How to Manage Bank of America Online is the easiest way to manage your account with Bank of America. The website provides easy access to activate your credit card with your customer ID and passcode online.

Once you activated your account, you can view your transactions, transfer fund from your account to other banks, check through your statement of account, track fund your transfer from your account, schedule payment for a particular time, and take total control of your account.

When you have an account the Bank of America, there are more benefits you enjoy that using the AAAnetaccess site to manage your account online.

The benefits of AAA Net Access Bank of America

If you have a valid account with bank of America with a valid credit card for online transactions here are some of the benefits you enjoy using the AAA net access site.

  1. Schedule payment
  2. View online transactions history
  3. Check transaction alert, and receive transaction alert via your associated mobile number and email address.
  4. Use your credit card for online transaction
  5. Helps to maintain a cashless policy
  6. Check your balance and account activity from your laptop or mobile device

There are many other benefits you will enjoy when you start using the Bank of America other the one mentioned above.

Sign up for Bank of America Online

To enjoy the above benefits you have to enrol for the Bank of America, provide the necessary details for your account, proceed to open your account, and request your credit card.

To enrol kindly follow these procedures.

  1. Open your browser and visit
  2. You will see “Welcome to Online Banking, brought to you by
    Bank of America and AAA”. Underneath it, you will see some of the benefits listed above. Then, click on continue if you have an online ID or cancel to take you to the enrollment page.AAAnetaccess
  3. You will see four different cards Bank of America offers (we are coming to that later), click on open an account under the sign-in section. If you already have any of the Bank of America ATM cards you can just click on find your closet financial centre or ATM to open the Bank of America Map to find ATM nearest to you.Open an account
  4. You will be taken to where you will be able to select your choice of account you can open with the bank of America. You can choose checking & savings or credit cards or home loans or auto loans or small business or Merrill Edge self-directed investing. Whichever you choose, click on get started.AAAnetaccess bank of America
  5. Follow the instruction on the next page to open your account with Bank of America. However, while opening this account, you may be asked to pay a maintenance fee, just take your time to explore the giant banking network to understand what you stand to benefit.Open Bank of America online account

Bank of America Credit Cards

There are four different types of Bank of America credit cards you can request for depending on your choice.

  1. Cash rewards credit card
  2. Travel rewards credit card
  3. BankAmerica credit card
  4. Premium rewards credit card

Each card server a different purpose. When choosing your credit card when you want to open Bank of America account, make sure you don’t select the wrong card.

AAAnetaccess to check Account History

After you have done the necessary thing to make sure you open your account with Bank of America, you can always use the AAA net access site to many your account.

Here is a summary of what to do to own a valid online account with BoA

  • Select a type of account and fill in the required field
  • Create ID and Passcode
  • Create your SiteKey
  • Choose your SiteKey Challenge Questions
  • Enrollment Confirmation

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