How to Program a Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

What is better than having a device that does the cleaning for you? Having one that does so without guidance or compulsion. Using Roomba, you are already familiar with how the small device tidy up your home, now you can even enjoy it better if it knows what to do and when to do it. And here, w’e’ll guide you about how to program Roomba in this article.

With a programmed Roomba, you do not have to panickily clean your room when your date arrives because you have the certainty that your loyal little Roomba has had it done.

Now, if you do not have one and you are looking at the prospect of getting one, we would urge you to get the recent programmable ones. How to program a Roomba, you ask? Do not worry, we will give step-by-step guide on easy steps on how to program Roomba vacuum.

It is as straightforward as setting a reminder on your phone; just pay attention and you will soon be able to program your device on either your phone or on the Roomba buttons.

How to Program Roomba

A programmed Roomba is like having a cleaner that works without supervision. You just have to schedule the time and date and watch it do wonders.

I must clarify that not all Roomba cleaners are programmable. So whenever you see a Roomba that has the feature buttons of Clock, Clean and Schedule, then that is a programmable one.

These buttons are the primary requirements you need to program a Roomba vacuum cleaning machine or robot.

how to program roomba

Set your Roomba Time

Before you begin to program your Roomba robot, there are certain things that are supposed to be in order. And they include setting your Roomba to the correct time and date.

So before scheduling your cleans, make sure that your day/time settings are up to date. As the current date would be the reference point of the Roomba.

You can check or set this by:

  • Long-Press the Clock button on the surface of the robot
  • Without releasing to Clock button, choose the day, hour and minute using their buttons on the Roomba. This will set the correct time.
  • After inputting the time, you can then release the Clock button.
  • You will hear a chime sound notifying that the time has been set.

Set Roomba Cleaning Time

Once you have set your time, the next thing to do is to set your ideal cleaning time. Since this is the main step, we will urge you to follow carefully.

Note: You can be flexible with your schedule, (i.e If you prefer to have Roomba clean your room once in three days, your kitchen once in seven days or thereabouts. you can). The robot will clean an entire level of your house.

On older programmable models, you will have to manually select the time of cleaning each day. While on newer ones, you schedule from the App or using the schedule button.

That said, if you prefer your cleaning to happen days when you are not at home, that is a setting you can get, it might be annoying to have the Roomba run around with its hissing sound.

Roomba models with mapping features can even do better. Let’s say, you want your parlor to be cleaned every day but your bed room cleaned once a week; a smart Roomba can schedule this.

How to Schedule Roomba Cleaning

To start with programming your Roomba, we will start by explaining the steps to take to schedule the Roomba cleaning agent.

  • Long-press the Schedule button.
  • On the Roomba, press the  Day,  button to choose your preferred days for cleaning. (i.e. You can select either Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays for Cleaning, so press the Day button continually until you find your preferred days,  same with hour turning.)
  • Do not release the Schedule button.
  • The next is to choose the time of cleaning you want.
  • Without releasing the Schedule button, press the Hour button continually till the preferred hour-time.
  • Do the same process with the minute button also.
  • After this, you can then release the Schedule button, you will hear a chime indicating that you have successfully scheduled a cleaning.

For different schedules, you will have to do the same process picking different day and hour time.

You can also check your schedule this way by long-pressing the Schedule button, follow through with the day button to see what schedule is available.

how to program roomba

 Change Roomba Cleaning Schedule

We know sometimes, plan change and you want to remove a stored setting on Roomba to accommodate your new schedule and you might be thinking that would be a hassle.

Do you know that you can change or delete your stored cleaning schedule? Yes, it is just as easy as setting it up in the first place.

Follow the steps below:

  • Hold down the Schedule button
  • Continuously press the Day button to see your schedule (as said earlier)
  • Once you stumble on the schedule you would like to customize, Press either the Hour or Minute buttons (depending on what you want to change there.
  • Release the schedule button.
  • You will hear the characteristic Roomba chime sound, indicating success.

To Delete Roomba Schedules

Follow the steps below to delete your schedules on Roomba.

  1. Hold down the Schedule button
  2. Continuously press the Day button till you see the schedule you will like to delete
  3. Long-press the day button and the cleaning schedule would be deleted.
  4. You will hear a chime sound as you release the Schedule button.

How To Program Roomba via App

You can also program your Roomba cleaner via App using the Wifi connect.

To be honest, programming Roomba from the mobile app is quite easier. You can schedule even when away from home.

  • Firstly, download and install the app (The iRobot HOME App) from your App Store/Play Store.
  • After installation, open the app and log-in
  • Select your Roomba Robot
  • Go-to schedule daily cleans and pick Schedule.
  • You can choose the day and time you prefer in this screen
  • Your controls will indicating a new schedule by turning green.
  • For different schedules, you will have to do the same process picking different day and hour time.

how to program roomba

You can turn off a schedule by simply toggling the control button of the schedule and it will change from green to grey.

Conclusion on How to Program a Roomba

Once you know how to program Roomba, you will remove most cleaning responsibility from your schedule and your home will still be kept clean just as you have scheduled.

Here’s a summary of what we’ve shared on how to program Roomba vacuum:

  • Make sure your date and time are correct.
  • Hold down the Schedule button whenever you are setting a clean time.
  • There is a better option on how to program Roomba by using the app

If you still encounter any problem whatsoever that you feel the need of assistance, reach out to iRobot’s customer service or you could try a reset of Roomba.

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