives is golden. Users know to take their security serious and would be on alert when they get beeps no matter the sequence. The notification given by the ADT should be treated as a matter of urgency.


The batteries are essential to the working of the ADT alarms as the soul is to our lives, and as such, it is important that you keep the batteries charged at least once in two years to avoid being in the bind at the most ill opportune time so you wont be unsecure at the times of emergency.

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