[Reasons & Fixes] Why won’t my Roomba Charge

Your Roomba is designed to return to the charging station after cleaning a specified area around your house so that it can recharge.

All these won’t be possible if the Roomba vacuum cleaner is not automatic and requires supervision to clean your home

Now, if your Roomba vacuum isn’t at the charging station or out of position then the vacuum is dead.

However, if your Roomba has been docked but is still not charging and you are left wondering “Why is my Roomba not charging,”, there are several things that might be wrong with your Roomba vacuum.

While all of these are obvious signs that your Roomba vacuum is not charging, I will go through other causes in this post.

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Why won t my Roomba charge

 why won t my Roomba charge

After being docked for some time, if your Roomba still won’t charge, there may be a problem with the battery.

Also, it could be that some component inside the roomba cleaner is not working as they are supposed to

Notwithstanding, It may take some time to solve these issues since you may need to address each one separately before you find the one that needs to be resolved.

And while you’re here, I’ll go through all of the various reasons why you’re stuck with “Why won t my Roomba charge” as well as the troubleshooting steps you’ll need to do to remedy it.

Charging Contact are not Linking

The charging connectors (metal strips) between the charging station and the Roomba enable electricity to be sent from the charging station to the Roomba vacuum cleaner.

If the metal strips are connected properly, they may still not charge.

Why is that? One of the reasons they aren’t connecting when nothing is in the way is due to specks of dirt particles.

These come about due to repeated usage, which causes dirt to build up on these connectors, preventing the battery from maintaining full contact with the contact points.

If you are faced with this, I will be breaking down what you need to do to detect and resolve it

Fixing it:

As a result of dirty charging connectors, you may be left asking “Why won t my Roomba charge?” if your roomba isn’t charging.

If that is the case you have to clean the contact points and here is how you do that

  • Clean the contact points with a dry towel.
  • If that doesn’t work, use a wet cloth with a little alcohol.
  • If the dirt is really difficult, try a steel-wool sponge.

NB: Before cleaning your charging station’s contact points, always unplug it from the power outlet. I don’t think you want an electric shock.

The battery of the Roomba Vacuum is Faulty

 why won t my Roomba charge

If your roomba batteries have reached the end of their usable life, they must be replaced.

If they have not, you may be doing something that prevents the battery from lasting longer.

One of them is repeatedly exposing it to direct sunshine.

Another example is losing battery power due to inattention, such as failing to keep the Roomba brush clean.

The conditions outlined above affect battery life and can lead it to malfunction well before its expiration date.

If you’re having problems with your battery, here’s how to fix it.

  • Remove the five screws while still holding the bottom cover in place.
  • Remove the first four screws, followed by the last screw that holds the rotating brush in place.
  • After removing the screws, you may take the lid off to access the battery. Two tabs usually hold the battery in place.
  • Pull the battery out of its compartment by releasing these tabs.
  • Now, replace the battery in the slot and reassemble it.

The Charging Station is Faulty

 why won t my Roomba charge

The charging station is required for your roomba to automatically charge. But, It does not prevent you from charging it without the charging station. You can, but you may have to connect it to a power outlet on your own.

Now, if you find yourself in a circumstance where the charging station is not getting power or the connections are dirty. What are you going to do about it?

Do these:

Check to see whether the charging station triggered the circuit breaker. If it is not tripped, check the charging station’s connector. It is possible that it is not properly connected to the outlet.

If you do this and the power outlet is good but the battery indicator on your Roomba isn’t turning on, the problem is most likely with the power station.

The Battery Pull Tab has not been Removed

Every new Roomba vacuum comes with a visible battery-pull tab straight out of the box and this yellow pull tab is placed on the battery’s contact points to prevent the Roomba from turning on before it is removed.

If yours isn’t removed your Roomba won’t charge

Here’s how to do it:

  • Check to see if the yellow tab is still in place on your Roomba.
  • Pull it out if it is.
  • Your Roomba should now be operational.

You need to Perform a Soft Reset

A flaw in the Roomba’s firmware that stops it from operating correctly can result in leaving you curious as to why won t my Roomba charge

Not just that, you might not be able to identify the issue straight away, but a good rule of thumb is to soft reset the Roomba after trying all the above methods.

The procedures on how to perform a soft reset can be found in the user handbook.

Basically, holding the Home, Spot Clean, and Clean buttons all at once until you see a light appear around the Clean button will reset most Roomba models.

You might just notice some slight differences depending on the model.

The Batteries are used in Extreme Temperature conditions

Your Roomba will display an error signal if you leave the batteries in an extreme temperature condition—too hot or too cold—area.

With this condition, you could experience an error code 8 issue.

However, you don’t need much to fix it all you need to do is make sure it is put in a room-temperature environment while it is being charged.

Contact iRobot Customer Support

The question “Why is my Roomba not charging?” shouldn’t be asked if you’ve followed all the instructions on this list.

If you are stuck with this issue, there is a serious hardware problem with the charging station which you might not be able to resolve every issue by yourself.

If so, you should seek assistance from iRobot’s customer support.

Roomba won’t charge unless tilted

 why won t my Roomba charge

If you have to tilt your Roomba vacuum to charge it, then there is a problem.

What you can do to fix it is to clean the vacuum contact points and, if possible, use another vacuum to suck the dust out of it.

Doing this should be enough unless the spring mechanism is damaged or destroyed

Alternatively, you could also move it some inches away and try charging it again

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Roomba charging dock light goes off

When your Roomba is charging and the LED on the charging station abruptly stops operating, you don’t have to fret about it as the Roomba is parked and charging correctly. It won’t be off for long

Roomba s9+ won’t charge

There are a few troubleshooting procedures you should perform if your Roomba S9+ won’t charge.

While a detailed explanation of how to fix your Roomba not charging can be found above,

Below are the steps you should take to troubleshoot your Roomba S9+ if it won’t charge.

  • Clean the charging contact
  • Check for faulty battery
  • Remove the battery pull out tap
  • Check the wheel caster
  • Cheek the charging station
  • Perform a soft reset


Why is my Roomba not fully Charging

There might be several issues with your vacuum cleaner battery if your Roomba is not completely charged.

If the power outlet is functioning properly, your battery is defective, or the charging contacts are shaky.

To fix this, start by carefully cleaning the metal strips; if that doesn’t help, do a soft reset.


By now you should have figured out the answer to “why won t my Roomba charge“. If your Roomba stays the same after trying out all the troubleshooting steps above, you should contact an iRobot customer operator to help you get it resolved.

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