Why your Roku Light is Blinking

Roku blinking light is one frustrating issue that you’d not want to encounter no matter what. Although, it’s frustrating when your Roku light is blinking without a reason or when you don’t know what to do. With this guide, we will answer why your Roku light is blinking white and how to fix it.

Roku is a commonly used and quite reliable device, occasionally it may act up and frustrate you in this way. So, how do you fix a Roku that is blinking white?Why your Roku Light is Blinking

What does it mean when the Roku Light is Blinking?

Yes, there are three lights on your Roku device that you need to be aware of. The designs of Roku products are elegant and stunning. Unfortunately, there are just one or two lights on the players and remotes to indicate their state. So, it can be difficult to interpret what is happening when those lights begin to blink.

The front of most Roku streaming players has a light. When you push buttons on your remote control, this light may flash and is often either off or white. However, if your device is running low on power, it will flash red.

  • A Roku player that has a blinking red light indicates that it is not getting enough power.
  • A white blinking light, however, denotes a problem with the HDMI cable, your house WiFi, or the internet.
  • The pairing between the remote and the Roku device is indicated by the battery compartment light behind the remote.
  • The Roku remote’s lights can also blink to signal one of two problems (either the remote’s battery is low or it is unable to pair with the player).

You must spend some time getting acquainted with each of these lights. Each light means a different problem that needs your attention as it begins to blink.Why your Roku Light is Blinking

Why your Roku Light is Blinking

Although, your Roku device has just one light. However, it can blink in red and white, each with a unique reason for doing so.

The Roku device’s blinking light indicates a connectivity, power, or remote issue. The colour and placement of the light can help you pinpoint the exact problem. The light will, however, keep blinking and you won’t be able to watch your preferred programs until it’s fixed.

Roku Light Blinks Red because of a Power issue

If the light on your Roku is blinking red, then it means there is a problem with the power source. To be more precise, the issue is that the device is not getting enough power to function properly.

Once you connect the adapter for your Roku device to a power strip, surge protector, or something similar, this issue often arises. These objects act as a barrier between the Roku and the wall socket, preventing it from receiving the full amount of power it requires.

Roku Light Blinks White because of a Connectivity issue

The Roku device’s light could also alternately blink twice in white rather than red. When this occurs, then the device is having connectivity problems rather than problems with its power source.

Your home WiFi network allows your Roku, a wireless device, to access the internet. The device will blink in white to let you know when it is having trouble connecting to your home router.

Sadly, the connectivity problems that cause the white light to blink may extend beyond your WiFi network at home. You will see this light blink, for instance, if there is a problem with your internet service provider (ISP).

A blinking white light may also suggest a problem with the HDMI cable, though this is less common.

Light on Roku remote blinks because of a Pairing problem or a poor battery

The blinking light could be white or green, with each colour signifying a distinct problem. The moment you pair the remote with the player, the green light will stop blinking.Why your Roku Light is Blinking

Why your Roku is blinking white light

Your Roku device may display a blinking white light for several reasons, including:

  • Wrong cable connections.
  • Misbehaving software on the device.
  • The device’s connectivity ports have a problem.
  • A hardware problem is plaguing the device( your Roku may constantly restart as a result of this).
  • The resolution of your Roku doesn’t work on the screen.
  • Your internet connection speed is slow.Why your Roku Light is Blinking

How to Fix the Roku Light Blinking issue

Below are the most effective ways to fix Roku light blinking issues:

Reboot your Roku device

By resolving minor connectivity, incompatibility, or software issues, rebooting your Roku device may be able to resolve the blinking white light issue. Rebooting your Roku device is therefore always a great idea before attempting more involved repairs. If you want to restart your Roku device, follow the steps below:

  • Press the Home button on the Roku remote.
  • Find Settings under the menu options and open them.
  • Select System Settings >> Power Plan from the menu.
  • Choose the option to restart the system, then confirm your choice.

That’s it; simply following these instructions, your Roku device will restart. However, you might want to try resetting your WiFi router if the problem with the blinking white light persists.

Restart your WiFi Device

Another great solution to the white light on your Roku device is to restart your WiFi router. It will help in resolving any WiFi problems that might be preventing your Roku device from functioning properly. To restart your WiFi router, follow these steps:

  • Your WiFi device’s power cable should be disconnected, then you should wait for about a minute.
  • Connect your WiFi device to the power cable at this point and wait for it to turn on.
  • Your WiFi device has now restarted.

Run your Roku TV again to check whether the light is still blinking. Why your Roku light is blinking issue should have been fixed now.Why your Roku Light is Blinking

Connect your Roku to wired Internet 

If you think that your Roku’s malfunction may be due to WiFi difficulties, you can try connecting it to your WiFi network using an Ethernet cable. The steps are straightforward:

  • Get an Ethernet cable and plug one end into your Roku, and the other into the LAN ports on your router.
  • If the connection is successful, check if your Roku still displays the blinking white light or not.

Why your Roku light is blinking issue should have been fixed now. If not, proceed to the next fix.

Ensure all Cables are firmly connected

Your TV configuration may be affected by a weakly connected cable, which will make your Roku device blink white. Therefore, it is advised to ensure that all wires are securely connected.

  • Check the cables, such as the power and display cables, that link your Roku device to the TV first (mostly HDMI).
  • Look for any physical damage to the wires if they appear to be securely put into the parts.
  • Replace a cable with a new one if you locate one that is broken.
  • To be sure the problem is with a cable and not a port, you can also try multiple ports on your TV (if one is accessible).
  • Additionally, you can test the cables on accessible substitute devices to see if they are the source of the issue.
  • Roku audio might become out of sync if cords are loose.

Why your Roku light is blinking issue should have been fixed now.Why your Roku Light is Blinking

Change the Display Resolution

Generally speaking, TV resolutions and Roku TV resolutions are incompatible. A blinking white light on your Roku device may appear if the supported screen resolution of your TV is lower than the output resolution of your Roku TV.

Try connecting your Roku device to a 4k panel and changing the resolution to match your other TV to resolve the issue with the incompatible display resolution. Reconnect it to your second TV and check to see why your Roku light is blinking issue has been fixed.

Factory Reset your Roku

Your Roku device’s blinking white light may be caused by the app cache and other unnecessary data, which may be removed by performing a reset. Thus, the problem with the blinking light might be fixed. However, make sure you carefully back up any important data, such as pictures and passwords, before factory resetting your Roku.

To reset your Roku device, follow the steps below:

  • Press the Home button from its remote.
  • Navigate to Settings >> Factory Reset Settings and confirm the action.
  • Alternatively, you can do so by pressing the reset button on your Roku.

In case your Roku doesn’t have a reset button, it might have a hole instead for performing a factory reset. Why your Roku light is blinking issue should have been fixed now.

Contact Roku Support

There may not be much information on the blinking light difficulties on Roku’s official website. However, it has incredibly quick customer service. You can contact their local customer service number if none of the troubleshooting techniques above work. Why your Roku light is blinking issue should have been fixed now.

Get a new Roku Device

Although this option is expensive if all comes to worse getting a new Roku device may be the lasting solution. However, if you have the time and the money, it is the most practical. Simply get a different system to save yourself the hassle!

But it’s advisable to acquire a universal smart controller with RF blasters if only the remote is broken. These budget-friendly remotes can pair with the Roku device easily.

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