How to Turn off ADT Chime

An ADT alert system is a digital security system built for the house with many features to help protect one’s house from break-ins. Also it gives you a full platform to monitor your home security.

With ADT, your home is safe and secure. Amongst the features mentioned earlier, is the ADT chime. The Chime is attached to the door and rings whenever it is opened (i.e. whenever someone enters or exit your house) while this is comforting, it might get annoying sometimes. Which is why we want to share with you how to turn off ADT chime feature.

To reiterate, it is important to know how to turn off ADT chime in a situation where you are hosting an event and the door and windows might be busy.

Or if you have kids, we all know how kids want to move around, and we can’t blame those jolly little bundle of blessing.

Or in situations where you are busy working at the backyard. ADT Chime will alerts you that your home has just been entered, either by your family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues or invaders. 

What is ADT Chime

But what exactly is a Chime, you ask? With ADT, you have the home security at your palms literally and figuratively. And using the chime, alarms are triggered when someone walks in. The make loud sound that I fondly call deterrents. At the sound of it, a burglar of thief would be stunned and scared away. 

This sound ever might get irritating and you might end up feeling like taking a break. So here is why you would need to know how to turn off your ADT Chime. After being savvy with how it works, you can think of your home as fortified.

how To Turn off ADT Chime

Can I Change The Sound Of The Chime On An ADT System?

Yes, with the ADT SmartThings Hub, you can change your chime ton to a variety of tune you might prefer. However, you cannot access this feature using an older model.

Here is a brief process on how to change chime tune on an ADT System

  1. Download and Install the ADT app on your phone or HUB.
  2. After installation, open App.
  3. Click on the Home Security Link.
  4. From there, enter the Security Manager. (This the 3 dots icon on the top right hand corner of your screen)
  5. Then you are to click on the device in question under Security Settings.
  6. From many options, you will find alert sounds. From there, you can select a new chime sound.

How to Turn off ADT Chime

While we can all agree that this is a good improvement on digital security, we just know not everyone of us enjoys the loud chime sound that rings every now and then.

The chime could interrupt a well needed nap, distract you from focusing. So here is how To Turn off ADT Chime:

Basically, it does its job too well.  It is designed to be annoying and it fits the role to perfection. Due to that, ADT gives a leeway for it to be turned off. And to do so, you can just follow these process:

  • Whenever you wonder how to turn off ADT Chime, you have to walk towards the door active in that system and then open. 
  • On you ADT Hub or App, long-press “*” and “4” down at the same time.
  • A prompt sound will beep, press the “CHIME” button.
  • The process is done, and you can close the alarm door.

Usually, this solution would work on most ADT systems, but not all of them.

Here is an alternative to the ADT models that do not support the earlier deactivation technique we discussed above

  • First you open the door. Start by opening the door of the alarm system, if you have a door covering the system.
  • On you ADT Hub or App, long-press “*” and “4” down at the same time.
  • A prompt sound will beep, press the “CHIME” button until you hear three beeps.
  • Release the buttons, then press them both again for a second time.
  • When the process is done, and you can close the alarm door.

If these process also fails, then you have a very old model. You can use the alternative style of entering your 4-digit code followed by pressing the “CHIME” button.

Then there’s the analog option of visiting the owner’s manual to fix your predicament. 

But if you are using a newly purchased ADT system, then there is only a slight chance that the earlier two options wont work. but if all three fail, you can contact ADT.

Then there is a small chance that neither of the two main alarm programming methods above won’t work.

how To Turn off ADT Chime

Do All ADT Systems Have A Chime Shutoff Function?

Yes,  at ADT,  they understand the need to be flexible. Thus, all ADT system that has an in-built chime has a deactivation process. 

Can I Adjust The Volume Of My Chime

Because this deals with sounds, you must be worried if there is a function of volume.  This is a feature ADT has and can be operated even without the use of a Smart system. 

All you need is the ADT app. You can find this right next to the chime sound options. Or you can also visit your user manual to see if an instruction is specified for the model.

Why Do ADT Security Systems Have A Chime?

AS explained in the main body of this article, chime is a feature to inform you quickly when someone rings or comes inside your house. It is juts a sharp alert that stops as quick as it starts. A chime does not require snoozing nor acknowledgement.

When Chime has Low Battery

Your chime can turn from mild necessary disturbance to blatant annoyance. This happens mostly when your chime runs out of battery. When low on power, it sets off a series of alarms to inform you that the battery is empty. If you live in an area of epileptic power supply, you would have to endure this alarms from time to time.

You can immediately silence the alarm by pressing the OFF button or # button on the system’s keypad. 

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